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June 22nd, 2009

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Did You Knit In Public?

June 19th, 2009

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Last weekend was part 1 of World Wide Knit In Public Day.  If you participated, tell us where you knitted and what the scene was like.  This weekend is the final weekend of the event.  If it’s still raining where you are, remember there’s always your local Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, or mall.  Share the time and place here and maybe you’ll find some people to join you!

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More Famous Men Knitting: Cary Grant

June 19th, 2009

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After posting the wonderful picture of FDR knitting I have been on the hunt to find more pictures of other famous men knitting. I find it very inspiring to see men knitting and crocheting because unfortunately it isn’t something you see very often. During my research I came across another great picture of one of the great actors of all time, Cary Grant, knitting. This photograph was taken during the filming of the movie Mr. Lucky. I love how this picture illustrates his intensity for the craft. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the last one.

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Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along: Final Post!

June 18th, 2009

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Hi Everyone!  It’s been fun knitting with you these past few weeks!  Time really flies!

Today’s post is my last, and will focus on the second round of increases, casting off, and sharing an FO (finished object in knit-speak)!  My FO is a little bit lopsided, since I added about 10 stitches to only one sleeve (so that I could show you how that looks), but I still think it looks awesome and will actually wear it!  (You can’t even tell that one sleeve is about an inch wider!)

Increase round 2 is performed much like increase round 1.  It just brings us back to k1 p1 ribbing. You simply work a M1P (Click here for a video for M1, but instead of knitting the bar between the stitch just knit and the next stitch on the needle, you’d purl it.) between the two knit stitches in every wide rib between the sleeve markers.

Then, for the finale, we switch to seed stitch (also called moss stitch in the UK) and work a few rounds, then cast off. I recommend casting off in stitch pattern (if you are supposed to purl, purl, then pass the cast-off loop over, and vice versa if you’re supposed to knit.) Click here for a video. This will create a more elastic cast-off edge.  I also recommend casting off with a needle size that’s 2 sizes (1 whole mm) larger than the needle you used for the rib…so…use your “body” needle to cast off.  I cast off my shrug a few rows early, your seed stitch border will be a few rows wider than mine.

When your shrug comes off the needle, the seed stich border may seem a little bit wavy.  You’ll just want to lightly steam this edge, so that it will lay flat. If you find that your edging seems too loose (this may be the case if you’ve added a large number of stitches at the under arm) your best bet is to mist the ribbing lightly with water and stretch it lengthwise. Let it dry like this, and it will be tighter and less floppy.

In my photos, I’m wearing my shrug pinned at the front to show what this looks like, since we’ve had a few questions about adding a button.  If you want to add a buttonhole to the front edge, a good point to do that is in the first few rows of the seed stitch border.  You could just do a “yo k2tog” which will make a small hole.

Here’s the back.  My husband took the photo and didn’t tell me that the collar wasn’t lying exactly flat…but you get the idea! :)  I could block this so that the back is flat, but I like the ribs that the Textured Stripe pattern creates, so I’ll probably leave it like this.

This has been a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to see all of your FO shots in our Flickr Group! Or share them with us in the Customer Gallery (like this one from Mary Jo).

Look out later this summer for our charity KAL/CAL!

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Celebrate Independence Day with BK4K!

June 17th, 2009

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BK4K (By Kids, For Kids) is our monthly kids’ newsletter that’s perfect for kids and the adults that craft with them, from parents and grandparents to teachers and scout leaders.

Summer is officially in full swing, so celebrate with cook-outs, picnics, and pool parties! This month’s BK4K is all about celebrating Independence Day and other summer holidays with fun crafts for parties. Set your party table with patriotic place cards and knitted napkin rings.

Want to make party favors for your next barbecue? Make crocheted Summer Magnets to match the food that you’re serving for a great gift your friends will love to use.

For more great kid-friendly ideas each month, subscribe to BK4K. If you already have a Lion Brand account, you can simply add it by clicking on “My LBY“, and selecting it under “My Subscriptions.”

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