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Win a Copy of “Loom Knitting Socks” AND a Ball of Sock-Ease!

August 16th, 2010

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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner of this giveaway is Denise, comment #136, who will get a copy of Loom Knitting Socks PLUS a ball of Marshmallow Sock-Ease!

Here at Lion Brand, we love socks! (In fact, if you listen to tomorrow’s episode of YarnCraft, our radio-style podcast, you’ll hear from many different members of the staff here who talk about their favorite types of projects, which often include socks.) Not only do we love socks, but we also love all the different ways to make socks!

Whether you knit, crochet, or loom knit, making socks is within your reach! For loom knitters who want to explore the world of sock-knitting, we’ll be giving away a copy of Loom Knitting Socks by Isela Phelps, who has written several books about the art of loom knitting, courtesy of St. Martin’s Griffin. In addition, the winner will ALSO get a ball of Sock-Ease in their choice of color.

So how do you win this great prize?

Just leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you love making socks or want to try! And don’t forget to tell us which color of Sock-Ease you want!

One randomly selected winner will be chosen this Friday, 12 pm EDT. Good luck!

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  • Chris

    I want to learn to loom knit and socks seems like a good way to start!

  • Austin

    i wish i could knit, cuz there arent that many sock patterns for crocheters, i would love to learn to loom knit, i am always open to new skills

  • julia coleman

    It’s about time I try socks…the cotton candy is my cup of tea..thank you for the opportunity

  • Doris Sorensen

    Loom socks, what is that? I like learning new skills. Loom socks seems like something I’d like to try. New skill, plus socks. Great!

  • Charity

    I love to make socks because they’re an easy way to try out a new technique! As for what color of Sock Ease I’d want, I think the Cotton Candy colorway is really pretty!

  • mary

    Socks look hard and I have a bunch of looms so this giveaway seems the perfect opportunity.

    I think I would try out the Toffee colored yarn!

  • Pat Kolesinski

    Socks are great and if I start now, I can make a few Christmas gifts (hope I do it right)!! Of course, the warmest socks of all would be made out of Red Hots Sock Ease yarn. Can’t wait to try.

  • Debbie

    I would like to learn to knit socks.

  • milai

    I taught myself to knit last Fall. I can’t wait to knit a pair of socks! They seem difficult. bit I’m ready for a challenge. Thanks for the chance. :)

  • Meghan

    I love making socks because even non-knitters understand and appreciate them as a gift!

  • Debra

    I love to knit socks on double pointed needles. I have not tried them on a loom yet. Might be interesting. I have been knitting socks for many, many years and I knit at least a dozen pair each year. My family and friends really appreciate receiving them. We live in north central Maine and it’s Cold here in the winter. I also always have a knitting bag in my vehicle so when we are traveling or I have an appointment, I can knit while waiting. One day my husband was having a procedure done at a hospital and while I was waiting, I was knitting a pair of socks(with Magic Stripes yarn-the best sock yarn ever! I cried when it was discontinued) and I dozed off. when the nurses woke me up, they said I was rocking away, snoring and knitting the whole time!-no mistakes, either. They all took turns coming in to watch me. They thought it very funny and cool that someone could knit while sleeping. I was just a little embarassed that I was snoring!

    If I win I would love to have a skein of “Taffy” Sock Ease yarn. Kudos for all your wonderful yarns. Love them!!

  • Sara Wutzke

    I love to make socks because while they’re a relatively simple project, they can be made fairly complex and people are ALWAYS impressed with the end result (unless you made some pretty big mistakes ;)) I love the RedHots, but really, I’d take any of them !

  • Sue

    I love to make socks because they are so portable, useful, and make terrific gifts. Also, toe-up socks are wonderful because they are so easy to customize to one’s foot. No need to get bored with socks because of the choices, anklets, standard, knee high, slipper socks, or a huge sock for a Christmas stocking. The possibilities are endless. I’d like to try one of the new sock-ease solids and a spiffy design.

  • Josiane Morgenstern

    I would love to learn to make socks and your book might be very helpfull. I will be happy to receive a skein of Sock Ease in any color.
    Thank you fot offering a chance to win.

  • Karen in Texas

    What size loom? How many stitches around? Would love to tackle this one!

  • Jean Gross

    My 14-year-old son has Asperger’s Syndrome and we were discussing it the other day. He thinks that I also have AS. I asked him if I had any repetitive actions. His reply was priceless – “Yes, knitting.” While we may share some AS qualities, I think knitting may be more of an addiction. He loves the socks that I knit for him as they are generally less stretchy than store-bought socks and he finds that feeling on his feet comforting.
    Socks are also a great way to try out new lace patterns without having to do a large project. Even if I don’t end up liking the pattern, I still have something that was a challenge and, often, a lovely gift!

  • Gail Szumylo

    I, at the advanced ageof almost 68, have never made socks! It’s on my bucket list, though, so i should try soon! And winning would help me along.

  • Ruthann Yeaton

    I love making socks because wearing them tickles my toes; you can use one skein of your favorite yarn — or try something new (like sock ease) and have a wonderful spot of “yarn play” with your needles, the yarn, and your favorite chair. It is an “inexpensive” indulgence, making socks. And because making them is addicting, you always have the exact perfect gift!

  • Peg Chisarick

    I’m looking forward to learning how to knit socks – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I think I’d like to start off with a pair of ‘taffy sock ease’.

  • Lea Ogozelec

    Just knit my first pair of socks last winter with the yarn topped off with a inch of Fun Fur for my daughter who was raised in a suburb of Atlanta and now has a great job…but, is freezing to death…in Overland Park, Kansas. The Fun Fur top will never be seen since the socks will be worn under boots, but I thought it might brighten a cold, blustery day!
    I would love to try more socks via the book giveaway in the Toffee shade of Sock-Ease!

  • Stephanie

    Loom Kitting socks sounds like fun. Red Hot looks like a great color. I will make socks for my son and his wife, they live in a 125 year old house and the floors are very cold.

  • Carmen

    I’m just a beginning knitter, but socks look like they would be so fun to make – just complex enough to be challenging, but a small enough project to finish in a small amount of time. It’s hard to figure out if I’d rather try one-color socks in Marshmallow or striped in Rock Candy.

  • Lisa Nowels

    I love to make socks but haven’t tried making them with a loom. I would just love to try it. Handmade socks feel the best on. Cotton Candy is my favorite color in the Sock Ease yarn.

    Keep stitching!


  • johanna

    I would love to explore knitting socks on the loom with my 2 young nieces who knitted their first Christmas gifts for their parents on their looms last year–the look of pride and delight on their faces on Christmas morning is something that I would like to see again this year. They would love the “cotton candy.”

  • Deborah

    My 19 year old daughter is due to give birth in less than a month. She asked me to knit her a pair of socks. It’s something she can wear during the delivery. It’s my way that I can be there with her in case I don’t make it to the hospital.

    The socks are black with pink skulls.

  • Stacey

    I started making socks for my now 2.5 year old daughter last winter because they are quick and easy. She loves her socks and I am jealous, I would like to try a pair for myself. Plus I never win anything. So pick me and send me the color “red hot” since red is my favorite color.

  • Linda Kring

    I have wanted to knit socks for a long time. I have made 2 attempts but need a lot more practice. The loom knitting looks like a fun way to make them. I can’t wait to wear a pair and be able to say, I made them myself. (I love YarnCraft podcasts.)
    If I win I’d love to have a skein of Red Hots.

  • Laurie DeNeve-Ewing

    I love making socks because they are a great take with project. People love getting home made socks and they keep your feet warm. I would love to learn how to make a pair on the loom.

  • Karen S

    Pick me! Pick me!

    I’m not very good at socks with needles, so I’d love to learn another method. My 5 year old daughter has also expressed interest in knitting, and this may be a good way for me to get her started!

    I’d love to make a pair in “red hot”

  • sue lumpkins

    love knitting socks have not tried loom knitting and am always looking for new ways to knit. Sounds intriguing. any color in blue

  • Jenny Orchard

    Have always wanted to get into socks and this sounds interesting. Always love learning a new skill!

  • Denise Royal

    have tried crochet socks so as I love to loom I would love to try loomed socks and of course test the yarn….

  • Amy Gurka

    Socks rock!!!! I just finished my first pair about a month ago and have as a result worked through a serious case of knitter’s shame with their completion. They ain’t pretty, but they’re finished and they are mine. Even with their imperfection, they still feel amazing on my feet and I wear them to bed when I need a little extra warmth.

    What I would love now is another chance to perfect my ability with a new technique. These would be for my 4-year-old daughter. Lollipop pink is a perfect princess color for her to brighten up a long, cold Wisconsin winter.

  • Julie M

    Sour Ball color would make a great pair of socks. :) Loom knitting for socks, very interesting….I love knitting socks, this sounds like a challenge.

  • Edna Grace

    I love the ease and immediate gratification of loom knitting, but all I’ve every really made on my looms are hats. I’d love to learn how to make socks on a loom! I’ve tried to knit socks on needles once, but I couldn’t get past the first one to finish the pair :( If I had this book, I’d be whipping out socks in no time…or maybe even by Christmas-time! I love all the Sock-Ease colors, so surprise me!

  • Natasha

    I love the Root Beer and Toffee colors. I’m so ready for Fall and new knitting projects. I’ve never used a loom before but I would love to learn!

  • Carol

    I learned to knit socks last year and they’ve since become my favorite thing to knit. Besides being portable projects and making great gifts, they are the most comforting thing to wear on cold nasty days. I live on the east end of Long Island and our winters can be cold and damp. There’s nothing like a thick soft pair of hand knit socks to make you feel warm and cozy.

    If I win I’d love to make a pair in Taffy or Red Hots.

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="100000168706357">Sherrie Montgomery</fb:name>

    Would love to try the loom, and get more experience with socks. I am actually already getting started for the holidys.

  • daphne phelps

    my grandmother made socks and mittens and afgans… just about anything that could be handmade, she did… she taught me how to knit when i was seven (a left-handed gramma teaching a right-handed grandkid), and im now trying to catch up to her in making things.. .i made my first pair of mittens last winter and am hoping to try socks this winter… now that she’s gone, everytime i knit i think of her, and it makes me smile ;).
    oh, and i like any shade of purple the best

  • Lauri

    I LOVE loom knitting! I didn’t know you can make actual SOCKS on them! Of course, socks made out of Cotton Candy would ROCK!!

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="100001409933640">Dayna Whitehead</fb:name>

    I injured my back in the army and am now totally disabled. I knew how to crochet, but wanted to learn how to knit for the sole reason of making socks. I taught myself a few years ago through books and Knitty Gritty on DIY channel. It keeps me from being bored out of my gourd. I don’t have a favorite color, but rather COLORS. They are Lollipop, Grape Soda, Circus Peanut and Marshmallow. I’ve made a whole wardrobe of socks so far and the aloe coating in it makes it so much easier to control when I’m using size 1 and size 0 needles.

  • Andrea in Tn

    I would love to try this way of making socks!!!! Any color is cool with me but I do like reds the best!!!Thanks

  • Debbie

    As a knitting challenged person I’ve learned that loom knitting will give me those same beautiful results that I’ve struggled for years to achieve with traditional style needles. Crochet is great, but the results have been too bulky for wear with shoes. I would absolutely love to have this book and the yarn would be a terrific bonus, too.

  • Vivette Ashen-Brenner

    I really enjoy making socks because they fit my short wide feet in a way that store bought socks never did. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and much more distinctly me than anyone else. I don’t much care for boring colors, so would like anything bright. Didn’t see a color list.

  • Michele CArdoza

    I love knitting, but the only class I ever took was in sock making. I really enjoyed it. My color of choice is Grape.

  • Michele CArdoza

    I love to knit, but the only class I ever took was on making socks. I loved it! My color of choice is Grape.

  • Elaine Lwqia

    Socks are such a great take along project. They can be as simple as you want or as unique as your mind can think of. Would love to try loom socks as I have never heard of making socks this way.

  • Irene

    I’d love to make those socks in TOFFEE for my grandaughter.

  • Devora Baronofsky

    I love to knit and crochet booties, which are actually first socks. They are so cute and little and loved by Moms and babies. I enjoy loom knitting and have made super hats on the knifty knitter. I look foward to trying socks. My color, Taffy.

  • Kim

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m a sock-knitting fool. Tho’ I’ve not heard of loom-knit socks but sure would love to try! Thx for the chance.