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Are You A Stash Buyer or a Project Buyer?

April 14th, 2009

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If you’re a stash buyer, you purchase yarn because you found a yarn you simply must have and will find something to do with it later.

If you’re a project buyer, you purchase yarn for a pattern or specific project you plan to work on.

Which one are you?

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  • Carol

    I’m a project buyer but if I find a sale on a yarn that I want to try, I will add to my stash.

  • Lynn

    I am both. But, I will extra of a yarn I really like and save it for a rainy day when i need s small project to do. I work in an elementary school and try to keep small projects in a bag with me to get young students interested in learning to crochet or knit.

  • Dawn

    I am definitely a stash buyer and still buy yarn for a project- I just love yarn its crazy

  • Candace

    I’m definitely a stash buyer! Now and then I’ll buy for a project, but I’m one who sees a yarn I like and will buy it while it’s available. Most of the time, I end up making what I thought I bought the yarn for, but sometimes even I surprise myself with what I do with it.

  • Jo

    I am both. I buy some yarns because they are pretty and speak to me and some for projects.

  • Judy

    Like many others I tend to be both. When I see a pattern I really love then I will hunt forever to find the just the right yarn for the job. But, if in my search I see a yarn I just HAVE to have you bet I snatch it up and then look for the the right project to use with it.

  • Deb Cox

    I am sometimes both! I like to have a pattern picked out before I buy the yarn. However, if I find a yarn I can’t live without I buy a bunch and figure out what I can make with it later. Right now I have at least 3 boxes of yarn that need to made into something. I already know what I want to make but right now it’s not on my must get done list!

  • Hope

    I am a project buyer. I may not use it for the project I bought it for, but I buy it for a specific thing when I do buy yarn.

  • Deb B.

    Project buyer.

  • Mary

    Can’t you just hear that yarn calling the minute you walk into a craft store? You try to ignore the call by going into other isles. You buy scrapbook paper, ribbon, stamps, punches, glue anything but yarn. Eventually the call is so loud that you look around just to make sure the other customers haven’t heard the yarn call. You saunter over to the yarn isles, determined not to be influenced by the colors, or the designs, or the feel or heaven forbid the really, really good deals. Before you know it, your cart is full. Your heart is happy. The cashier says, “You are going to be busy!” You answer, “Maybe, maybe not.” You walk out of the store feeling giddy, with a great big smile on your face. It’s only when you get home that the trouble begins, where do I put my stash? Another corner filled with yarn.
    You guessed it, I’m a stash buyer…..not only of yarn, but craft paper, stamps, ribbons….well I think you get the picture! You just never know when you might be able to use it.

  • Darlene

    Most of the time I’m a project buyer. But every now and then I hear some special skein of yarn saying “buy me, buy me” and I can’t resist!

  • phillygirl64

    I have stashes of projects

  • Mrs. U

    Project buyer!!! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t drool over the gorgeous yarns I see!!

    Mrs. U

  • Jennifer

    Tendencies towards a stash buyer but am learning to be a project buyer – it’s easier on the bank account! :)

  • dianne

    It is so nice to find I’m not alone. 6 skeins of one color for some project in the future. Since starting a prayer shawl ministry at church, I buy for the others who may be on fixed incomes…so I’m trying projects. The colors, textures and sales are so irresistible! However, I have finished 3 shawls in the last 3 weeks because the stash needed a little trimming! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica-Jean

    STASH! Once upon a time, I would buy specific yarn for a specific project, but that was decades ago when my mind was more well organized and my budget more restricted. Now that the kids are all grown up and independent, I find that I not only have more time for knitting/crocheting, I have more free cash, even though I’m now retired. I never knew how costly having children could be!! When they were little, there was never enough money to cover all the necessities; yarn was NOT a necessity.
    I guess those years of privation are why I am now a stash buyer. If the price is right and the yarn pretty, I buy it and worry later what it will eventually become. In the meantime, it inhabits (fills to the brim!) the largest single room in the house!

  • Maggie

    I buy by the project. HOWEVER, the project for which I buy the yarn doesn’t always get done before the next project comes to mind. I have a stash of 20 or more projects.


  • Pam

    Guilty on both counts! Definitely.

  • Cathy

    Mostly a stash buyer! Used to be project buyer but lately with work and kids not enough time :(

  • Tonya

    I am a huge stash buyer, but I am also a project buyer. Just found some yarn I loved today and purchased it even though I didn’t have a project in mind…shhhh, don’t tell DH!

  • Melanie

    I am pretty much a yarn junkie, so I’d have to stay stash buyer. The good part is that I can always “see” what I want to make when I buy it…the bad part is that there isn’t enough time to get it all done!

  • Burma Bochner

    When I am at home, I am a project buyer. However, when I travel, I take a book listing yarn stores.I always go to one at my destination and buy something wonderful, and usually a bit more expensive, and take it home as a souvenir. Whatever I make of it reminds me of the trip. I have a nifty scarf made of cashmere bought at a stall in a market in London.

  • Josette

    I guess you would call me a “project stasher”! I see a pattern and then compulsively look for a yarn to do it in; then stash it away until I am ready to start it. I won’t allow myself to have more than 3 projects going – have to finish one before starting another. But I can have others waiting to be started. I always keep a list in my purse of yardage for patterns I want to do incase I run across the perfect yarn. . . . . . !

  • Shelly Strusz

    I am a huge stash yarner. I have three rubbermaid totes that are filled to the brim with yarn. I love to make afghans that are multi colored.

  • OPKnitter

    I’m a hybrid, but probably lean more toward stash. I buy for specific projects, particularly if it’s a question of finding yarn that will accommodate allergies or please the finicky color palate of gift recipient. But for myself I’m as likely to buy a yarn with a luscious color or feel & then figure out what I want to make from it. Unfortunately, that means there are some 20+ year old yarns in my stash still waiting for inspiration. Most, however, date from a period when I was physically unable to knit. As I now keep 4 projects going at any one time, on various needle sizes, the stash is decreasing.

  • Katharine

    I’m a project buyer, but I might make an exception if I happened to find something really special, like homespun yarn at a festival or something like that.

  • Veneda

    I`m both! I always buy more yarn than I need for each project, (since I never know “exactly” how much I may need, and later use what I`ve collected
    for a throw, baby blanket, scarf, etc. When I find a clearance or a really good sale, I stock up on a yarn that I love, whether I need it or not. I`m a yarn fanatic!

  • Ellen

    I am a Stasher!!! I look for great sales and buy yarn. I buy yarn using the following criteria: 1) softness 2) color 3) how it would look as a scarf. How a yarn feels against your skin is of utmost importance. I live in the country and go to town about once a month and when I do… oh boy do I buy the yarn!! I also order online when there are sales. My stash is huge, HUGE. But it doesn’t take me long to whittle it down by making scarves (which I sell). I love yarn and am always working on something. I have a large extended family and always making something for a baby. I love it!

  • Sonia

    I am a stash buyer. I see a yarn that I like and get it thinking inspiration for it will strike me later. I also buy a lot of baby yarn. I am always making baby things and it goes fast.

  • Hilary

    Stash buyer, big time. I have a hard time passing up sales. You will always be able to find something to do with the yarn, right?

  • Karen

    Well Iam both.I love love my yarn .I cant pass up a sale.But I do think of something I could do with it when I get so I do get alittle more then need sometimes but one can never have to much yarn.I do have my hugh stash of
    my stock yarn.But that should not count.Does it?
    I love love my yarn and Iam so very proud of it.And I got to say just today comming home from shopping darling dh say you want to stop at the yarn store.So how can one say no to that.So I got some more yarn to .I jusst love it.

  • Erica

    I’m a new knitter (2008). I bought a tub full of luscious yarn from an experienced knitter/crocheter who had to purge. So far I’ve made scarves for a few folks. So I think I’m stash?

  • Jan Woodfill

    I am definately a stash buyer. I find it fun to mix and match colors I have stashed away!

  • Dee

    Definately a stash buyer! Although I am trying to be a project buyer. I am just drawn by an invisible magnet to the yarn isle! Just love touching and feeling all the different yarns. Sometimes there is one or two I just HAVE to have! Especially if it is on sale!

  • Onnaise

    I am very much a stash buyer! All those yarns just call to me. I’m like a yarn junkie or something, “must. have. that. yarn.” And of course I justify it in my head that some day I’ll find the perfect pattern to go with my latest yarn find, and sometimes I do…

  • http:/ Vicky

    I would definately be considered a Stash Buyer. I don’t always know what I want to knit and when I find something that is calling to me to knit it, I just dig through my stash for some yarn that will work (or adjust the pattern if needed :P). Not to say that I don’t sometimes buy yarn with a specific project in mind tho :).

  • Vicky

    oops sorry the extra / didn’t come out on my blog, it’s corrected now and will link.

  • carolyn

    I am a project yarn stasher. I have a ton of projects that I want to do, and will buy the yarn, but the list is so long that I rarely ever get to the end of it.

  • Ginny

    I’m a stash buyer, but I started out as a project buyer and quickly got out of control! I’m in the process of using up some of my yarn I have “stashed” so I can start buying again. I have new projects I want to start. I simply can’t resist some of the luscious yarns available!

  • Suzanne Deal-Fitzgerald

    Oh Lord, I’m a stash buyer. Have been for the last 40 years. Still have yarn from those original sprees.

    I keep yarn in garbage cans under the house, and in fact, bought a fairly ample size barn from Home Depot about 10 years ago. And guess what? Within the last hour, I hit Hobby Lobby pretty hard…they had all that discontinued stuff for $1.99, and it included lots of Lion Brand Wool Yarn! WooHoo!

  • Sharon

    Stasher!! Yarn Junkie!! That’s me for sure!! I can really relate to everyone’s input – can’t pass up a sale, am touchy-feely in the yarn stores, love to add to my own yarn corner!! Need more room!!

  • Jennifer S

    Both. I buy a lot of stuff for specific projects, and when I get it home I put it in big ziplocks with tags saying what pattern it’s for. But I also buy a fair amount of yarn because I loved the color (or sometimes the feel, although mostly it’s about color), or it might be a good sale on what looks like “useful” yarn. This would all explain why my stash is sort of exploding!

  • robin m

    I am a stash buyer……love me some yarn!

  • Karrie Lynn

    I am a project buyer, but lately I have been finding yarn at the dollar stores and then I just buy a large amount and hope I have enough for any project I come up with. I now have a yarn stash to go with my fabric stash. The one with most before she dies wins!

  • April Hegge-Nolan

    I am a project buyer, but sometimes I change my mind about the yarn for a project after I’ve bought for it. Then I develope a small stash of yarns that I eventually use for something else.
    The price of yarns requires me to use as I buy and buy as I use.

  • Jessica

    I’ve only been a stash buyer a couple times and realized it’s a bad idea for me. The yarn is still sitting in a drawer three years later. Therefore, I am a project buyer which still leaves me with a drawer full of yarn for unfinished or unstarted projects to look forward to!

  • Machie

    I am a stash buyer. I live close to some chain stores, but FAR away from a local yarn shop. When I get to one I go crazy. I try to estimate how much I will need and then buy 1 more. I love to feel fine yarn.

  • Leslie

    I used to be a stash buyer. I would go to auctions and my hand would automatically jump into the air on any yarn or thread that was being shown! The bad thing about that was there was never enough of any one thing to actually do a project. So I have gotten rid of all the auction thread/yarn and only buy as needed at the store for projects. Auctions are a dangerous place for crafters!!! lolol

  • S.Vieira

    I’m a project purchaser. I love to find new patterns that challenge me. I haven’t been crocheting or knitting long. I find it rewarding and relaxing. Sv

  • Shannon

    I am definitely a project buyer … going to the store with the project and color list in hand. Then, at the store, I get the intended yarn plus bunches of extra skeins in case I come across a project I must make in that same “fantastalicious” color!