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A Guide to KALs/CALs

March 4th, 2009

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How do I join the crochet-along (CAL) or knit-along (KAL)?
Just download the pattern, pick up your supplies either at your local store or on our website, and start knitting! No need to sign up or anything. Just read the posts and share your thoughts with other participants.

How often will you update?
Generally, we will post once a week, but you can crochet or knit at your own pace! The posts will STAY on the blog, so you can always come back.

How do I share my thoughts or questions?
As you’re working, share your questions with other crafters by adding a comment (click on the “comments” button at the bottom of each post), and if you have an answer for someone else, a suggestion, or just an anecdote, share it with us, too! If you’re responding to someone else’s comment, it’s helpful to include their name and/or comment number, so we know what you’re referring to.

Please read others’ comments! Someone might have already asked/answered the question you have, or maybe you can answer someone else’s question. It’s all about helping each other!

And of course, before you comment, please read our Rules of Engagement — the blog is a safe, positive space for yarncrafters to share their thoughts. Please help us keep it that way.

How do I share photos of my progress?
If you have a blog or an account on a photo service, feel free to store your pictures there and just include a link to your photos in a comment. If you are a Flickr user, tag your photos “lion brand” and the name of the pattern, then join the Flickr pool! Flickr has a great explanation of how to add your photo to a photo pool. (Note: all links appear in orange on the Lion Brand Notebook, so if something is orange, you can click on it!)

You can also use the built-in photo tool in the comment box. Just click on the + (plus) symbol and upload a photo from your computer. Please note that if the image file is very large, it may not upload.

Can I invite my crocheting or knitting group to join?
Absolutely! CALs and KALs are all about building community. Feel free to invite your friends. If you have a blog, save the CAL/KAL badge we will provide (Right-click the badge and “Save image as” to save it to your computer — Ctrl+click and “Save image as” on Macs) and add it to your blog, so that your friends can see it, too.

What’s the most important part of the CAL/KAL experience?
For some people, the projects will be relatively easy, and we hope that they share their expertise. For others, it’s about the challenge and pushing through the difficult parts for a really wonderful end result. But in the end, it’s important to remember to just have fun, learn, and make new friends! CALs/KALs are all about pushing your boundaries, trusting in yourself and the community, and having a good time.

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  • xoop

    I am a beginner knitter and I have knitted a dozen of those ruffle scarves now I want to knit a cozy warmer with circular needles. I have also knitted one of those as well but the problem is that I have not joined the yarn to continue the knitting if you understand what I mean. How do you that? I look forwad hearing from you. Xooop

    • Zontee

      Hi xoop, check out this FAQ from the Learning Center section of that should help:
      Please note that we do ask that comments left on the blog posts are related to the original blog post. If you have other questions, please contact us at Hope that helps, and good luck!

  • Linda

    Hi, plan on giving this a try, my 1st knit along too, I am just finishing up Vanna’s Choice Diagonal Granny Afghan, just have to make tassels for it. I alreade have the silver heather in VC, so I will be using that for the tranquil top, hoping to start today or tomorrow, also appreaciate the patterns free from Lion Brand.

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  • Lyn Zalk

    Colorfully Modern jacket

  • Esmeralda

    Thanks for sharing all your models with me. Unfortunately I leave in Guatemala and I can not buy from you only when I go to the USA once a year. Do you have any branch or distributor here. Please advise. Congratulations. Go ahead!

  • ameliastjohn

    Will there be blog posts for the other projects? I am interested in the Colorfully Modern Jacket project.

    • Zontee

      Hi ameliastjohn, there will only blog posts about whichever pattern wins. However, all three patterns are available for free on Enjoy!

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  • windee1

    Am joining for first time! But I noticed there is no picture of RIGHT side–is there one or just go by left side pic and reverse everything?

    • Zontee

      That’s exactly right. Since the schematic is just a guide to the measurements (and those will be exactly the same but mirror image for the left side), there’s not a second drawing. This is standard in crochet/knit patterns. Hope that helps!

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  • D. Boisvert

    Is this only a KAL? I thought there was a choice for CAL too?
    I don’t knit, but would like to try a CAL challenge if possible.
    I’m a beginner and would me most comfortable doing the
    Modern Granny Scarf project.

  • amethyst

    Hi! I am really interested in trying the Glamour Jacket, but I would love this in the Sapphire and Lapis, but saw no kit for those shades. Does anyone else think that would be a good combination? I love the blue/green combination, even tho purple is MY favorite color forever….I would love to try this for my daughter! I’m sure she would appreciate something other than a poncho! lol. Any comments?

  • Betty

    I don’t crochet but I would like to join in and practice! just love the pattern!