Lion Brand Notebook ®

Playing With Color: Mandala® Ombre

This week I stumbled upon some Mandala® Ombre in Mantra and Tranquil. The cake of Tranquil had pops of an aqua color showing that pulled the blue green tones of the Mantra cake in. It’s a match! I’m not the type to always be super “girly” with lots of pinks and purples, but I do…

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Queued Up: Looking Back

We (definitely me) often can get wrapped up in what’s new and shiny. New patterns and kits are promoted and older ones get forgotten, even though you may have at one point been crazy in love with them. Today I’m going to look at a few “classics” that are warmer weather friendly. Navajo Blanket Shrug…

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Playing With Color

Another lifetime ago, or so it seems, I used to dye yarn. I began just looking for something to go along with my love of designing. Along the way I re-discovered a love of color. I say “rediscovered” because as a little kid I know I had absolutely no fear of colors or prints and…

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