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Schitt’s Creek Giveaway!

We’re “trying very hard not to connect with people right now”…but we can’t help it because we have a Schitt’s Creek Giveaway for you! We love how excited everyone is for our upcoming Schitt’s Creek patterns and we want to keep the celebration going with a Giveaway! You no longer have to keep your excitement…

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UYC: The Ultimate Yarn Championship!

Who will become the Ultimate Yarn Champion?

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The Walmart and LION BRAND Shelfie Contest

We love our Shelfie contests and this time we’re partnering with our friends at Walmart to bring you, even more, Shelfie fun! This is an opportunity to let your creativity shine through. Of course, just remember to please be courteous, and if you decorate pack it all back up when you’re done. Enter Take a…

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