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Summer Style: Warm Weather Sweaters

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a sweater is simply “a knitted or crocheted jacket or pullover. ” The word, however, tends to encourage images of heavy, long-sleeved versions, but why not open-work short or sleeveless options? And maybe a bit of creative license. (Like can a knit or crocheted tank top still be a sweater?)…

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Crafting a Difference  by Barrett Stinson A 94-year-old woman has spent much of her spare time over the past eight years crocheting plastic bags into sleeping mats to distribute to an international humanitarian relief organization so that underprivileged people can have a dry place to sleep. READ MORE A Different Perspective  via Milwaukee Independent Viral…

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Design With Me – My First Blanket Design: Part 2

Welcome back to Design with Me! I’m so excited/nervous to finally start designing this blanket! If you missed my first post talking about inspiration, you can read that here. via GIPHY Excited to start but realizing I have to do math… Step 1: Deciding on a yarn Alright…let’s get to the good stuff. So, since…

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