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Archive for November 4th, 2009

Studio Window Scarves: Will & Michelle Share Their Scarves

November 4th, 2009

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At the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, we’ve been making scarves for the Partnership for the Homeless, an organization here in NYC, as well as collecting scarf & hat donations from local yarncrafters. We’re having so much fun knitting and crocheting for charity in our window, we thought we’d share some of our patterns.  Each one of us gets to make whatever we want.  Sometimes we use the StitchFinder, and sometimes we make it up. In the next few weeks we’ll share some of the staff’s scarves.

Each one of our window scarves is one ball of Vanna’s Choice, but you can make a longer scarf by using two balls. The recommended needle size for this yarn is US9 and the hook size is J-10, but as always, adjust up or down depending on the feel if your own fabric and your tension. With all of the scarves, you would bind off when you have yarn about 4 times the width of the scarf left. Then just weave in the ends, and you have a great scarf!

Will’s Garter Stitch (shown in Antique Rose):

CO 24 stitches
Knit every row

Will’s Crochet Scarf (show in dusty blue)

Ch 21
Row 1 – 3: Sc across row.
Row 4: Dc across row.
repeat all 4 rows

Michelle’s Basketweave Scarf (shown in Taupe Mist)

CO 24.
Row 1: *K4, P4* repeat from * to end of row.
Row 2 – 6: Knit the knits and purl the purls.
Row 7: *P4, K4* repeat from * to end of row.
Row 8 – 12: Knit the knits, and purl the purls.
Repeat rows 1-12.

Michelle’s V-Stitch Scarf (shown in Dusty Rose)

Ch 21.
Row 1: Dc into 6th ch from hook, ch1, dc into same ch *sk 2 ch, (dc, ch1, dc) into the same ch.  Rep from * 4 times.  dc into last ch.
Row 2: Ch 3, turn.  (dc, ch 1, dc) into each ch 1 space (5 times total).  dc into the top of the turning ch of the row below.
Repeat Row 2 to desired length.

Are you in the NYC area? To find out more about how you can help us by donating knit & crochet hats and scarves, please click here.

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