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12 Weeks of Christmas Starts Now

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12 Weeks of Christmas Starts Now

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Believe it or not, it’s time to get a start on your holiday crafting. So we’re starting our 12 weeks of Christmas now, to make sure you’ve got enough time! We have twelve beautiful projects designed by some of our favorite bloggers, so you’ll have plenty of options. Plus, we’ve divvied them into four categories, depending on how much time you have to craft. Join us in getting a head start on holiday crafting this year.

12 Weeks of Christmas

12 Weeks of Christmas

12 Weeks: Start Larger Projects Now

If you’re beginning your crafting three months before the holidays, there’s plenty of time to start, finish and wrap larger projects. Like, for example, the Meara Fisherman Sweater (Crochet Kit). This gorgeous kit comes in 4 classic colors, so you’ll have choices no matter who you’re crafting for. It features lattice-work and cables that travel, and these handmade details are sure to emphasize the thoughtfulness of your one-of-a-kind gift. Or there’s the Cedar Hill Scarf (Knit Kit), another traditional holiday gift. Another fabulous sweater knit kit is the Christmas Tree Sweater (Knit Kit). This also comes in several color choices, and the patterned tree details at the waist are delightful.

9 Weeks: There’s Still Time

Maybe you wait a few weeks, and decide to begin holiday crafting in October instead. There’s still plenty of time to craft medium-sized projects that will make a lasting impression in December. First there’s the Merlot Alpaca Wrap (Knit Kit), which can also double as a scarf. This kit comes in four rich colors, so you can personalize your choice. Then there’s the Summit Men’s Sweater Vest (Crochet Kit), which of course would be ideal for any guy on your list. Lastly, the Aurora Shrug (Crochet Kit) is a great no-sew project for crafters of all levels.

6 Weeks: It’s Not Too Late

We’ve all been there before… Grand dreams of an entirely hand-crafted holiday, yet time somehow just slips by, and suddenly it’s November! If you’re anticipating a busy fall, here are three projects you can definitely finish in time for gifting. For example, the Simple Chunky Ribbed Knit Blanket (Knit Kit) works up more quickly than you’d expect. Then we have a couple beautiful crochet accessories, the Luna Chevron Scarf (Crochet Kit) and the Dottie Infinity Scarf (Crochet Kit). Both of these projects feature unique stitches, yet you can finish them in plenty of time for the holidays.

3 Weeks: Quick Projects for Last-Minute Gifting

There are definitely a lot of cute options for last-minute crafting, which will also provide some stress relief as holiday planning picks up! Our Farmhouse Christmas Stocking (Crochet Kit) is totally gorgeous, and would make a special reusable wrapping option for a gift. Then, of course, the Slouchy Santa Hat (Knit Kit), which is an obvious Christmas classic! Make one for yourself, or outfit your whole family for a memorable holiday photo. Finally, a very fun gift, the Baby Penguin Amigurumi (Crochet Kit). This project is sure to become a beloved treasure.

What’s on your holiday crafting list?

Whether you choose one of the projects on our list, or start a list of your own, we’d love to hear what you’re planning on crafting this Christmas. And in case you need extra inspiration, here’s our list from the 12 Weeks of Christmas last year! Share in the comments below what’s on your holiday crafting list, and let’s keep each other posted on our progress.
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  • I love so many of these projects, just wondering if you can get the pattern alone without the whole kit.

    Thank you.

  • Christmas Tree Jumper – I would consider purchasing kits but would have a lot of yarn left over. I am petite and using smaller needles.
    There are a lot of short people about!
    “Retired” Carol UK

  • Kathy: If you google the title of the pattern, it should come up. You may have to do a bit of scrolling.

  • I would also love to get the pattern without the whole kit. I have gobs of yarn I would like to use for the patterns.

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