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Which Would YOU Pick?

November 3rd, 2008

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The cool winds of autumn have arrived, and that can only mean one thing: time to craft cold weather accessories! From the quirky to the classic, hats are a fast-to-make, fun way to show off your unique style.

Which hat above is most YOU? Tell us which hat you like best and why!

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  • ekgheiy

    Braided Hood all the way baby :)

  • Rilana

    I would make the Le Chic Beret. Mostly because I am into berets right now, and it’s crocheted. I have never made a crochet beret before. It wold be fun to try.

  • Brenda

    I like Le Chic Beret best because it is a grown-up hat and as a senior citizen I chose it. It was a secondary factor to learn that it was crochet. I am a returned crocheter and knitter, so it will be fun.

  • Grace

    I love that braided hood! It’s been in my queue since last winter. I think I might pick out yarn for it at the new design studio when it opens.

  • Suzen

    I like the Braided Hood, but I don’t know how to knit. Is there a crocheted version?

    Zontee says: Hi Suzen, check out some of these similar crochet hats: the cute and quirky Earflap Hat, the fast and kid/adult-friendlySpeed Hook Earflap Hat, or the adorable baby Elfin Hat.

  • Heather

    I like Le Chic Beret. It’s a classic style which works well with adults and younger children. Of course the color purple was an immediate draw!

  • Momsknitting

    Braided Hood!

  • Jana Hunter

    I like the beret best. I like classical things. I want to make a hood type thing for the winter, but I have a nicer pattern for that than your braided hood.

  • Lindsay Sasseville

    I love the Braided Hood, although i think i would put my own spin on it, but i love it and will now be going shopping for yarn for it…lol!

  • Jennifer

    I love the braided has me written all over it! lol! BUT I guess I will have to turn it down since I do not knit. Now, if it ever comes out as a CROCHET pattern, I’m there! 😉

    Zontee says: Hi Jennifer, see my response to Suzen’s comment (#5) for some similar crochet patterns.

  • Kahri

    The Braided hood!!! But, like Jennifer, I crochet!

    Zontee says: Hi Kahri, see my response to Suzen’s comment (#5) for some similar crochet patterns.

  • Karen

    I like Ed’s Hat. Looks like a hat made for skiing!

  • Robin

    I LOVE the look of the Beret. It has a look of class.

  • Kelly T.

    I like the Ed’s hat – the others are really cute, but the Ed’s hat is the only one I’d actually wear!

  • SherryB

    I’m a crocheter, if I could knit I’d make the Braided Hood. I like the Braided Hood cuz it’s different than most hats. I’m not a pink person so I’d have to make it in another color.

    Zontee says: Hi SherryB, see my response to Suzen’s comment (#5) for some similar crochet patterns, if you’re interested.

  • carolee

    Braided hood LOVE it

  • lavon

    I have been working a hat since I saw the first snow fall on wednesday of last week.

    Thanks for more hat to make.

  • Trish

    The Braided. It is fun and whimsical for all those who are not afraid to let their inner child come out and play.

  • Sandra Woodall

    Braided hood. It is different and fun looking.

  • Tanya

    I’d make Ed’s hat – could easily be resized for kids as well as being a great unisex pattern so I could also make it for the men in my life.

  • BustersDad

    Definitely Ed’s Hat! The other two are just not guy knitting material. . .

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  • Wanda

    I make a 5 way crocheted hat that is easy and fun. You can wear it like a Bahama mama, French twist, Russian, top hat, hat with muffs. I really like it and am trying to figure out how to knit one that works the same way. It is easy and looks great on.

  • valerie andrews

    I prefer the style of “Ed’s hat”, though I have a pattern to crochet it. The reason I prefer it, I make 2 or 3 of these a day to put in hypo-thermia kits for the homeless in our area. I make the hats in multiple yarn colors, using whatever leftovers I have from other projects. The leftovers are from prayer shawls, and backpacks that I contribute to the church, as well.

  • Pauline Kirby

    Yes. For me the braided hood is the best. I would love to knit it, can we have the pattern please?

    This is a plea from England and we’re about to get snow so I will have to be quick!!. Actually, I’m such a slow knitter, it will be mid-summer before I complete the mission, but maybe it can come in useful for next winter.

  • Laura

    Ed’s hat is great! I made this one for my nephew. :)

  • Marcia

    I would pick Ed’s Hat. Simple I guess is why.

  • Deanna

    Like the beret but LOVE the braided.

  • Mary Lee

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than the beret. Ed’s watch cap might work for my husband, but only when he’s shoveling snow.

  • Carolyn

    I made Ed’s Hat for my grandson and he loves it! For myself I prefer the beret, but do not crochet so wouldn’t make this pattern. I have knit several berets for myself to match pullover sweaters.

  • Idelle

    I like ‘Ed’s hat’ for its flexibility in color options, fit for anyone whose fit has to be guessed, and appropriateness for either sex, and multitude of use occasions.

  • Laurinda

    If I’m making it for me, DEFINATELY the braided hood! If I’m making it for someone else, Ed’s hat.

  • robin m

    braided hood for me…it’s cool

  • Leslie

    I could not just pick one! I would want to do them all!!

  • Vianka Miranda

    I think i would choose the Le Chic Beret bcuz its really stylish and it doesnt look like its that hard to make