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Milk + Knitting = Comfort

November 17th, 2009

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I love advertisements that feature knitting or crocheting, and this Canadian milk campaign is so fun and innovative! The website features a milk-drinking woman who has covered her house in all things knitted, from her phone to her cat. Take time away from knitting to try their virtual knitting game! Quebec residents can even enter for a chance to win computers and video game consoles.

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  • Christie

    There are great corresponding “knit” billboards all over the metro here (in Montreal) as well! It’s great! They are held in the same plastic cases as posters, but they look to be made of yarn and say, “lait.. source naturelle de rĂ©confort”!

  • teresa lamorte

    Loads of fun, even though I’m a crocheter, not a knitter. I appreciate the opportunity to knit a virtual garment. Also, it’s nice to see the “needle arts” portayed in and advertising campaigne.

  • Liz Johnson

    What kind of knitting is that woman in the video doing where she moves her entire hand and does not even seem to touch the right hand needle? I guess I’m just a newbie not to know. Thanks.

    Jess says: She’s knitting English style, which means she’s throwing the yarn with her right hand. The video cuts out the part where she actually moves the needle.