Lion Brand Notebook ®

Queued Up: The Color Made Easy® Edition

This week on the website Color Made Easy® is one of the featured CYC #5 Bulky yarns. With that in mind it seemed appropriate to dedicate this edition of Queued Up to my new favorite bulky yarn. I’m a self proclaimed “wool girl,” yet I’m loving this 100% acrylic yarn. Why? It’s easy. The bulky…

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Knit This Stitch: Diamond Lace

The Diamond lace stitch forms a lovely allover pattern, or work a single 8-st repeat as a focal panel surrounded by another stitch. Diamond lace is a lace stitch, but not true knitted lace, which has patterning on both sides of the fabric. For this stitch you will only be working patterning on the RS…

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March Madness? It’s Time For Yarn Madness!

What is March Madness and What Does it Have To Do with Yarn? If you are not a fan of sports then all the excitement around March Madness may be going in one ear and out the other. (It’s college basketball, right? We’ll take yarn balls over basketballs!) March is definitely an exciting time for…

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