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Announcing Our Winter 2010 Knit-Along!

January 14th, 2010

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Each season we host a knit- or crochet-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. You don’t need anything special, and there’s no need to sign up. Simply work on your sweater and check the Lion Brand Notebook at your leisure for new posts with helpful hints and tips (which come out weekly) and share your comments and progress if you’d like!

A few weeks ago, we asked you to vote for our NEXT project. Well, you voted and the results are finally in!

Announcing our Winter 2010 Knit-Along, featuring the Inishturk Sweater! (Click the photo to see/download the pattern).

Our host Heather’s first blog post will be next Thursday, so gather your supplies (or start thinking about what color and size you might want to make this pattern in) and get ready for this beautiful pattern to become part of your repertoire! Heather will be working on the pattern for the next 6 weeks, but you can work at your own pace.

If you have a blog, add the badge below to show that you’re participating (Right click or Ctrl+click on Macs to save the image to your computer; then upload it to your blog). You can also join our Ravelry group here and our Flickr group here.

In the meantime, leave a comment and introduce yourself! Who are you? Where are you from? Who are you making this sweater for?

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  • Marie

    Hi there….I’m from northeastern PA and this is my first KAL…I just LOVE this pattern and am a little over 11″ into the back using OATMEAL. So far, it’s just gorgeous….

    Found the yarn at our local Michael’s, and it was on sale–great timing! Haven’t knit anything quite this complicated in about 30+ years….my very first attempt at knitting a fishermen sweater was a cardigan made with light grey wool from a sheep farm in NY state. I AM STILL WEARING THAT SWEATER ALMOST DAILY 34 YEARS LATER, and it still looks like new…unbelievable!!

    Anyway, a friend has loaned to me a “magnetic” board to hold the directions (this board came with two narrow magnetic strips to place under each line), and it has made the project even more of a pleasure.

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  • Lucy Mc

    Whew! Got the back done last night. Since I am making this for my husband who is a very big man it felt like a baby blanket. Am getting ready to cast on stitches for the front today!

  • Vina

    I am going to do thie KAL but I am going to have to start later. I am to the final 6 rounds of the previous KAL the fourth one actually I made one for myself, sold one did another with out the Texture and sending to my daughter and this next to last one for a while will be for my sons girlfriend doing it in cotton, the others were done in Vannas Choice and Wool Ease I love both and will be making another in Wool Ease in the Blue Mist love that yarn and the color it is so nice to work with and washes up and is so soft and comfortable. So as soon as I finish this Textured Schrug from last years KAL I am going to start this one but it is so helpful to be able to read about the different tricks and tips for Knitting I have only Knit a few things before this last KAL But have truely enjoyed it. Well I will get in on this and can’t wait to try my hand at the cables. I have always thought they were beautiful but looked so difficult. I have Crocheted since I was 5 about 43 years or so and have only recently gotten the knitting bug and find I really love to do both but don’t have enough arms… oh to be and octopus with eight arms! only one eye but Well I get off subject but will be starting this project by the weekend. thanks to everyones wonderful posts on technique!

  • Louise

    Hi, I’m from Michigan and am using this as I recuperate from back surgery. I need to be careful with the pattern and have pretty much got it down for all but the two larger sets. Looking good right now. I’m making it in a soft orange,so not a traditional color, but looks great anyway!

  • Tina Sanders

    Is it to late to join? I would love to do this but just found the KAL on Ravelry.

    Zontee says: Hi Tina, never too late to join!

  • Kandy

    Too hard for me and like some of the other gals – I am slow with the knitting and would fall behind the others.

  • Bonita Mahan

    When is the next Knit-Along?

    Zontee says: Hi Bonita, we’ll have some special video knit-alongs with Knitting Daily TV this summer, but for a regular knit-along, look for a new one in the fall.

  • Ritugn

    Are you planning to have a Knit-along this winter? I was hoping to see some voting, etc. for project selection. Do let us know. Ritu

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ritugn, perfect timing — check back next week for a new vote!