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5 Trends You’ll Find in this New Fall Collection

As soon as the weather changes, it’s time to embrace all the fun new trends Fall has in store. When it comes to trend-forecasting, it’s always a surprise what will rise to popularity this year. Thankfully, there’s one designer we can count on to give a nod to the trends while maintaining elegance – Two…

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Sheep to Shawl

I’ve had a spell of time–an entire summer, really–where the Ugly really got to me. That’s not quite right. It wasn’t one Ugly, it was all the Uglies. A torrent of Uglies. A cascade of Uglies. When the Uglies rally, they form a tight circle around me and lock arms so I can’t get out.…

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October: Embrace Fall with Chestnut

No matter how the forecast is looking, our October Color of the Year makes it clear: Fall is here. Warm, rich, and strong, Chestnut has all the power of a much-needed morning cup of coffee, but it’s surprisingly gentle, too. Earth tones in general are having a resurgence in the fashion world, especially in the past two…

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