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Archive for March 19th, 2009

Behind the Scenes with Martha Stewart

March 19th, 2009

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It’s been a whirlwind few weeks at Lion Brand preparing for the Martha Stewart show which airs on Monday, March 23rd.  Our Design team has been working on special projects that were created especially for the show.

photo credit: Anders Krusberg/The Martha Stewart Show

The producer visited our Studio and met with our president, David Blumenthal and our creative team headed by Karen Tanaka in an initial planning meeting.   A week later, Martha taped a segment in the Lion Brand Studio on which we blogged about on March 6th.  To get less than a 5 minute segment, the camera crew came at 7:30 a.m. and were in the Studio or our Design Department until 7:00 p.m. that night.  Martha brought her dogs, Sharkey and Francesca to the studio and they were fitted for sweaters that were designed by Lion Brand.

You’ll be able to get the patterns from our website by the time the show airs on Monday.

Here are some videos of the filming in our Studio:

Moderne Jacket Crochet-Along: Tackling the Back

March 19th, 2009

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I have been just so amazed this last week at the number of you responding to the invitation to join our CAL for the Moderne Jacket! For those of you who are just joining in on the fun, make sure to print your pattern soon as it will only be free especially to all the CAL participants until March 23rd.

This last week was a time for many of you to decide what yarn to use, making that swatch and starting work on the back. In my last post, I discussed what types of yarns would probably work best and decided myself to work with yarns that were different from the ones used in the pattern. The pattern calls for two different colors of yarn–but I decided to work with two yarns that were very similar in color. The two yarns I chose were “Vanna’s Choice” in Beige, and” Vanna’s Glamour” in Topaz. I liked the bit of glimmer that Glamour gave to my project, and so I chose a smooth, golden look to the jacket I am making my daughter.

So, how did my back turn out? Well, much to my surprise (and to some of you!) I found that after working my decrease rows, the 2 stitch pattern “shifts” by 1 stitch. Now, for many of you, this won’t be apparent at all – especially if you are working with two tones, or darker yarn, or a yarn with a texture, like Homespun. It is always amazing to me how the same pattern can look so different with a change of yarn!

Again, for many of you – this won’t even be an issue…but here is how I kept the pattern in line. I noticed while working this pattern stitch, that the first stitch I work into for the sc2tog was different in appearance than the second stitch I worked. (One is the stitch resulting from the sc2tog on the previous row, and the second is the ch1 done after the sc2tog). Keeping that in mind, on the rows that were “off” from the pattern, I did a sc at the beg of the row and an extra sc at the end of the row to make sure the stitch pattern lined up on itself as it did in the beginning. It was a little trickier for the raglan shaping as I was trying to line it up every row. I like how my back turned out, but it did take some forethought. I’m already thinking of doing this jacket again – but maybe a two- tone next time!

I’ve already started my fronts and keeping the pattern stitch “lining-up” will keep me busy. Next week, we’ll see how they “shaped-up”!

For CALers in the NYC, stop by the Lion Brand Yarn Studio to see the original jacket LIVE.

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Moderne Jacket Crochet-Along: Get the CAL Badge

March 19th, 2009

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Show your CAL pride and let everyone know that you’re part of the CAL community with your very own CAL badge!

Download the Moderne Jacket CAL badge and put it on your website, blog, or Ravelry page!

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