Lion Brand Notebook ®

Vanna White, St. Jude, Lion Brand, & You!

If you’re familiar with Lion Brand than you probably know Vanna’s Choice yarn. Did you know that a portion of the proceeds of yarn sales from this line are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital? Recently Vanna took the story to the Wheel of Fortune! Check out the clip below to see what she…

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The Big Snag

My first visit to a yarn shop was discouraging, but not so discouraging as to keep me from knitting. I had no knitting teacher, and after commencement scattered our class to the four winds, I no longer had friends who knit. It was more than a decade before I went back to the shop in…

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#YarnBuzz: Gorillas Cannot Knit

April Fools!  image via Snopes Snopes just wants to remind you that gorillas cannot knit. READ MORE Tiny Fashionista  via @kyliejenner on Instagram Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, made headlines for her tiny Hermes bag, but we’ve got all the heart eyes over her adorable knitted onesie. READ MORE Problem Solving  via @mariekevoorsluijs on Instagram A…

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