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Quick Poll: Where Do You Craft?

May 14th, 2010

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We’ve heard great stories about crafting at home and on the go. Where’s your favorite place to knit or crochet?

Personally, I love to craft on the train to and from work. It’s great to be productive during my downtime, and it’s so fun to chat with other knitters and crocheters I meet on the train.

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  • Dee

    i crochet on the couch beside my husband in the eve’s while he watches his science shows. it keeps us in the same room but i dont have to totally pay attention to his shows!

  • Callie

    I like to crochet and knit whenever I get the chance. More than not I am at home, but if I am out and have a long wait then I will pull out a small project. I’ve done it in class while watching a movie.

  • Allie

    Mostly, I knit on my couch in the living room while watching a movie/TV show on DVD. Occasionally I take my knitting to class (it depends on what is occurring in class and how lenient the teacher is). And also to the library on study days for study breaks.

    I almost always have a project in my bag when I leave the house, so knitting in the car on long trips happens. I’ve been known to sit in our Books-a-Million and knit while my fiancee looked around at books. As much as I love books and browsing, sometimes knitting wins my attention more.

    I cannot wait to finish school and us get our own house. I hope to have an extra room and turn it into a crafting room, full of yarn and fabric and anything else that catches my fancy.

  • Marilena

    I am like many of the others listed here…I find that I enjoy crocheting about any time! In the car on a long (3 hour or more)drive to visit family, sitting on the couch next to my hubby while we watch our favorite shows, or waiting in the dr’s office. I find it’s also a good deterrent from mindless snacking! LOL πŸ˜€ If I read I can still snack, if I crochet I have to have my hands busy and concentrate on my stitches!

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1378809613">Margaret Wolfer</fb:name>

    I have a short attention span for most things, an a passion for all things crafting, but I’ve been crocheting since I was 8, so by far that’s the longest, and most long-lived, of my crafting abilities. I mostly work on projects at home (usually on the couch because I have the most room there), but if I know I’m going to be out somewhere and waiting for a long time, I’ll take a crochet project with me and work on it. People often look at me confused (mostly I take Granny Square projects) because I don’t always look at my work when I’m working, and they don’t understand how I can get anything accomplished that way. lol

  • Diana

    I bought a big hobo bag so I can carry my knitting or crochet with me everywhere I go. My husband and I live way out in the country so it’s always a long car ride to anywhere we need to go. I love working on a project while listening to him talk. He gets irritated when I pull out what I’m working on while we wait for movies to start at the theater. Anytime I have to sit and wait quietly I pull out a project.

  • Susan S

    Usually in front of the TV in the evenings. But smaller projects, anywhere (especially in the car on a trip).

  • Brenda

    I knit almost everyday, usually while my 2 year old is wrecking the house. I usually have deadlines for my work, so it has to get done. Also, we visit my in-laws every weekend and I get bored to death there, so I try to remember to bring whatever I am working on.

  • Kristine M.

    I knit wherever & whenever I can. I’ve knit in bars, on trains, at rock concerts, at knitting stores, in a parade, even right before my wedding! My favorite places are at home and at my LYS.

  • Barb Darwin

    I knit and crochet anywhere I can! I do so while watching TV, riding in a car sitting outside or riding the bus.

  • Debbie Laukala

    I knit every place I go Doctors offices, in the car (husband is the driver) standing in line, even on walks I`m knitting. I also knit at home mostly in my bedroom, but I have knit while soaking in the bath tub, what can I say some people read in the tub I knit

  • Joni

    ANYWHERE I can!!! You can find me at the doctor’s office to the airport with a crochet needle and some yarn! I never leave home without it!!!!

  • Jo Ann Eby

    Sometimes I crochet in my livingroom or sitting on my porch swing on nice days. Many times I crochet in our pick up while waiting for my husband to come out of the casino ! Hospitals and DR. offices are good places too. I taught my son to crochet too and we have had many bonding hours in my living room crocheting and creating.

  • Vanessa

    Gosh I knit at my Doctors Office when I go,car trips, Living room when it is family TV time, I knit at my friends house when we meet up, I knit camping out( thats way fun), I knit all over the place lol.I even took my knitting with me to my sleep study and I knitted about an hour before going to sleep lol.

  • Tara

    In front of the TV, mostly. Keeps me from snacking too much. Also in the car on long trips. Back when I had a public-transit commute, I’d knit on the bus or train, but now that I have an 8-minute walk to work, there’s no time for that! I’ve also been known to knit while walking …

  • Cindy

    I knit or crochet anytime I have to wait or ride in the car (even if it is 10 minutes away!) plus I knit or crochet when watching TV or relaxing in the evening.

  • Paul

    I knit or crochet during church services, committee meetings or while enjoying a coffee at the coffee shop. The activities helps me focus or just to free my mind from outside distractions and toughts.

  • Shannon

    Well I crochet everywhere. But favorite is when the weather is nice and I can crochet while my kids play in the backyard!

  • Jeannette

    I knit, embroider and bead on my couch watching TV with my hubby. But I also take my knitting or embroidery with me to my two Book Clubs and get a lot done while talking about books!

  • meg

    In the car after walking the dogs, I keep a project or three with me for those small moments when I am waiting. It kept me very calm the day the dentist ran late……

  • Sheila

    We have a crocheting group at the local library – and of course I crochet at home while watching tv.

  • Catherine

    Finding time to crochet can be challenging while running a full-time online business and raising 3 children. I try to use up any extra time I can get my hands on!

    I look forward to doctor’s appointments and other waiting times just so I can crochet! I also sneak in a bit of stitching when attending any of my kid’s hockey games or watching them play outside. During the warmer months, I may bring something to sit on and stitch while waiting for the school bus to arrive and if there is any energy left in me by the end of the day, I love to curl up on the couch with my hook and yarn with the television on.

  • Ginny in Indy

    I crochet in my upstairs “project room” usually in the afternoon. I listen to books on CD while I crochet. I call this my “Books and Hooks” time. My favorite time of the day.

  • Jenn L

    To Wanda (comment 121) – have the student sit in front of you and do exactly what *they* see. I suspect it will be easier for them to understand it that way than to try and mirror image it in their heads before execution.

  • Beverly Neely

    I love to crochet r knit when watching TV r at a dctors office waiting to be seen, really just abut any place when I have free time or I am wating fr something or someone.

  • Rebecca

    Anywhere and everywhere!! When I went to school I would bring my projects to class. Now I do a lot of crocheting/knitting at home and during church. I bring my projects practically everywhere with me and work on them when I have down time ^_^

  • Susan

    On the sofa while watching television.
    At the orthodontist’s office while waiting for my children to get their braces checked.
    In the truck on a trip.
    In a lawn chair while my husband fishes.
    Those are my top four favorite places to crochet.

  • Stacie

    I knit in the car, on the plane, by the pool, on the couch, or in bed. I also take my knitting bag with me when I visit the Dr. and other appointments in case I have waiting time. As a mother of two young kids, I try to squeeze it in when ever I can πŸ˜‰

  • Judith Gellerstein

    I crochet while waiting for the bus, while watching baseball (both little league and major league), while sitting the car as a passenger for any length of time, while waiting at the doctor’s office. Basically, anywhere I can.

  • Nan

    I do my crocheting and knitting while watching television and that is the only place that I do it. I can remember attending town meetings in New Hampshire, and many of the participants would knit throughout the meeting.

  • JOyce

    I usually do all my crafting at home but I also take them on vacation, camping, while waiting at doctors offices, anywhere when there is extra time. I have numerous things started and each one is in its own tote bag so depending on where I am going will decide which tote bag I will grab to take with me. I find it relaxing, and very satisfying.

  • sharon kellett

    I like to knit or crochet while i am watching tv, i also take it with me if my hubby goes fishing so he can enjoy fishing while i enjoy crafting.

  • Iris

    I knit wherever I find a spare moment. At home. In the car (if I’m not driving). Waiting for my order in a restaurant. Waiting in lines. Waiting at airports. Waiting at the doctor’s office. I always have a project in my purse. The larger projects are at home by my chair.

  • Cheryl

    I crochet practically anywhere: in planes, trains, automobiles, on vacation, or waiting in doctor’s offices. Especially on the bus or train, it’s a real conversation piece. I usually find people staring while I work and when they ask, “What are you knitting?” I tell them I’m CROCHETING a sweater, scarf, doily, whatever. If it’s portable, I’m taking it with me… I rarely leave home without a project!

  • Melody Cain

    I crochet and knit everywhere. Usually, I keep a small motif project in my bag to pull out whenever the mood strikes me. It is a great time filler while waiting for food in a restaurant, standing in line, and when my mind strays in an educational program keeping my hands busy helps to increase my focus.

  • Bree

    I crochet a lot at home, but love Monday nights, because I get to meet with a bunch of AWESOME ladies at the local public library and we all catch up on each other’s stories from the weeks. We are the Knifty Neddlers :)

  • karen

    I crochet or knit just about anywhere. Inside, outside, in a chair, standing up, in meetings, in classes, in bed, in the car, at the kids games, while watching tv. I love to sit in my rocker whether it be inside or outside and crochet or knit. I will walk around with a project going in my hands.

  • Alicia

    I crochet every place I am able to take my crochet bag along with me! When I have to wait, or I need to relax, I don’t like to sit completely idle with nothing meaningful in my hands to create, or to read or think about, or to study in nature. Time is too precious and there’s too much fun to be had to just sit and not create. Life is especially good when your hands are crafting for the joy and comfort of someone else ~ making them feel that they matter in this life. It is a special feeling to know that someone else thought of you with every stitch they created?

  • Elizabeth

    Everywhere! I take projects baby afghan size or smaller or parts of projects with me always. I’m almost always asked what I’m making either knitting or crocheting. I’ll also work on projects while watching something, take them outside, to the pool (great for those 10-15 minute breaks), and if I’m really desprate for my children to leave me alone in bed.

  • Lisa

    I love to crochet at home during mine & hubby’s 30 minutes of downtime, but better than that is on roadtrips!! He drives & I crochet! It is wonderfully satisfying to get so much done!

  • Wendy Goldner

    My knitting and crocheting go everywhere. In the car, at home, on the bus, at church meetings, at the library where I wait for the computer to load up or download files. If there is a place for waiting the work comes out.

  • Barbette Mylar

    I knit while my husband is driving. Also, while watching tv.

  • Tammy Davis

    I always have a basket with my knitting handy. For years, while my girls were in school, I took it along to basketball games,swim and track meets, and waiting in school parking lots until the bus from away games arrived. I take it to auctions, and knit steadily until The item I’m interested in comes up for bid; why waste a moment? I can finish a sock or even a pair at a day-long country auction. My husband’s truck broke down on a short trip one time; we ended up spending an hour in a repair station until a loaner vehicle could be arranged – thank goodness I had my knitting basket!!

  • Ardis

    I knit and/or crochet with a group of friends, “stitch and bitch” who come together weekly at a local coffee shop. We have the best time talking, knitting and helping each other with various projects. I’ve learned a lot from them. I also knit or crochet waiting in Dr.’s offices and when it is my husband’s turn to drive on long drives as well as while watching my favorite TV series a couple of nights a week.

  • Paula Eeds

    I knit whenever and wherever I can! Commuting to/from work, lunch and break times, at home while watching TV or movies and try to do a 1/2 before bed to relax me.

  • Jeri

    At night when everyone is watching TV and when I have to go for an appointment that will require waiting time.

  • Jennifer Owen

    I crochet in the car, in front of TV, @ meetings — will be doing so at our Synod Assembly here in a few weeks…..outside on the deck…

  • Rhonda

    I work 24 hour shifts as a nurse on a Medevac helicopter. When we aren’t flying and have some downtime, I take out my crochet! I always have a project that I am working on in the car.

  • Lindsay

    I like to crochet on my couch, watching TV. My favorite show is Gilmore Girls, even if I’m only watching reruns!

  • Cheryl L

    I can crochet in a car, I can crochet at a bar. I crochet sitting by the pool, I crochet waiting at the school. Crochet goes with me to the doc, crochet goes with me ’round the clock. I crochet everywhere I am, I love these little threads of lamb.