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Sweaters for Chickens

May 9th, 2008

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chicken sweaters

This is for real! Brigitte Hawley, from Benenden, in Kent, England decided to care for gave the four chickens rescued from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. She knit them sweaters to help them survive the cold winter and called her creations the “chux tux.” In the end, not only was her altruistic deed rewarded by healthy chickens, but she won a national knitting contest!

View the original article at BBC.

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  • Lilian

    Is it really necessary to survive? It’s a curious and funny thing.

  • maureen silvester

    I think it is wonderful that someone would love one of god’s creations this much,she must be a very lovely person.

  • Darla – Detroit

    Maureen, you said it SO much better than I was thinking!!!!

  • koo

    Of course it’s necessary to survive! Duh!

    How cool. I’d do the same. ^_^ I have a feather plucking macaw and I made her a sweater..but she ate it! Oh well..try try again!

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