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The Presidential Poll of Knitters and Crocheters

October 23rd, 2008

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The results of our presidential poll are in.  With 8,975 9,009 9,550 people voting, here is the breakdown:

John McCain – 40.3%

Barack Obama – 56.0%

Other – 1.5%

Undecided – 2.2%

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  • Fredda Tourin

    Hi, Ilana – I’d like to add my “vote” to the poll. Is it still open?



  • M.H. Young

    Hope the voting is still available. I vote for McCain.

  • http://LionBrand Gilda

    I vote for McCain!

  • Suz

    I vote for McCain/Palin!

  • Jeannine Klimt

    I would like to add my vote for McCain too!

  • Joan Shaffer

    Please add my vote for McCain/Palin ticket


  • Zontee

    Hi Everyone, if you’d like to vote, please click the “related link” and actually take the survey to participate.

  • Martha Vaccaro

    I vote for McCain

  • C. Powell

    Something seems fishy here! I would think that the generation of *most* knitters would be from the conservative group. I, too, would vote for the McCain/Palin ticket (but I already cast my poll vote). Could it be possible someone spammed this poll to drive up the Obama percentage?! OK…it’s all in good fun, of coure!

  • Christine Lescalleet

    I too wish to add my vote, is the poll still open?

  • em

    Perhaps it’s possible that people are actually taking the time to consider all the possibilities of their future, and picked the best candidate for the job: Obama.

  • Christine Lescalleet

    I vote for MC Cain/Palin too and the poll does look

  • Anita

    Have knitters/crocheters shut off their brains.
    Obama is for killing babies– Knitters/crocheters contribute baby hats for the new born.
    McCain is for our soldiers. Knitters/crocheters send knit items to our troops.

  • Cindy

    mcCain for me too!

  • Roberta

    Lets get back to God America….Vote on the Moral Issues.

  • http://XHTML Roberta H Sefchick

    Lets get back to One Nation Under God…..
    Vote On the Moral Issues..
    America Needs to be put back in God’s Grace.

  • Ilana

    You can still get your vote into the official poll. The link is in last week’s newsletter, or you can just click here.

  • Carol

    I’m disappointed that so many voted for Obama. I thought knitters were smarter than that.

  • Emily

    I am happy that Obama got so many votes!!! Its time for change and he will make a great president.

  • hoozieg

    I guess knitters aren’t that smart, it’s the crocheters that are the intelligent voters. Nothing fishy about this vote, it matches the national polls. People are tired of the negativity and lies coming from McCain’s campaign – typical Republican! Vote Obama!

  • Gail

    Why must something be fishy about the results of this poll? I agree knitters and those who crochet are a smart group of people and are not afraid of change. That is why most have voted for Obama.

  • julie

    Everywhere we turn we see politics, now here too… Yikes, cant get away from it. Crochetters for McCain / Palin !

    Hoozeg: “typical Republican” you say? obviously you don’t know many Republicans then. We don’t live our lives being negative toward people we can “trust”. Don’t judge us by the ad’s on TV. By the way, plenty on negative Democratic Ad’s out there too so what does that say?

  • Carrie

    Hoozieg, If you do your research you will see that national polls do not have Obama 16 points ahead of McCain. Many have him only 1% ahead. What parts of his policy are you particularly interested in? The part about spreading the wealth around does not particularly sit right with me. But, that’s what makes AMERICA a great country! We can have knitters and crocheters with their own opinions, and we are free to express them. One side will win, one side will loose and we’ll all have to live with it. Whichever way we vote, I hope we’ve all always been PROUD TO BE AMERICAN (assuming those of us voting on this Lion poll, are indeed, American. This is the internet, you know, which isn’t unique to only America).

  • nancy

    I vote for McCain. God Bless the USA

  • Carol

    Knitter, Quilter, PRO-LIFER: I vote for McCain/Palin.

  • Laraine

    Cast my vote for McCain/Palin. Some say Palin’s not qualified. What particular atttibutes does the Democratic Presidential candidate have that qualify him to be President?

  • Heather

    Lion Brand: regretting this poll yet? :-)

  • Gail

    There are plenty of negative ads out there from both sides. However, only one side has supporters who have yelled “kill him” at their rallies. Is this what we have come to? Personally, I find that frightening. Is there anything that will ever unite us as one nation with a common goal? I am not a Repbulican but, I am a Christian that does not condemn another person for their beliefs.

  • Beth

    I am a conservative Democrat, but I am going to vote Republican this time. I can say with conviction though that the reason I am not voting Democrat is not because Obama is a Black man. You know it is a sad state of affairs that if someone is not voting Democrat that they are called racists. Are we living back in the 60’s again?

  • Kazeodori

    hmmmm, prolife? support our soldiers? God? morals? All of this republican? Someone needs a reality check and an education.

    Republican rule for 8 years and we’ve been at war for 7 of them–a war which kills innocent children. Where’s the prolife in that? I suppose it doesn’t matter because they are not Christian. SHAME on you!

    Our ecomomy is shot to heck to the point of homelessness and joblessness is at the highest rate since the depression of the 20’s.

    Our poor soldiers come back from the war broken mentally and/or physically and they are shoved on the back burner and ignored. Where is the support for our soldiers and where is the morality in that?

    If you have to be republican (yes, lower-case because I am thoroughly disgusted with them) to be a knitter or crochet I will never pick up my sticks again.

    And please leave God out of it. He did not create this mess–humans did.

    Oh, and if it matters, Obama/Biden are my choice because it’s time all this nonsense stops.

  • Lynn

    I can’t believe that people would actually believe that IF Palin were to become President, that ANYONE in the free world would want to deal with that ‘soccer mom’! She’d be just the face of the presidency while the good ‘ol boys continue to bring the country closer to total collapse.
    Think about it before you cast your vote!
    OBAMA is the new face, the breath of fresh-air we all want and so desperately need! The old ways just don’t work in this world anymore.

  • Kerrichka

    Alas, there’s really ‘nothing new under the sun’ is there?! Some of the ‘new’ ways people want to refer to are really ‘old ways’ if you go back and check out world history. The bottom line is: No candidate will solve all the problems of this country, and probably not even most of them. NEITHER of them is ‘messiah’, or ever will be. We all need to just get out there and vote according to whatever or scale of morals or political opinions are, and though I may not agree with the democratic point of view, I certainly respect the right to have the opinion of one. (BTW…at all rallies, there are weirdos who will call out nasty things about the other candidate. BOTH sides have encountered this. Why is all the focus only on one side?)

  • Janet Latham

    Killing babies?? Give me a break. How horrible! Don’t you people believe in a democracy in which people can disagree without being hate mongers? Even though my respect for McCain has greatly dimenished, I have to think that both candidates are patriotic and decent. I pity those of you who have such hateful feelings.

  • knitandwit

    Why do people always assume that their stances are only held by those in their party? I think most of us are for a better place where children can live safely and don’t have to grow up to fight in unnecessary wars. We just sometimes disagree on how to reach these solutions. We’re all going to have to live with a new president on Nov. 4, so we might as well start looking for the good in each other rather than fighting over petty differences and imagined wrongs.

  • lyn tred

    why does the obama, one keeping coming up, when am clearly pressing mccain..

    Zontee says: Hi Lyn, I just checked your vote, based on your IP address and your vote for McCain did go through. Or were you having trouble with the patterns?

  • ckz3boyz

    I vote for McCain/Palin because I believe in America and the right to either crochet or knit!! The country was doing pretty good until the Democrats took over Congress 2 years ago. The war is unfortunate, but we need to finish it and not let the deaths of so many patriotic soldiers be in vain.

    As for Obama, he sat for 20 YEARS and listened to someone who is suppose to be a man of God preach hatred toward our country, socializes with terrorists…and some of you want that anti-American as President? I shudder to think what will happen if he does win!

  • Gabrielle Lencioni

    Even though I am not old enough to vote, I KNOW that McCain and Palin are EXTREMELY better. McCain knows how to deal with these things, and his views on the issues are true. Obama will turn this country into I-don’t-know what, but it will be bad. McCain ROCKS!

  • Morganjane

    Wish I didn’t miss this vote, I would have voted McCain. I am a life long Dem, Now a PUMA! Obama stole the primary and my party has left me. McCain is a good man and Palin has much more experience than Obama. Don’t believe the hype, I did my research on Palin before she was picked and I have done my Obama research too. Palin wins, and McCain is a bi-partisan hero, He may be the best President we ever have!

  • Carrie


    Will the poll results be updated as people keep putting in their votes? The voter count hasn’t changed since this morning (Oct. 24th).

    Zontee says: Hi Carrie, numbers have been updated above.

  • Jill

    I want to be able to keep on crocheting and knitting but wont be able to afford it if two lawyers are elected because I will be left with just change in my pocket! Honestly, I think the left liberal media wants us to think the lawyers will win so everyone will stay home thinking McCain/Palin don’t stand a chance anyway.

  • Carrie

    You know, Jill, I have thought the same thing myself about people feeling compelled to stay at home because they think their candidate doesn’t have a chance, or their vote won’t really count because their state’s electoral votes will most likely go to the other candidate. Hopefully we are all smarter than that and will vote anyway…for the candidate that each of us would think is best. I will vote McCain, even if the polls (which are often very inaccurate) show he’s the underdog.

  • Anne Johnson

    I vote for McCain/Palin. The Democrats tax and tax and give it all away to people who are not even our responsibility–the illegals. The past two years with the Dems in control of Congress should have opened people’s eyes. Unfortunately, people want to blame Bush for things he has no control over–like passing bills, pork barrel, etc.

  • Jill

    BTY, the Secret Service investigated the so called “kill him” and have reported that is absolutely false!!! I have heard many Obama supporters say very scary things when they call in on radio stations so please do not act like the Obama side is above being dispicable.

    I stopped supporting the Democrat party around 2003 because I noticed they consistently put themselves and the party before what is best for America. Not to mention endangering our troops with their irresponsible rethoric. The Democrats have been in control the last two years and that is when everything started falling apart. They are responsible for the economy now. The Democrats blocked the republicans from trying to reel in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac everytime! Bush tried 17 times, McCain at least 2 times and even former president Bill Clinton admitted that last month.

    So I am supporting Senator McCain(0$ in pork) and Gov. Palin(not a millionaire)
    I am for No More Lawyers in Politics and term limits on all politicians!

  • Jill

    I hope so too Carrie!!!!! :) I am a Disabled Vet and it is very hard for me to leave home but my husband is going to come home at lunch and help me get to the voting booth!

    And thank you Anne!!! Well said!

  • Heather

    Wow, I am saddened by this poll. I visit this site because I love to knit and crochet. I do not really care about the political views of my fellow yarn crafters and quite honestly most of them scare me. I will vote on November 4 for the person I think will do the best job. I do not appreciate the snide remarks and the holier than thou attitude of some who have posted. I think we should simply stop talking politics and talk about starburst patterns and cable and lace and more pressing issues like when the new Lion Brand Yarn Studio will be opening!

  • Lynn

    I am Pro God, Pro life and for a marriage to be between a man and a woman. I vote for McCain.

  • Kerri

    I hope the results of this vote isn’t how the election goes. I pity our country if Obama wins. I just did a post on this on my journal.

  • hoozieg

    You’re right Heather…we should not be attacking each other over politics. Calling each other stupid and lame for what we believe is not constructive. It’s up to each one us to believe or not believe what we are hearing from both campaigns or from the media. I choose not to participate in the mud slinging.

  • hoozieg

    Oh and BTW – the polls I’ve seen and heard all put Obama ahead by 10-13 points which is darn close to this one. I Have been paying attention, I Have been doing my research. I watched all of the debates and news reports. I’ve looked things up on the internet to see what true and false. I do not tacitly believe what’s being told to us by the media and both campaigns – I think for myself.

  • http://WritingRemnants Cheryl

    Our country is too big for socialism to “work”. I’m for individual responsibility and protecting innocent life. God bless you all.