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Trend Alert: Twist Headband! Make Your Own

The latest trend in knitted accessories is one you’ve almost definitely seen. The turban headband is everywhere these days, and everyone is wearing it – from celebrities to your mom! But why buy the expensive, store-bought version when you can easily make your own in a luxury fiber? For some celebrity info, as well as…

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This Just In! Go For Faux Yarn

Our latest yarn is a very soft and stylish nod to the faux fur trend. If you want to achieve the luxurious look of fur fashion accessories, but prefer a cruelty-free option, then you need to check out our new Go For Faux Yarn. This thick but surprisingly lightweight yarn will work up into some…

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Coboo for Knitted Knockers

National Breast Cancer Awareness month may be over but that does not mean we should stop the discussion. There is an international campaign including thousands of wonderful organizations committed to highlighting the importance of breast cancer awareness, education, and research. One organization that I have always admired in “Knitted knockers”are an alternative for breast…

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