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Are You A Stash Buyer or a Project Buyer?

April 14th, 2009

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If you’re a stash buyer, you purchase yarn because you found a yarn you simply must have and will find something to do with it later.

If you’re a project buyer, you purchase yarn for a pattern or specific project you plan to work on.

Which one are you?

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  • Eda

    Thank you Burma for the wonderful idea of buying when you travel and creating something that will serve as a souvenir. I am a stash buyer who can not pass up a clearance sale.

  • Patty

    Oh boy, both! I have yarn from completed or failed projects, plus the yarn bought because I had to have it and thought I’d never see it again (afterall, why was it $1/skein?). “If you buy the yarn, the project will come!” That’s what the sales lady told me, very zen-like. I have no less than 3 projects with yarn waiting in the wings, and can’t wait to get to all of them.

  • rebeca

    i am a stash buyer. I buy yarn if there is a sale or if i just like the yarn.

  • Karen

    I am 100% a STASH-aholic!! If there is a sale, I am there….new color comes out, I am there!! You could take me to a jewelry store and I would look around and say everything is beautiful and walk out….take me to a yarn shop and I become the ‘kid in a candy store’!!
    I told my hubby I want the cubbies like I see in your studio pictures…and I probably have enough yarn to fill that whole wall. My dh says he is going to send me to ‘YA’ (yarnaholics anonymous…hehe!)
    Hey, everybody has a vice…crocheting is mine!

  • Susan Olson

    I am a project buyer and knitter. I will not go on to another project until the current one is completed. What I do find is all the left over yarn from my projects makes me look like a stash buyer.

  • Robin

    Stash usually – occasionally I’ll buy for a project – but I like to let the yarn talk to me.

  • Jo Darling

    I am a project buyer! I like to use every bit of the yarn before moving on.

  • Carol

    I am a stash buyer however sometimes I buy a project. Use all extra yarn for Lap Robes.

  • Michelle Jinnette

    I am both a stash buyer and a project buyer. My main habit is stash buyer because I can’t pass up a good deal on yarn or if find something in a beautiful color. If I am planning to make something for someone in particular, I will usually go and buy yarn for the project, if I don’t already have something on hand.


    I am definately a stash buyer mostly. i love yarn and often find colors or materials that i have to have. I will buy and then search for a pattern to go with the yarn.

  • Marion Davis

    I am both. I will stock up when there is a close out of a color or yarn I like. I have yarn that was sold when a store went out of business. My mother gave me yarn from Woolworth’s and WT Grants.
    I will shop for a project if a person I know needs or wants something crocheted. I try not to buy yarn and have it left over so I can use what I have.

  • carol c

    I go both ways. I have a closet full of stash and several projects ready to work on. I try to use my stash for charity projects but there doesn’t seem to be a bottom of the barrel. And then there are my friends who feel that since I am knitting for charity they can help me by giving me more yarn to use. I have a feeling that one of these days I may have to have a “yarn yard sale” but that will only give me more money to buy more yarn!!

  • Susan H.

    When I lived in a larger house, a friend who downsized gave me her stash. I added to it with enthusiasm, then downsized! I recently packed up a huge box and mailed it to a friend of mine who has knitting students…I have now become a project buyer! However, I have “stashed” three kits and have just started on one. You can stash more than just the yarn! I have a pattern stash, too (lots from Lion Brand), but it fits neatly into a box under the bed.

  • Holly

    I’m a bit of both – will buy or make yarn for a project, but I’m not averse to just adding to stash if the yarn is too delicious to pass by!

  • rebecca

    I am both… I will from time to time visit a yarn shop and if they have an area where yarn is on sale like 25 or 50% off ..I will fill my basket and then figure out what I will make…interesting projects come out of it..
    then again I will start to finish a project and end up giving it to friends or family..

  • Sunny

    I agree with most of those here… I am both. I go to the store with a project in mind and end up with enough yarn for 3 more projects than I intended. I think what inspires me most is not the project or the yarn by itself, but the possibility that lies within the yarn. Sometimes that motivates me to pick up yarn for a pattern and sometimes that motivates me to pick up a pattern for some yarn.

  • Cookbookangie

    I’m a stash buyer…I love Lion Brand and (sometimes) find it featured at Big Lots, so I check there frequently. Sometimes I reward myself for completing dreaded errands by stopping at my local craft store ‘just to look’. Of course, then I get sucked into the vortex of colors and textures and my husband and kids start calling me, wondering if I got lost, or if I’m ‘looking at yarn’!

  • Deb

    Mostly I am a project buyer. My stash is the leftovers from my projects – I always overbuy. Every once in a great while I buy some yarn just because I love it, but the problem with that is invariably when I figure out what I want to do with it I don’t have enough.

  • Laurene

    I am mostly a project buyer, but I have a large stash of projects waiting their turn. The ideas come faster than I can get them all done. I also buy stash yarn if its at a great price. It will get used for smaller or spur of the moment projects like Christmas ornaments, baby things, short notice gifts, cat toys…or something from my huge pattern stash. Now I just need a stash of closets to store it all.

  • Marilee

    Oh dear, what a question.

    In truth, it’s both. I will add to my stash if I find a sale or wonderful yarn that speaks to me, but my eyes are bigger than my time will allow, so I have quite a stash.

    I also buy for projects, but that doesn’t mean I make everything I originally thought I’d make. Sometimes that’s because I don’t have time, or something else catches my fancy or needs.

    I really need to work down my stash. I have 3 projects underway right now, one is detailed and requires close attention, one is what I call a TV project in that it’s kinda mindless and can be done while watching The Mentalist, and then there is a class or CAL project. I’m reducing my stash with two of these, but bought new yarn for my mindless project, an afghan.

  • Jody

    I too am a stash buyer. I now have a room dedicated to my passion/obsession! There’s just something about all those colors and textures in the room with me – it makes me HAPPY!

  • Leslie

    I was a stash buyer. When I was living in NE and would go to auctions I would buy any yarn or thread that came up. But now I going for the project. I always buy extra so I can add to my stash of course!

  • Kathleen

    I am a project buyer who turns into a stash buyer. I go to buy yarn with a special project in mind and walk out with much more then I planned.

  • Anne Godsey

    I’m a project buyer!!!

  • V. M.

    Somtimes i’m a project buyer. somtimes i just buy yarn bcuz i think i may need it for some unknown future project

  • Judy Miller

    I am both. If a yarn is on sale I’ll buy it.
    I will go to the second hand stores looking for yarn to add to my stash! I will buy cheap afghans at these places to unravel to add to my stash! I make stash blankets out of all of it. I give them to family members, and I also make stash blankets for cats and dogs, made out of various weights, which they love! I love planning the colors. I am always looking for a stash to buy! I also buy quite a bit for certain projects too. But, I love having a variety of yarn on hand to save a trip to the store. I know where all my yarn is, and it is sorted by colors and weight, and kept in plastic storage tubs.
    It’s all good stuff!

  • Mary

    Mostly project buyer. I have something in mind when I shop for yarn. But….. once I’m in the shop there is so much temptation sometimes I’ll give in and get something I have no idea what I’ll do with. Still mostly for projects.

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1423628025">Naomi Elizabeth</fb:name>

    I am a huge stash buyer, it is actually turning into a hoarding situation. . . I’ve got a couple of projects that I’m working on that I bought specific yarns for, too.

  • Amy

    I am a project buyer…however I am always so busy most of my projects have turned into quite the stash!

  • Karen Peanuts Creations

    I used to be a project buyer but am now completely a stash buyer! And as Naomi above stated…it is almost becoming a hoarding issue! Not quite yet, I guess, since it is contained to one 8 foot closet in my office!
    My motto…a girl can never have too much yarn

  • AlishaMisha

    Stash buyer for sure. It is a rare occasion that I buy yarn for a specific project. I have SO much yarn in my stash that it is sickening, but it always seems like there is a yarn out there that I don’t have in a specific fiber, weight, color..ect. So when I find that yarn I don’t have I MUST buy it. And as I type I am staring at my stash wondering what I should make with them…I can’t tell if I’m in a knitting or crocheting mood…hmmm

  • Kay Smith

    I’m a project buyer, but I need to be a statch buyer. I love to go to wal-mart or handcocks or Hobbie Lobby andjust look at the yarn and decide what I want to make.

  • Claire

    well i am both
    i go to the store having something in mind of what i want.
    once i get there i sometimes might just get carried away from the beautiful colors
    the main things i love to craft is amigurumi.