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Archive for January 12th, 2010

FAQ: Dye Lot Dilemmas

January 12th, 2010

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Q: I ran out of yarn and the store where I purchased it no longer has the same dye lot. If I have to purchase more in a different dye lot, how do I make the color change less noticeable?

A: If you have run out of yarn, try taking a small sample (such as a swatch or a clipping) with you when purchasing additional yarn. Select the yarn that best matches your original yarn. Remember that colors can look very different depending on lighting, so try to view the yarn in both natural and artificial light if possible. Once you have a sufficient amount of yarn, alternate between the different dye lots every two rows. This will make any color change less noticeable.

Remember that the best way to avoid a dye lot dilemma is to check dye lots at the time of purchase and to buy enough for your project AND any samples or gauge swatches that you might want to make before starting. Once you have purchased your yarn, it can be very difficult for the store to go back and match dye lots for you. Please note that is unable to match dye lots from prior purchases.

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