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Quick Poll: Where Do You Craft?

May 14th, 2010

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We’ve heard great stories about crafting at home and on the go. Where’s your favorite place to knit or crochet?

Personally, I love to craft on the train to and from work. It’s great to be productive during my downtime, and it’s so fun to chat with other knitters and crocheters I meet on the train.

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  • Martha

    Anywhere & everywhere I can! In the bed, doctor offices, watching tv, you name it!

  • jan

    I knit at home in front of the tv

  • Diane

    I crochet on long car/train/plane trips and I knit at home. Usually I knit more complicated patterns so I need room for my magnetic holder, paper/pen stitch holders etc. etc. I usually crochet strip afghans to use up my stash and raffle them for a charity. I have a difficult time holding a knitted afghan as they get too heavy so doing strips is easier in the car and faster too.

  • Nell

    I love knitting while watching Fox news. I have a super recliner in the living room and get comfy there with the dog and we spend hours either knitting or crocheting. I love Lion Brand for my Chemo caps . Daughter is Hospice nurse and many of her patients need a bright cap. I love the Simply Soft.

  • Melanie

    I take my knitting everywhere I go I always say – “Have knitting needles will travel” (lol).

  • Monique

    I knit where ever I can. I usually carry my projects with me in the car. If I have to wait, I can knit.

  • Deb O

    At home, knitting and crochet happens in the living room. I also take projects with me everywhere these days – I can knit and crochet in the car (not while driving), in my local Dunkin Donuts, the university student center (I find a quiet couch and I’m good to go), and with two different knitting groups when I can that meet at different coffee shops.

  • Portia Mason

    I knit at home, bus, train or car, and even at church.



  • Phyllis Sinclair

    By the computer in front of the TV is where I usually am sitting to knit or crochet. Always have a project I can do in meetings, too. I look forward to the days I volunteer in the hospital waiting room, because I can knit or crochet all day without feeling guilty.

  • Donna

    I knit during the winter sitting on the couch in front of my favorite shows in the evening!

  • Sharon

    We do a lot of driving between LA and AZ – I pass the hours in the car knitting or crocheting – makes the miles go by a bit faster.

  • Sarah

    With two little ones, I usually get to knit and crochet only in the evening and watching tv. 😉

  • Denise

    Usually on the couch while watching t.v. but I occasionally take my knitting with me to work.

  • melva

    I mostly crochet in my bedroom while my husband watches TV and when I pick up my son from school. I get to the school early and crochet while I wait.

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1245860672">Joanna Elizabeth Pfaff</fb:name>

    I mostly crochet at home, but I also get a lot of crocheting done at church during the service.

  • Joan

    My favorite place to knit is on my sectional surrounded by all my dogs.

  • Gwen Crandell

    I knit and crochet anywhere I can. I make my husband drive when we go anywhere so I can do it. My Mom is in a nursing home, so when I go there I knit or crochet. I also take it with me to the movies, doctor’s office, bus trips, plane trips. I usually take something to knit and crochet so when I get bored with one, I switch to the other. I switch back and forth often.

  • Julie

    EVERYWHERE! :-) At work on my breaks mostly, sometimes at the car dealership waiting for my oil change, while visiting with the in-laws, any time I can sneak it in since I don’t have alot of free time to just sit on the couch and craft.

  • Judy Irwin

    I knit and crochet every evening while watching my hubbys old movies collections. Keeps my hands busy and my eyes from dosing off!

  • Sue Cedarholm

    I knit on the plane when traveling or just at home watching a good movie!

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1583871315">Debbie Anders</fb:name>

    Anywhere I get a chance – I always have a project going, & whenever I have some down-time (watching TV, waiting in line, at parties, at meetings when permitted)it comes out & I work on it :)

  • Glenna Boyette

    I have a wonderful comfy chair-and-a-half in my family room that’s loaded with pillows. I love to nest into the pillows and knit. Having just become unemployed, I now have more time to indulge, so I’m making dish cloths with Lion Brand Cotton. Best of all is when my cats join me and cuddle while I’m working on my projects. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  • Ana Bailey

    Always have a bag w/crochet to do while in the waiting room of a doctor…husband spends a lot of time and you know how waiting there goes…

  • Renee Hoskins

    I knit on the bus, train, in the car, at home and when my husband gambles at the casino. I have had many a comment and even some offers to purchase what I am making, but I only make gifts.

  • Shelley Prasad

    I knit almost anywhere! , On the bus on the train in the Dr.’s office. I just came back from Australia so I knit on planes, trains,
    trams and ferries. I knit with a group every Friday at a coffee shop. At home I have my own corner in the family room so I don’t miss anything that is going on.

  • Melissa Adams

    If my husband is watching tv, then I like to knit on the sofa next to him. If my husband is driving around in the car running errands, then I like to knit in the passenger’s seat. If my husband is eating or reading at the dinner table then I like to knit in the chair next to him. If my husband is in the office working on the computer, then I like to knit in a recliner behind him. If my husband is in bed, then I will knit tomorrow.

  • Joan Apthorp

    I knit any time I don’t have anything else to do with my hands! My knitting goes with me on public transport, and to the supermarket (in case of long queues). And I knit when listening to the radio, talking to my husband &/or friends, or in waiting-rooms. I tend to have at least one “bus knitting” (no concentration required, portable) project on the go as well as any serious large-and-demanding project I may be working on. Sometimes I spin with my spindle instead.

  • Betsy

    Absolutely anywhere I can ~ kids’ soccer games, waiting at the doctor’s office, in the car ~ haven’t done it in church or at weddings or funerals… Yet.

  • Samira

    I’m a college student and I crochet in class! I’ve never had a professor complain. In fact my philosophy teacher said she used to knit in class.

  • Liz

    At home on the sofa, while watching TV. On transport: planes, ferries, car. At the beach. While waiting at the doctors, queuing at the airport, the supermarket. Anywhere where I sit long enough to whip out my crochet from my handbag.

  • cristine

    i love to knit. crochet, or tat in the evening after dinner sitting in bed next to my sweetheart wile he reads or naps after dinner.

  • Pam

    Since my studio is a converted bedroom I do my crafts there.

  • Pam Spilsbury

    I knit in the living room in the winter….I know basically boring. In the summertime, in the backyard in my favorite chaise lounge or in any chair at the camper as long as it’s outside.

  • Wendy Williams

    My absolute favorite place to knit is at my local YMCA in my karate outfit with my black belt waiting for class to start. I get the most wonderful comments and it’s deliciously ironic. But the statement I love the most about it is that I can do ANYTHING.


  • Elisabeth Price

    I only started knitting in the car in my old age – when I was younger I would have been car sick. But I just knitted half a sock in about a hundred miles. I love that sock yarn! Have also knitted an alligator scarf while in the car. Really cool! You can knit anywhere, especially in a stuck elevator. Calms the nerves!

  • Jennifer Meeker

    I love to crochet while watching movies in the evenings. I use smaller projects to get me through time in the doctors’ office waiting rooms. I have been using a great deal of Homespun after finding some on sale. This yarn makes such nice afghans and the colors are beautiful. I also used it for some Prayer shawls for Christmas.

  • sarcastic

    I enjoy knitting alone in the attic and sewing in the quiet

  • Sharon

    I get allergy shots every other week and must wait for 30 minutes before I can leave. I always bring my crochet with me to help the time go faster.

    I setup and run video for my church on a regular basis. After everything is setup I stay while the band rehearses so I know when to forward slides or start short videos. Most Sundays I need to stay next to the computer during our pastor’s sermon so I crochet. I listen to the message 3 times and usually end up finishing quite a few rows of my latest project.

  • Suzanne

    I am just learning to crochet, so I have to pay a little closer attention. I like to crochet while watching baseball in the evenings. Because of baseball’s slower pace, I can keep up with the game while still keeping my eyes mostly on my project. Go Braves!

  • L Cooper

    Everywhere…I always look like I’m running away from home because I carry a bag and my purse and sometimes my laptop to work. I usually keep one to two projects going at a time and will have about 4 different yarns with me. I found a pencil case for 98 cents that is the perfect size for my hooks and I keep my needles in scissors in a Altoid tin inside the case. I’m just trying to figure out what I can take on my business trip without it being taken by security. I HAVE to have a project with me when I go.

  • Jules Hojnowski

    At roller derby practices, movies and plays with my light up needles and when I am waiting at the car repair places or aerobics classes when my husband teaches and I don’t want to workout in his class :)
    anyplace I have to wait, I always have a tote bag with a project, and it gives me a good story to tell people when I pull it out :)

  • Maeve

    I crochet while watching “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” each night. Before school got out last week I was seriously contemplating bringing a project with me to work on in Biology. We had finished the standards that Alabama required and we had about an hour of free time every day.

  • Jeannie

    i like to crochet while my mom is driving ( i’m 10)and in my bedroom usually i stay up late and listen to my boombox crocheting. :p

  • Wm Villarreal

    Thanks for posting this great read. See my very own!

  • Alisha

    At home, at my grandmothers while visiting and talking, Anywhere really. I was knitting the other day in Halcyon Yarns. I am lucky enough to live close by.

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