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July 15th, 2010

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We have never failed to be amazed at the creativity of our readers.  We were so impressed with your entries for our Father’s Day Lola caption contest and you seemed to enjoy participating, so here’s another chance to win some free yarn from the Lion Brand web site.

This contest is for writing a yarn or craft-related Haiku.  For those of you who have an idea about what a Haiku is but haven’t had an opportunity to write one since middle school, here’s a reminder.  A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry.  For the purpose of this contest, we will follow the most common rule of writing Haiku:  three lines with the first line having 5 syllables, the second line having 7 syllables, and the third line having 5 syllables. Here’s an example:

Create a Haiku
Send us your entry form now
Dreaming of fiber

Click here to fill out the entry form. Be sure to submit your Haiku by Thursday, July 29th for your chance to win.

PLEASE NOTE that comments left here on the blog will NOT be counted. Please click the link above to submit an entry.

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  • alicia alcon

    You do know that a Haiku is 5/7/5 syallabls AND ABOUT NATURE. Just the syallable count does not a Haiku make.

    Zontee says: Hi Alicia, yes, we’re aware that traditional haikus are about nature; however, it’s also become a popular format for fun poem contests like this one. We want people to have fun with the traditional format and challenge themselves to express themselves in a set number of syllables.

  • C. Eidel

    Want to knit a cat;
    looked through many sources, and
    who would have a rat?

    In all seriousness, I am looking for all knitting patterns for afghans I can find which feature cats. Also, I’ve seen knit blocks with an animal in them which is knit in with the pattern, not using colors, so I’m also dreaming up a cat afghan which would feature several different cat poses and things cats like (birds, fish, balls, mice, etc.) in separate blocks. I’d also like to do a similar afghan for a good friend whose nickname from way back is Rat, and I think the subtle approach with a rat (or large mouse?) patterned square repeated as many times as necessary, or maybe relieved by some squares with a hunk of cheese. I know I’m asking for a lot, but I’m no designer of knitting patterns, so I need all the help I can get!

    Zontee says: Hi C. Eidel, we don’t have any cat/rat afghan block patterns, but perhaps a quick Google search or a search on the yarn community (which has an extensive pattern database) will help you find a source. Another good resource is Lily Chin’s books, Crochet Tips & Tricks and Knitting Tips and Tricks both of which explain how you can create your own charts for knitting or crocheting (or duplicate stitching or cross-stitching) a design out of any photo. Then you could just find a bunch of images you want to use and create your own pattern blocks. Hope that helps!

  • sarah lynn

    I bought some new yarn,
    but I have lost my G hook;
    no poncho today

  • susan pautler

    Can we enter the contest more than once?

    Zontee says: Hi Susan, no, you can’t.

  • Gloria Rognlie

    If your Feeling some stress.
    Pick up those stick,find some yarn,
    Needles poised, have a good day.

  • Leona Bixby

    Pick up a penny
    Save it for a rainy day
    Get more yarn to play

  • Leona

    Sorry I thought this was the submission page for the contest.Duh!!!!!!!!

  • Mary A.

    I just entered the contest but just noticed I made a mistake on the second line–too many syllables and the program won’t let me back in to change! The second line should read:

    weaving fiber, back and forth

    I hope I still have a chance! Thanks!

  • Linda Rabenstein

    I left a haiku late last week, which was incorrect. I submitted another one today. Please accept the one on 6/19/10. Thanks.

  • Marisa Rios

    I think I submitted my entry. How will I know that the folks at Lion Brand got it?

    Zontee says: Hi Marisa, if you got either the page or the home page, then your entry went through.

  • Malicart

    give us the damn yarn
    results can be optimal
    yes, this is a threat

    😀 Entered on submission page. Fun contest!

  • Hookrat

    Alicia is a
    stickler for traditional
    she’s far too rigid


  • suzanne

    crochet hook in hand
    inspiration drawn from skeins
    bound tight by passion

  • Lindy Winnell

    If Sleeping Beauty had Lion
    No years in time spent plying
    Only shawls and dreamy balls.

  • Patricia McCowan

    I’m amazed at how many people don’t follow instructions. Why are so many writing their entries on the blog page when it’s clearly stated that those will not be counted?
    PLEASE NOTE that comments left here on the blog will NOT be counted. Please click the link above to submit an entry.
    How difficult is that to understand?

  • Malicart

    @ Patricia McCowan:

    Maybe they just want to post their poems for everyone. Its for fun. How difficult is fun to understand?

  • Hookrat

    Uh oh, Patty is here to put an end to the fun. :(

    We’re just having fun with it. Stop being a stick in the mud and think up more haiku to share. :P. It’s fun when you get on a roll.

  • Cheri Stuler

    Thanks for the great newsletters; I love them! I just entered your Haiku contest & right after clicking, I thought of a better word for line 2. I REALLY hope I can make that change…pretty please? What is the best way to do that?
    Thank you,
    Cheri Stuller

    Zontee says: Hi Cheri, sorry, but once you’ve entered, the system doesn’t allow you to go back and change your entry.

  • Mercedes

    Soft, tender, cozy
    Blanky made with lots of love
    Snuggles me to sleep.
    -Mercedes (July 23, 2010)
    *I entered poem already, I know posting it here doesn’t enter it. :) *

  • Denise

    Just wondering when the winners will be announced. Thanks!

  • Lisa Harding

    Taught myself crochet
    Made Lion Brand Yarn Markets Bags
    Xmas gifts for all

  • KatherineR

    You got a Monkey

    When you submitted haiku

    Now you get Lion

  • Martin

    S1 K psso (Ess one, Kay, Passo,)

    P2 C4B P (Pea two, Sea four backward, Pea)

    Cabling my heart

  • Cindy Bankhead

    compose a haiku
    it’s easier than knitting
    ha ha ha I say

  • Robbin/minniemack

    I am so darn glad
    I can sit and knit away
    Zontee must read mail

  • Andrea in Tn

    The people who monitor this must be saints!!! I did not realize how many people are unable to follow simple directions. Thanks for the fun contest!!!

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="571593232">Susie Kosko</fb:name>

    When will the winners be announced? If they have been already, who are they? Where can I read the winning poems?

    Zontee says: Hi Susie, the winners will be announced later this month, and we will post the winners and their poems here on the Lion Brand Notebook ( when they’re announced.

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