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Archive for October 19th, 2009

Christmas Crafting with Spirit

October 19th, 2009

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My mother is the type of person who wants to have all of her Christmas presents purchased before October. She has recently gotten back into crocheting after a 20+ year break from it, so she’s excited to learn everything I can tell her about stitches, fibers, and all things yarn-related. While talking to her on the phone, I mentioned our newest yarn, Hometown USA. Her thoughts immediately went to her almost finished Christmas list.

“Do you have Pittsburgh Steelers colors? I want to make my sister a striped scarf.” I recommended that she try Pittsburgh Yellow with Oakland Black. “How about Cleveland Browns colors? You could make your cousin Bryan a hat.” I quickly suggested Cleveland Brown and Syracuse Orange. Now I have to send her the yarn so that she can finish all of her Christmas crafting.