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Does Knitting Or Crocheting Make You Better? New Contest!

January 8th, 2010

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This blog post inspired me to think about how to make 2010 a great year.  It’s by friends at a company called Daily Grommet, that finds and shares information about extraordinary products.  They feature a book called Better Because Of You.  The book reminds us that small things can make a difference, that gratitude is an important practice, and that we need to remember our core values in the midst of active days.

So, taking a “page” from their post, we’re running a contest.  Comment below and finish one of these two sentences:

Knitting makes me better because. . . .


Crocheting makes me better because. . .

We will select our favorite by January 15th at 3:00 p.m. e.s.t.  The winner will receive a $35 gift certificate toward any products on our website to be shipped to an address in the United States.

There is no purchase required and the contest is open to anyone age 18 or over, except employees of Lion Brand Yarn Company and their immediate relatives.

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  • Melissa Garrison

    Knitting makes me better by providing me with an outlet for positive and affirming nonverbal expression. As a person with Asperger’s Syndrome–a high-functioning form of autism–I find that I often struggle to express my feelings to others: particularly love and gratitude, the two feelings that merit disclosure most urgently. As a result, I experience a great deal of social anxiety–which, unfortunately, only serves to heighten the sensory discomfort and other physical agitations common to autistic disorders. Knitting functions for me as a positive nervous-system stimulant, which provides me with a focal point for concentration and helps to ease my social and sensory anxiety: more importantly, knitting provides me with a way to produce individualized and heartfelt gifts for the people I care about, helping me to tangibly express the love and gratitude I find it so very difficult to communicate in words.

  • Barbara Hickman

    I learned to crochet in high school. When my grandchildren ask me to make something ‘special’ for them, my heart ‘pounds’ a bit harder. Actually, when they were younger, each one of them asked me to ‘teach’ them to ‘…do what you do grandms’. Crocheting allows me to create, experiment with stitches/patterns, to produce a unique and useful, and most importantly, loved, article. Every new ‘project’ allows me to find the ‘perfect’ yarn in the ‘best’ color for the receipient. I’ve sell many children’s sweaters, dresses, and tops. That experience is ‘so special’…to know that my work is sought after and special requests are filled. I LOVE to crochet, and will continue to expand my knowledge and experience with it. In fact, I love all crafts, but find that crocheting is the most relaxing/rewarding ‘craft’ I have ever done. Give it try…you won’t be sorry.

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  • Sharon

    I too crochet for relaxation, but it also helps my carpal tunnel. I type for a living and my carpal tunnel gets bad sometimes, and crocheting seems to alleviate the pain.

  • Karen Olson

    Getting back into knitting brought me to a peaceful, meditative place which helped me get through the sudden death of my 41 year old son and helped me to remain a meaningful part of my family and friends lives. It kept me grounded, gave me purpose and instilled the spark of hope.

    Through this process, I have met many new friends and have been able to give handmade gifts to loved ones as well as to others unknown through charitable knitting.

    Thank you Lion Brand for the “Incredible” ribbon yarn as it stopped me in my tracks when wandering the local craft store. It piqued my interest and became my first project as a reborn knitter.

  • Veronica

    They make me better because they relax.

  • CHo Meir

    I enjoy the craft through happy times and bad, it’s spiritual, meditative and relaxing. But in the course of a day, those days when the work is unpleasant or long, when people are unkind or when the news is bad and you feel a little warped, I can take out a hook and some yarn in a crowd of commuters or sit on a bench in the park or in a coffee shop and quickly quiet my mind. Even the people around me are affected. The conversation becomes one of common interest and fond remembrances of grandmas and their afghans. I have met my best friends through this addictive hobby, have learned new knowledge and new interests beyond the yarn, people and ideas I can keep for a lifetime. Now can’t see my life without yarn in my hands, but then again, can say the same thing about my cats ~;o)

  • Charlene

    Knitting and crocheting totally relax me. They are the most therapeutic things in the world for me to do when I have had a hectic or stressful day. They are just as good as getting into a nice, hot tub of water, after a totally hectic day! Then, there’s the fact that knitting and crocheting allow me to be a blessing to others (i.e. preemie babies, or cancer patients, or gifts to family members). Occasionally I will add something spectacular to my own wardrobe or household! Right now, for instance, I am making new dishclothes for my home. They are so much better than the store-bought ones! So, knitting and crocheting are a plus all across the board, for me.

  • Mary Gill

    Knitting and chrochet make me feel better, because it is one of my ways of relaxing. Sometimes I sit outside in the sun with it for an hour, and other times I keep my fingers busy whilst in front of the TV.
    I am a very productive person and I enjoy experimenting with new patterns, and using up old wool.. I also feel that I am making good use of my spare time. I once tried to mimmick an older sister who would Knit(Aran)whilst having her breakfast, reading a book, and her pattern at the same time which would be propped up in front of her.

  • DonnaB

    Knitting (and crocheting) make me a better person in so many different ways. The act of knitting is calming, it allows me to engage my creativity, make garments for myself, my family and others. It engages my brain and helps keep it active, learning new skills and patterns. It keeps my arthritic fingers active. I can make unique gifts for others in an inexpensive fashion (my thrifty New England heritage kicking in there). Knitting, in this instance, blocks for Warm Up America, allows me to do for others, even if I have no idea where those blocks will end up. For those reasons and so many more, knitting and crocheting do make me a better person.

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  • Olena

    Crocheting makes me better because it makes people smile when I give them handmade gifts, makes them surprised, and makes them say, “But you’re so young!” (I’m 23 =))

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  • Shawna Tripp

    knitting makes me better because, each stitch I take reminds me that each moment I spend with my family is so precious and the stitches help to cherish even the smallest moments. Just as I cherish every stitch I take is so precious as part of the whole sweater, hot pad or afghan that I make!