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Does Knitting Or Crocheting Make You Better? New Contest!

January 8th, 2010

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This blog post inspired me to think about how to make 2010 a great year.  It’s by friends at a company called Daily Grommet, that finds and shares information about extraordinary products.  They feature a book called Better Because Of You.  The book reminds us that small things can make a difference, that gratitude is an important practice, and that we need to remember our core values in the midst of active days.

So, taking a “page” from their post, we’re running a contest.  Comment below and finish one of these two sentences:

Knitting makes me better because. . . .


Crocheting makes me better because. . .

We will select our favorite by January 15th at 3:00 p.m. e.s.t.  The winner will receive a $35 gift certificate toward any products on our website to be shipped to an address in the United States.

There is no purchase required and the contest is open to anyone age 18 or over, except employees of Lion Brand Yarn Company and their immediate relatives.

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  • Susan Ross

    Knitting AND crocheting make me a better person because I make many items to be given as gifts – so there is a double joy – one in the making, the second in the gifting.

    I enjoy yarn crafting so much, it calms me down when I’m nervous, it keeps me occupied throughout the day (now that I’m medically retired), I always have something to look forward to – new yarn, new project, the way the colors work out as I’m crafting, designing simple patterns of my own. It causes me to grow as I customize designs or sizes in patterns created by others. I also have taught all me nieces and one grandson to knit and/or crochet. It also helps keep me connected with others as I am often a “go-to” person for people with knitting/crocheting problems and questions.

    Oh yes, my little obsession is a really good one to have!

  • Ann Corbett

    Knitting makes me better because (1) it is great therapy for me, having lived through a major clinical depression, (2) it satisfies my need to be creative, (3) it keeps my hands occupied while I spend time with my five year old grandson who lives with me and tests my sanity sometimes, (4) it allows me to make warm and loving gifts from the heart for my loved ones, (5) sitting still and enjoying the rhythm of knitting row after row keeps me calm which is good for my blood pressure, (6) it gives me the joy of helping children learn this craft. I could go on and on…and on!

  • Jessica

    Knitting and crocheting makes me better, I realized when my 3-year-old baby was diagnosed with leukemia this summer. I sat in the corner of the hospital room learning to knit quietly hoping to be invisible so to avoid nurses and visitors questioning me or trying to make polite conversation. On the contrary (and suprisingly!) it sparked MORE questions and conversations. Nurses wanted to know what I was working on and came close to inspect my progress. It became an ice-breaker and though many, many tears were shed, I found that I did need others support and having that knit project in my hands gave me a reason to connect with people when I much rather would’ve crawled under the bed and disappeared.

  • A. L. Erickson

    Knitting makes me better because before I knew how to knit, I didn’t contribute much at all to my family. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. Now that I have begun to knit, I am giving back to my family in a huge way. I am clothing their backs, entertaining the children with toys, and providing necessary home items (dish cloths, bags, etc.). Giving them items made with love. And that makes both them and me very happy.

  • Betts Tucker

    Crochet made me better and has given me the sense of accomplishment . I’m self taught and learned while recovery from surgery in the late ’90s. Knowing how to make some lovely doilies and now wearable gifts for family and friends is one way of my love to always be with them. I enjoy being creative and have many swatches I’ve made over the past 30 years. Recently for both our girls, I made them unique Day of the Dead scarves for their October birthdays. I’ve learn so much and of the three pastimes I enjoy, crocheting is and will always be number one.

  • Lilita

    I love knitting because it gave me back the use of my left hand, the joy and the confidence in myself.
    I learned to knit from my mom, and when I retired I loved to knit for my two grandchildren who proudly wear them, but in 2003 I got the Shingles damaging the nervous of my left hand, I could hardly move my fingers, could not handle anything and the pain was unbearable and lasted for many months.
    I was told that I must use the left hand trying to do what I enjoyed most. I started to knit. Every stitch was painful and difficult, but I push and push, very slow but I did it.
    Now, I do not knit as good as before, but I do. My hand recuperated its movements almost completely and that is why I can say:

  • Lilita

    I’m sorry if I changed: “Knitting makes me better”, for I Love Knitting; but really, “Knitting made me better”

  • andrea

    Crocheting makes me better because it is one of the things that I can control in my life. It is a great way to ease my anxiety. I was just recently taught by a friend & found such a sense of accomplishment when I see the finished product. I plan on continuing making the hats, scarves that I love to make & donate them. That gives me such great joy knowing that it may be a nice gift.

  • Laurel Raymond

    Crochet makes me better both mentally and physically. Mentally it provides me with stress relief. It is calming and almost meditative in the repetitive nature of the stitching. It also contributes to making me better physically. Four years ago I had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Since then I have had numerous complications, the treatments for which often include a requirement to rest. Crochet is the perfect activity for ‘resting’ as it keeps my hands and mind busy, it is a creative outlet and it is fulfilling to produce something that someone will appreciate. I love to crochet while listening to music or to an audio book. I taught myself to crochet post transplant and have concentrated mostly on chemo caps, amigurumi animals and small, quick to complete items for charities. These projects have mostly been crocheted freestyle. I’m ready now to move on to following a pattern; a cardigan for my daughter.

  • qrious

    Knitting makes me better because I am a more confident, joyful, and loving person when I knit.

  • Tammy

    Knitting makes me better for many reasons: creativity, gifting, and the joy of learning new skills. But my favorite aspect of it is how it slows me down to a human pace and connects me with needlwomen of the past.

  • Danielle

    Knitting makes me better because it has been one of the many small changes I have made in my life to fight depression. I have always had trouble finishing what I start and in turn, would be very hard on myself. With knitting, I have been able to give myself reasonable goals and complete them! While knitting, I am able to continually be encouraged by watching the project unfold and become something beautiful. You could almost say that knitting has had a part in saving my life.
    And, I just love that you can make just about anything from two simple tools such as needs and yarn!

  • Penny Englerth

    Knitting makes me better because it is a way for me to serve others. I make prayer shawls for individuals who are facing various challenges in their lives. This year, I also made some scarves and hats for the “mitten tree” at Christmas time. (I knit on a loom so I don’t make mittens!)Knitting for these ministries is fulfilling and the process is relaxing for me, too.

  • Carolfaith

    Knitting makes me better because it connects me with family and friends. I recently visited with some family in Kansas City MO, who I only get to see once a year. Therefore I really don’t get to know the children who grow up so fast. During my visit this year I was able to knit rugs for Loren’s new doll house, a blanket for Abby’s favorite doll and fingerless mitts for Landon. Now they have something to remember me by. I was thrilled when Loren (5 years) asked if I would teach her to knit.
    Of course I will when she is a little older. Knitting Gave us closeness we might not have developed, a point of contact between generation.
    Anything that dose that makes me a better person!

  • Mary Beth Nicklaus

    Crochet makes me a better person, because I have learned to finish things that I start.. no matter what it is. The end result of my projects have become so inspiring that it motives me to create a sort of “crochet philosophy” for my life. Enough so that I think I could write a book on it!

  • Starr

    Crocheting makes me better because of the peace it instills in me, allowing my heart to refill with love to return to the community and the patients I care fore.
    Crocheting makes me better because I learned patience, giving, creativity, inspiration, and to communicate without language.
    Crocheting makes me better because it makes the world better.

  • Judy Riddell

    Crochet makes me better because it helps take the focus off daily problems and on to making something beautiful for others. I take great delight in seeing the joy on family and friend’s faces when presented with a gift made just for them. When crocheting for others it helps me strive to be better in my craft and therefore focusing less on myself.

  • Suzanne Edwards

    Knitting helps me relax and keeps me from snacking. As long as my hands are busy I am content.

  • Deb Cox

    Knitting and crocheting makes me better because of what I can make for others in need. It brings joy to both of us. I cherish it because of who taught me when I was but a child. I am grateful.

  • Ellie Rosen

    Knitting makes me better because:
    it makes me feel good about myself when I make hats for the homeless and chemotherapy patients;
    it helps me show my love for my friends through my knitted gifts of afghans, shawls, hats and toys;
    it offers a friend a little warmth and kindness through a prayer shawl, made after the death of her son;
    it helps me be green by using plarn and yarns together to make great shopping bags, backpacks, and wine bags;
    it keeps my fingers busy and so away from the refrigerator door!

  • Nima

    Crochet makes me better…It keep my mind and hands busy and the out put is a beautiful creation…that makes me happy…and if i gift it to someone it makes them happy….

  • Sandy Reinecke

    Crochet and knitting make me better because it connects me, like so many others
    To my family
    From my grandmother who taught me
    Through my gifts to them
    And to future family who want to learn the craft
    To my friends
    In the form of endless hand-made presents, some for no reason at all
    To other knitters and crocheters
    Through conversations about all things yarn and project
    In our efforts to cloth, pamper, and care for those in need
    Whom I’d have never met without knowing how to knit and crochet
    In a yarn shop
    At church
    At a yarn convention
    Most I’ll never meet
    Through various charity efforts across the globe
    To those in need
    Of a hat and mittens
    Of a washcloth for their face
    Of a blanket for warmth
    Of sometimes nothing more than a simple “I’m thinking of you”
    But mostly to myself in the form of
    Endless creativity
    A little less stress
    A little less thinking of myself, and more of others
    Warmer hands
    And of course, a warmer heart.

  • Deb Hallen

    Crocheting makes me better because I can say ‘I love and value you’ without saying a word. It is all intricately woven into the thread or yarn of the gift I have given to you dear and beloved friend (or family)!

  • Mary Hunt

    Crocheting makes me better; how fun it is to make and give homemade gifts to family, friends, and volunteer organizations. I crochet 6X9 rectangles for the Handmade Afghan Project which is a volunteer group that makes and distributes homemade afghans to our wounded warriers. Giving away crochet gifts is my way of saying “Thank You”, “I love you”, “You are special to me”, and that just makes me feel so good inside.

  • Dusty Hunt

    Knitting makes me better because it provides a safe haven for my mind, a virtual refuge, a calm spot in the center of whatever storm may be brewing around me, and gives me the mental space to sort things out.

  • Andrea Wulff

    I love everything about working with yarn. Knitting can be very intense and keep my mind occupied or it can be “mindless” and relax me. My projects make me feel productive and creative . When I give someone something I made it feels like I am giving my love with it.

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="100000625215030">Mary Smith</fb:name>

    Crocheting makes me better because it allows me to make handmade gifts for my friends and family that they really appreciate.

  • Sunshine L.

    Knitting makes me better because it provides something for me to do to keep my hands busy.While waiting for my mom to complete her dialysis treatments I’m usually found in the lobby ( in colder weather ) working on my latest project.I have inspirired other knitters and a few crocheters to pick up their needles and hooks again.It’s nice to share my projects with others ( including some of the patients ).We swap stories of past projects and give each other ideas for new projects too.This is time well spent giving me a greater opportunity to do charity knitting.

  • Robin Corddry

    Knitting makes me better because it allows me to connect with others and knit thoughts and prayers into each article I make for them. It allows me to relax and relieves the accumulated stresses of the day

  • Melissa Chattaraj

    Knitting makes me better because it does several things for me all at the same time: knitting allows me to express my creativity and attention to detail, keep my hands busy during otherwise idle time (like during long road trips or when watching television), gives me gratification because I’ve made progress or learned something new, and when it’s all finished I have something that I can give away with love. What is better than that? <3

  • Arlene Kuchcik

    Knitting makes me feel better because I enjoy it -it’s as simple as that! It’s good for my hands because I have arthritis so by knititng I exercise my hands and my brain, it keeps me busy so I’m never bored, it’s great fun and I’m so excited when I see what a lovely thing I’ve made. When I give a knitted article to someone as a gift or contribution (about 90% of what I make), they are so appreciative. It makes me feel good that I made someone happy. It’s also so portable. I take it where ever I go. I’ve been knitting for about 60 years. I teach it and have made some very good friends and I feel so good when they are happy because of what they’ve made – because I taught them how to do it.

  • Sheri

    Knitting makes me better because it gives me a point of calm in a world of chaos. I am allowed to share that calm in the items that I share with others and with the friends I teach to knit.

  • Suzanne Gwynne

    Crochet and knitting make me better because I use my brain to figure out patterns and changes to patterns, I sit still for a little while and focus only the work in my hands, and while I work with my hands, I am not eating or watching TV.

  • Carrie Putzier

    Knitting, crocheting and Loom knitting makes me feel better because I have a very stressfull job, and with life so busy, you need something to relax, unwind, and what fun is to make something for someone who really can use it. I have R arthritis since I was 15 years old, I credit doing crocheting to keeping my fingers and hands in tip top shape!

    Thanks for all the newsletters, free patterns and comics and stories!

    Carrie Putzier

  • Joanna

    Crocheting makes me better because I have used my talent to please others, to clothe them, to decorate their homes and my own, to help people, mostly babies, that I have never seen, yet my crocheted blanket or premie hat was made for them. I’ve also pleased myself and enjoyed many hours of creative work while listening to an audio book or enjoying the quiet. I’m so glad I know how to crochet.

  • Renee J

    Crocheting and knitting make me better because I am creating something beautiful with my hands and heart.

  • Patty Beardslee

    Knitting and crocheting makes me better because the simple act of manipulating string calms me, brings joy to my life and to others and provides me a way of giving back.

  • D

    Crocheting makes me better because I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a project, or even just when I’m trying a new pattern. This is a feeling that I don’t get from other aspects in my life, and crocheting gives those feelings back to me.

  • Wendy AB

    Knitting makes me better because is helps me to slow down and appreciate life. After the end of a hectic day when I’m running from the bus to the train to get home knitting helps me to calm down while waiting for my next connection. It is also a nice way to get to know people on my commute home so the whole journey becomes a nice positive event.


    Crocheting makes be better because throughout my life it has continued to be a respite from the trials and tribulations of each day. It brings me peace. It is an outlet for my creativity. It has allowed me to touch many lives through charity blankets for Warm Up America (over a thousand donated ghrough the Walnut, Ca. group). And most of all, to shre the art of crochet with my daughters, so they can also enjoy the peace, creativity and the opportunity to touch others.

  • Diane Salto

    Knitting makes me better because it helps me to appreciate the simple things. In our fast paced society, knitting brings me back to a simpler time. The idea that I take string of yarn and a pair of wooden needles and turn it into something tangible remains novel, no matter how many times I do it.

  • Christine Baszak

    Knitting makes me better – Since beggining to knit again for the first time in many years, I am feeling more whole (if that’s possible) by tapping into my creative side and giving me this stress outlet. I started knitting again because a womens ministry was started at church where we are knitting 8 inch squares to be given to a South African charity for orphans. There they will assemble into blankets for the children. It is a very gratifying experience to know that what I am creating with my humble hands can be warming to another person.

  • Abbie S-D

    Knitting makes me better because it helps to remind me to slow down in life and to make sure that I make time for myself. Being a SAHM of 4 with 3 children below the ages of 3, I rarely have time to myself. I use that time to often reflect on my day it’s also often an opportunity for me to share a special time with the 2 older children as I teach them the craft of knitting. Nothing is more gratifying than the time spent with my children and also seeing a completed project by them that I have taught. I want to thank you for offering such wonderful patterns for free, it definitely helps myself and other families that are on a tighter budget. I look forward to the newsletter every week. Thank you Lion Brand :)

  • Leanna Nye

    Crocheting makes me better because every Sunday, my mother and I have crochet circle with just the two of us. I bring my work and proudly show her what I’ve been working on and we talk and crochet for hours on end! I wouldn’t trade Sundays for a lifetime of free yarn!

  • Monica Ravindran

    Crocheting makes me better because it explores my creativity, discovers my talent, the colors keeps me fresh even if im crocheting at midnight, gives me happiness when i see the beautiful project in paper come live in my hands and a spellbound satisfaction when I see a smile in the face of the person who got this(crocheted project) as a gift from me.

  • Sandra Miller

    Crochet makes me better as a person, calms me, and give me a purpose. As I discovered this past week with no (absolutely none, zelch, helpme) time to crochet, as it is now Friday, and I have only looked at it and not stitched one stitched, how much I totally miss it. Crocheting completes my day. I can’t wait to get home and sit down and crochet. My fingers actually itch wanting to work. I feel such accomplishment when I finish a project, learn a new stitch or am able to give away work. This past week as really strengthened my love for crocheting.

  • Debora Soule

    Knitting makes me better because of connection — conneting with my commmunity of knitters, sharing our interests and sharing new skills, connecting with my family as I customize a special gift, and connecting with myself to be in the moment, to feel the rthym of the stitches and of my own breathe.

  • VictoriaStarrAllen

    Crocheting makes me better because I have a finished product when I am done unlike the laundry and meals for seven which are never ending tasks. As a homeschooling mom of five kids I rarely see immediate results in the lives that I am investing, but knitting or crochet work leave me with a sense of accomplishment where I can truly say “I did it, and I’m done!” Then I can give it away for someone else to enjoy.

  • BobbieSue Hill

    Knitting and crochet make me a better person in many ways. It feeds a spirit of giving. In our society it is easy to become very “self” focused. But, when I see a knitting pattern or yarn, my first thoughts are of whom I could make something for. It also promotes patience. If I’m going to be waiting somewhere- doctors office, ballet class etc, I bring along a knit/crochet project to pass the time. And, I hope it is making my children better people by teaching them a little self reliance and independence. Showing them that if we can make warm, beautiful things for ourselves and others with just a couple sticks and string, we don’t need to be so reliant on impersonal factories in some other country to provide us with what some designer, that has never met us, thinks is “fashionable”.

  • Amanda Buss

    Knitting makes me better for many reasons. I have a severe panic disorder and my hands shake constantly. When I knit, it achieves several different outcomes and positive results. I become more relaxed, my hands stay busy so I don’t notice the shaking, I have homemade gifts for family and friends, and additional gifts to donate to local hospitals needing shawls, scarves, beanies, etc, and it allows me to be creative and express myself through different colors and textures. My grandmother taught me and, when they are older, I cannot wait to teach my daughters! For me, knitting is beneficial to my mental health and to my soul!