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Are You a Granny Person or a Ripple Person?

August 2nd, 2008

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Two of the most popular types of crochet afghans are granny square and ripple afghans. Does the preference for one over the other say something about you? Tell us which you prefer!

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  • Ellen

    I like the ripples best. Don’t like having to join the small squares. Making extra large squares is better.

  • Vicky

    I prefer the granny squares because I can take parts of the project to work on anywhere without having to lug everything around. Since I ride public transportation that works best for me.

  • Myra Johnston

    I like both the granny and the ripple.But if I had to choose,I would choose the granny.I know they are more work,having to connect,but I love the way a granny looks and all of the colors that go into them.

  • Linda

    I just finished my 1st Granny for my husband. Big guy, BIG granny, so big it hangs over the edges of my CA king bed!! (Oops!) I had a lot of fun though, and I didn’t have to sew the 99 squares. Check out Crochet Cabana, she sent me directions on the “Join As You Go” (JAYG) method. There are 2 crochet methods on the site. Just follow the pattern and pictures for assembly and with one continuous stitch you can crochet them all together! I just started crocheting again, it’s been 40 years, and it was Soooo easy and as much fun as making the squares! I’m hooked :) on Grannies! Now my 6 yr old grandaughter wants one in pink that will hang over her bed like Poppa’s!

  • Joyce

    I prefer the look of Grannies, but hate sewing them together. I tend to lose stitches somehow on ripples, but keep doing them. I’m using the ripple knit now on a prayer shawl.

  • Glenda Dills

    I love the ripples. I am a self taught crocheter and the ripple is the first afghan I made. You can use different colors or as I often do, get a varigated yarn. It works up so pretty. I am now making an afghan for one of my granddaughters. It is a varigated “banana berry” color. Lots of blues and yellows. As Angel said, it does remind you of the ocean.

  • Ena

    I like both, at the moment I am knitting a throwover in squars and I would also try ripple one to

  • Ena

    I if I kile the patten I would try both, at the moment I am knitting a throwover in squars and I would also try ripple one to

  • Sonia

    I am a granny person. I love doing the different style granny squares. Occasionally I will do a ripple but not to in love with it.

  • Sadia

    I just started knitting and crocheting 3 years ago. I have only made a granny square afghan with vanna’s choice. I am hopefull some day I will get to do a ripple afghan too. I love crocheting, and absolutely admire the art of chains and stitches coming together. So far I am granny person. But ofcourse putting the squares together is tedious work and I take my time. Still I love my granny:))

  • cris

    I Prefer grannies Because i could never get the hang of the ripples. and ive tried. several times

  • Leslie

    Granny all the way. There are so many ways to do a granny. It is so versatile.

  • phillygirl64

    good to see I’m not the only one with issues regarding sewing granny squares…I like just making one huge square

    haven’t done a ripple in a while…maybe that will be next 😉

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="100000155993970">Katy Ravensong</fb:name>

    I love both! The granny square was the first thing I learned to do when I learned crochet. I get ‘antsy’ at joining all the squares sometimes. The ripple on the other hand – once I get the sequence in my head – can progress mindlessly while I watch tv or have a conversation, etc.

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