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If You Could Only Use One Word. . .

August 26th, 2010

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We love being a part of your lives and your knitting & crochet experiences and it means a lot to us when you share your experience with us.  Today, we are asking you to share with everyone who reads this blog,  what Lion Brand means to you in just one word. What one word comes to mind when you think about Lion Brand?

Fill out the form below to tell us your word, and next week, we’ll show you an image, known as a word cloud that illustrates your answers.

If you’re looking at this post in your blog reader or e-mail and can’t see the form, please click the title of this blog post to view it online with full content.

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  • Barbara Calixto

    I used the word “exciting” because I really get excited when I find a new free pattern to make. Of course there were many other words that came to mind. Thank you for all of the wonderful free patterns that you make available. My crocheting abilities have improved greatly since I have been trying out patterns that I would never have tried if I had to purchase them.

  • Lindsey


  • Sharon Johnson

    I immediately thought of “inspiring” because this yarn has inspired me to tackle patterns and projects I never would have dreamed of!

  • Louise

    It was really hard to pick just one word, but “sensual” says it all for me. From that great texture of Homespun to the incredible beauty of Moonlight Mohair…yeah–sensual. Works for me!

  • Suzie


    That is my one word, but it wouldn’t accept it.

  • TiggerK

    I entered “sharing” because I make a lot of things to give away. I have an ongoing project of making sweaters and hats for refugee children who move to my city, Spokane, Washington. It gets cold here in the winter! I take the sweaters & hats to World Relief, and they give them to kids. It’s very fulfilling!
    I appreciate your free patterns very much!

  • Melinda


  • Melinda

    Okay I said frugal, but I found a better word. Provident. That is what Lion’s Brand is all about.

  • Bonnie


  • Christine

    I said fastinating because everytime I see a new color or a new fiber, it just fastinates me. I love Lion Brand and I am so proud to work with it and wear it and decorate my house with it and gift it!!! It completes a blessed life!!! I wish I could take some Homespun and my hook and needles to heaven with me when I pass on!!!

  • Ruthie

    With Lion Brand Yarn, I’m INSPIRED to knit anything I wish.

  • karol kolasa

    love to crochet
    Grrr was my word, but I really mean,
    yummy (color!!)

  • DeborahP


  • jacki


  • Zola

    It’s just FUN!

  • Andrea Y

    MY word is COMPREHENSIVE. I love that I have a zillion colors and weights from which to choose. I love that LB supplies all types of patterns which continue to enable my crochetting and knitting habit. And I love that when I am stuck on something I can always go to the tutorial section for the RESCUE you provide there. You have encouraged me and the Womens Circle I facilitate to do more for hospital charities because LB prices are more than reasonable. “A day without kniting/crocheting is a day without sunshine.” LB makes that possible for me. Thank you.

  • Vaughnde Edwards

    I Love Lion Brand not only for the patterns but also for the service and the wonderful quality of the yarns. My favorites are Vanna’s Choice, Vanna’s Baby, Vanna’s Glamour and Homespun. I have not used any of the others yet although I plan to in the near future.

  • Dede

    My word is “Conspicuousness” attracts special attention by outstanding qualities.

  • Heather

    I used the word KNITTING because when ever I think of lion brand I think of yarn.

  • MaryLou


  • Iris

    I chose EASY because this is what appeals the most to me in Lion Brand:
    Easy FREE patterns
    Easy on the wallet
    Easy yarn to find
    Easy yarn to knit
    Easy to wear
    Easy website to navigate
    Easy to order online
    Easy to find help with videos

  • Antonia


  • Ginny

    One word that comes immediately to me is: possibilities!

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