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Vote For Your Favorite Yarn Haiku

August 11th, 2010

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On July 15, we announced our very first Haiku contest. Since then, we’ve received an overwhelming response – over 1,500 of you submitted some of the most fun to read Haiku. Our team here at Lion Brand had a ball reading all of your entries and we were able to pick 11 of our favorite Haiku. It wasn’t an easy task.

As we mentioned during the announcement, we need to boil it down to 4 awesome Haiku. This is where you, our dear readers, get to contribute again! We designed this poll (see below) to allow you to pick 3 of your favorite Haiku. Once the poll closes on Aug 25, you can see right here who emerges as our four winners.

Update: Please note that we’ve removed the Haiku with the incorrect word counts. Thanks to those commenters who spotted the oversight for pointing it out.

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  • Jan Kitlinger

    Interesting that the least favorite one is the only true Haiku. It is not just a number of words and rhythm. In a true Haiku the beginning and end are opposites…..

  • Cassandra

    Ditto Rosa!#29
    Such creativity!!

  • Diane G

    I thought they were all WONDERFUL!! Christina’s was terrific and spoke the truth after all the hard work you do!! And Marcia hit it on the head for me!! I always have yarn calling my name out as I go by it!! (as with fabric!!) HA!HA!HA!

  • Christina Papp

    Valerie Yacik’s poem moves me with its peaceful beauty.

    And, along with some other readers, Robyn Krause’s poem made me laugh out loud.

    I enjoyed reading all of them. Thank you!