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Archive for November 12th, 2008

Doodle Crochet: Free-form Creating with Yarn

November 12th, 2008

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This is a guest post from Jackie, our senior technical editor:

I spend about 2 hrs every day on the NYC subway traveling between my apartment and Lion Brand’s Union Square office. I usually pass the time by knitting or reading, but sometimes — like during this past summer — I feel like I want a project that will entertain me without engaging too many of my overheated brain cells. That’s when I turn to what I call doodle crochet.

Lion Brand offers a plethora of yarn choices, inspiration not just for specific projects, but perfect for some patternless fiber fun. For these examples of doodle crochet, I chose Lion Brand Microspun.

There’s no right or wrong in this project, just use whatever hook is handy. I think mine was a G/6 or an H/8 (4.25 or 5 mm). I chained 4, then joined with a slip stitch to make a ring — just as when you begin a granny square.

Then I did a bunch of double crochets into the ring. No counting here, just do as many as you like. Then I did another round of double crochets or any other stitch that strikes my fancy — single crochets, triples, doubles alternating with chain-1’s — truly, anything goes! I increased in every other stitch on this second round to keep the motif flat. (To increase, just work 2 stitches in each stitch of the first round) No worries about counting exactly, just add an additional stitch whenever the work begins to ‘cup’ rather than lie flat.

You can also skip the increases and let the motifs curl up — they’ll look like little flower buds. When this first little circle motif was finished, I did a bunch of chains — just coming right off the original circle. I slip stitched the last 4 of these chains to make a ring, then made another motif.

Sometimes I work back and forth on a motif, working in rows instead of rounds and turning the piece at the end of each row, to make a partial circle.

What a fun way to experiment with yarn or to use up your leftover yarn from a larger project!

Your piece can be a little bracelet or a little neck-piece depending on how long you make it. I love to wear these little works of art as soft sculpture necklaces. I often dress in black, so these are a wonderful way to add a little color to my outfit.

Try one (or more) – they’re addictive. Just remember the most important rule for doodle crocheting – there are no rules!

Have fun, stay cool, and cheers to all of you who don’t have to face the NYC subway every morning.