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Resolutions for the New Year!

December 30th, 2010

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My favorite thing about a new year is setting new goals for myself.  In 2010 I accomplished some lofty yarncrafting goals: I knit my first sweater(s), learned complicated lace and cable patterns, and added color-work to my repertoire.  For 2011 I want to focus on organizational goals: keeping my stash organized, finishing all my projects, and sticking to my pattern queue.

What are you’re yarncrafting goals for 2011? Will you learn new techniques? Knit or crochet a pattern you’ve been wanting to try? Donate more finished projects to charity? Share your crafty New Year’s resolutions in the comments below.

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  • KristyRecycles

    One of my many resolutions is to make 365 items in 2011. Keep in mind that several small things can be made in a single day.

    • Drmom2001

      Wow, and I thought 1 project a month was extreme! lol!

  • Allison

    i want to finish all of my outstanding crafting projects. I tend to start a lot and then see something else that catches my eye and move over to it. :) So clearing the slate is my goal this year :) That and making a ton of squares to sew together to make blankets for the kids down at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for Christmas 2011!

    • Joanna

      I am like you — I see a yarn and can’t resist buying it and starting the project. Then I see the next yarn and project I can’t resist. I’m awful! So my New Year’s resolution every year is to finish two projects for every new one I start. Kind of an incentive to get moving. And it makes space in my storage for even more new yarn and projects!

    • Rosenorville

      Hello! I think we all can make this resolution. So many projects started, so few completed. Hopefully, I will finish the afghan I started for myself this year.

  • Mel

    One of my resolutions for the New Year is to knit a Fair Isle Sweater for myself and do more charity knitting. .

    • Rosenorville

      I hope to do more charity crocheting this year as well. I must complete my afghan first. Last year I did hats and neck warmers for the soldiers and also hats for chemo patients in our local hospitals. I have plenty of yarn for all.

      • WAyarngal

        Rosenorville, Having been the happy recipient of chemo caps more than once (I have had breast cancer battles for 10 years), I thank you for many hours of work to benefit people you will never meet. It makes me feel not so alone and even cheerful as some of them are pretty outrageous !

  • Knitkids999

    My resolution is to finish undone projects…..not starting new projects….
    and not buying anymore yarns until I finish all my projects!

    • cassel63

      I have the same resolution! I’ve decided to make a list of all the yarns I have and the projects that were planned for them, and try to complete at least one per month for big projects, one per week for little ones (like mittens).

  • Jwicker0404

    I am going to learn how to knit in 2011

  • AMV

    Learn knit increases and decreases, finish my wips!

  • lani353

    My resolution is to learn more finishing skills so my projects look really professional, ie., like someone who knows what they are doing! :)

  • Bare49

    My resolution is to knit one million mittens for charity. I’ve always knit for charity but never in a really organized way. I hope to enlist the help of fellow knitters and I need to develop a system to collect/distribute. Advice and volunteers welcome!

    • cassel63

      What a great idea Bare49 – I would approach your local yarn stores with the idea, give them posters to put up, and enlist them as your collection point. Then develop a web-page of somekind to chart the progress. Perhaps approaching some of the seniors residences (active and assisted) to help – lots of these people have the talent, and doing something for others will keep them active and engaged.

      • Bare49

        Thanks for the advice- I am thinking along those lines. I’m not very computer savvy so web page is kinda scary but I’m going to try to get the word out. I really don’t care if I can track all the mittens, just that they are made – as a random act of kindness. I believe there are enough knitters out there that if each one knit one we would reach a million quickly. I’m trying to do a pair a day

    • heightsknitter


      Count me in on the one million! I could donate a few pairs, mind you you may not want them for they will be my first mits. Let me know, okay?


      • Bare49

        thank you – I’m sure your mittens will be wonderful. this is a simple project – you don’t have to send them to me, just give them away to some one or some group that can use them. I am giving mine to a local children’s clinic, a day care and a school so far. its the kindness that counts not the number but if you want me to keep a tally, just message me with the number

  • Jumasto

    My resolution is to use up all the yarn in my stash, making toys and baby items for donation to the local Children’s Hospital, as well as toys for distribution at Halloween (instead of candy) and for the charity toy collections. I’m also making slippers for a youth organization I belong to.

    • Bren Finn

      I also want to use up my stash, but I need to get it organized first. Full skeins versus partial, wools and other natural fibers vs. the acrylics, etc. Then I’m going to tackle the patterns I have been collecting over the past 10 years!!

      • quilting4fun

        I organized a couple years ago. Worsted yarns in three plastic bins.(One bin was completely full of blue yarn.) other bins for wools, wool mixes, fancy (eyelash, fur), baby, and sport. Then when I wanted to do a project I would just start looking through my bins and get inspiration.


      This is in my line.I decided to clean up my ack,to much wool on hand.I belong to a group that I realize the members don”t have much so I”m going to knit and send.I also have been remembered that I once .k.for sick kids in To.I got sick and let things go I will try to start again sending things as I know for sure they need it the most.beartice Benoit.

  • Sue Walley

    I totally agree with Knitkids999-I have to reduce the stash or move to a bigger house!!

  • Glouise6468

    my resolution is to get my online web page up and running and make a lot of things for everyone to buy.

  • Glouise6468

    my resolution is to get my online web page up and running and make a lot of things for everyone to buy.

  • Glouise6468

    my resolution is to get my online web page up and running and make a lot of things for everyone to buy.

  • Glouise6468

    my resolution is to get my online web page up and running and make a lot of things for everyone to buy.

  • Glouise6468

    my resolution is to get my online web page up and running and make a lot of things for everyone to buy.

  • Elainezirkle

    This year I am going to try lace weight yarn and make something really special.

  • Lfcole

    My first goal is to knit the Tree of Life Afghan. Next I want to use up at least one third of my yarn stash. Then I’d like to learn to make a sweater.

  • Rebecca Joy Watson

    I am so excited about tapestry crochet! I’ve been reading up on it and have just started my first project: a hat worked in three colors. My resolution? I want to pursue in-the-round projects using tapestry crochet, and learn how to design my own patterns.

  • Linda Quick

    MUST learn to make socks, both knitted and crocheted. I know I can do it, but I keep procrastinating. I also want to teach myself entrelac.

    • Grandmacake

      I started to knit my first pair just before we moved – now to find and finish them — I also have a sweater started for my husband – 1 1/2 yrs ago !!

    • Patty

      I learned to crochet socks in 2009. Form what I observed, it seems easier than knitted, especially when you need to rip out! Good luck. My local yarn shop offered an entrelac tunisian bag class that was a great way to learn 2 new techniques.

    • quilting4fun

      knit socks are so luxurious on your feet. It’s all I wear any more. Opal yarn is expensive but makes a great sock. The yarn you can get at Joann’s is less expensive and still feels great on your feet. I use a 12 inch size 2 circular needle and knitting socks is extremely fast.

      • Minnie Pesl

        I really don’t know what it is, but I am sooo afraid to knit socks. My daughter tried to help me and I did one pair of slipper socks. I have knit sweaters, blankets, toy etc., but the socks just blow me away. My hands start to tremble and I get a queasey feeling. Any help from someone out there? Knitminnie

        • Mountain_butterfly

          One of my goals for the year is to make socks. I’m a crocheter, but I bought a sock loom to knit the socks on. That might work for you too. Good Luck.

      • BEATRICE

        yes i knit mind as well.i hate to spent money on things i know i can do for takes time but its nice to be able to say i did it.i hate to darn socks so i rip out and start over.i had one pair of socks that lasted four years.i just riped out and added when i had poor socks i finally had to let me cheap i guess but i grow up in the 40’s.

      • WAyarngal

        quilting4fun, Thanks for the tip! I too would like to learn to turn a heel this year. In our climate we wear a lot of socks and the teens need them for hiking boots.

    • Hfarrell2

      Hi Linda, I’m a 66 year old grandmother and i just learned to knit a few years ago, my goal this past year was to learn to knit socks and I did! It’s sooo much easier than I thought.I watched the “Lion Brand” YouTube on how to knit socks and it was great. There are four parts and watched them over and over. My first pair was with double pointed needles and it was easy, my last pair I made with two circular needles and I love both. Good luck!

    • Tammy R

      I absolutely love to knit socks and it’s not nearly as hard as it looks! However, before you start keep in mind that it highly addictive!

  • Dcox

    My goal is to find a project that will allow me to use up the many” Leftovers” I have accumilated over the last year.

    • Memory

      I used up all my scraps by crocheting an afgan! It turned out really cool. I just made squares with the leftover yarn. I call it my “crazy blanket!” Just about every time someone sees it on my bed, they compliment it! :)

    • quilting4fun

      the more colors the better. I have made a few giant granny square afghans trying to use up all my “leftovers”. The ones with a wide variety of colors are really stunning.

    • Bare49

      maybe you can contribute to my million mitten goal – no need to do anything except use some leftovers to knit up a pair or two of mittens and donate them to any local group you choose. I figure if every reader knit just one pair we’d reach a million in no time – please pass it on

  • tif

    i just want to make more stuff. it seems like homework and other things get in the way.

  • Mbsp

    In 2010 I taught myself double stranded knitting, how to knit estonia lace and studied more of the Scandanavian knitting techniques. I am always trying to expand my abilities and don’t give up on the first try. Speaking of that, I attempted a pair of socks that are lace over the knee that is an expert pattern which turned out “OK” but I am not happy with them so I will rip out and do it again until they are perfect. That’s the best thing about knitting, you can always rip it out and start again without wasting your yarn! My goals for this year are to learn at least three more techniques that I currently don’t know how to do.

  • FoxFire

    Taking my husband’s advice, I am knitting less quantity and more quality. That means less “scrap yarn scarves” and more beautiful, classy clothing. I am also going to balance out knitting for me with knitting for a few great charities (Socks for Soldiers comes to mind). This way, I don’t end up with a bunch of things my family don’t need, and I get to enjoy a few of my own knitted items!

  • Karen

    I’m going to work on the afghan my step-son selected when I offered to make him an afghan. It’s intarsia knitting which I know very little about. Never tried it. But, I did tell him to pick his favorite pattern from the many on Lion Brand’s website! So I have no one to blame. I think I’m going to make a pillow first to try and get the hang of it. His project comes up this year.

  • Laura

    I’m with you Lindsey, my resolution for 2011 is also to improve all of my organization of my stash and knitting tools. I also plan to make my first project for myself…slippers, after spending all of my years of knitting making gifts and items for others.

  • Tammy

    I am going to teach my first beginner’s knitting class starting in January here on Cape Cod. Nervous… bet, but if 1 or 2 catch on I’ll feel on top of the world.
    Next I have 2 sweaters to finish….1 is a lace sweater for my 6mo old granddaughter while the other is for….me! Finishing an entire sweater for myself will be a first. I usually knit for others.
    Lastly I want to learn Entrelac and also how to knit socks on 3 needles. Not a big list but plently to do. There are also my wips to finish……a knitters work is just never done!

    • Connie Baggett

      I wish I lived close to you Tammy. Where I live I cannot find anyone to teach me to knit (I know the basics of knit and purl but not how to make anything). I am a fairly good croceter but all I really know how to do is afghans and scarves. I want to improve on both so that I can make sweaters and other clothing. I am trying to teach myself how to knit socks. We don’t even have a yarn store here to tell me where to look for teachers. Any suggestions?

      cb5162 (Connie)

  • Romana

    I want to finish the sweater I started 2 years ago that was interrupted by a fall and dislocated elbow. Also, I want to learn intartia knitting.

  • Shirley

    Doing a pair of socks a month and doing a different stitch with each pair.
    Also trying to de stash


      yes i was hopeing about the same but i can’t promise myself as my mind jumps all over.anyway will see.

  • Gamma22

    Because I anticipate moving to a nursing home within the next couple of years, I need to reduce my stash. My goal is to knit up as many afghans as I can to donate to shelters for abused women.

    • Patty

      You are a kind person to be helping others. My you have many more years of crafting. Thank you for sharing your talents.

    • June

      Start a knitting circle at the nursing home. My mother is in a nursing home and an activity like this is a great social time.

      • BEATRICE

        good idea.i help others to learn to knit in my group.both men and women.

    • knitminnie

      You have so much to offer. When you don’t change your residence, you will be happier to take your craft with you. You will inspire others living there. I work in a long term care facility and there is a lady there that sews beautifully. She is so happy and pleasant and such a joy.

  • Fonziedog1

    I’d like to learn to make knitted I-cords and attempt cables.

    • Hapi2Run

      I’m still a beginning knitter. I thought i-cords would be difficult to learn but soon found that they were so quick and easy I chose more projects that included them. So dive right in!

  • Suestoutnh

    This year I want to try knitting some lace projects like scarves and gloves…maybe some in silk blends…and try tunisian crochet In 2010, I dove into crocheting and knitting doll clothes,boucle hats, crazy helmets inspired by video games, designing scarves, fingerless mitts, mobius scarves and a cabled afghan. There aren’t enough days !!!

  • Ennadoolf

    Funny, I just blogged about my new year’s resolutions today – and yes they are crafty! lol for my short list. :)

  • Doobee60

    To lean Bavarian crochet and to try making Monk’s cloth afghans for my southern relatives

  • KnitWit

    My goal for 2011 is to enjoy every minute I’m able to knit–several years ago when I was suffering from “chemo-brain” I couldn’t knit at all, not for about five years. These past couple of years I’ve knitted gifts for just about everyone I know and a hospice group as well. So may I never run out of friends to knit for, and always have a beautiful yarn on hand for the “next” project. And while we’re making resolutions, might as well include knitting more socks for mySelf.

  • Donna

    2011 Yarn Resolutions – This year I am planning to learn to knit. I crochet quite well, but there are so many beautiful patterns and items knitted, I have decided to learn a new skill this year! I also plan to make all of our adult gifts this year – crochet, knit, paper crafts, clay, sewing – it’s a large endeavor but I am going to achieve these two goals! If anyone has an idea of what a good, first knitted project would would be, I’d love to hear it.
    Happy New Year to all! It’s up to us to make our new year a successful one!

    • Sarah

      I have taught a few people how to knit, and I always start them on a ribbed hat on double pointed needles. It teaches knit, purl, decreasing, and handling dpn’s. For some it has been challenging, but when they finish it, they are ready to tackle any knitting project!

    • Charlotte

      When I learned to knit (third grade), I started with a mug rug. Just a five-inch square with one-inch fringes on two edges. It was a fairly simple project that didn’t discourage me. I just started using double pointed needles and find them very frustrating! Not something I would recommend as a first project.

  • LMarshall

    My goal for 2011 is to finish a number of knitted items that have been lying in their project bags waiting patiently. I want to create and stick to a monthly list of goals for new projects…especially those for friends and the church bazaar in November. I also want to leap into projects that require learning new skills with the same abandon I used to as a beginner.

  • Dancing_jensen

    I want to follow through on my charity donations this year. For years I find a charity or two I want to give to, maybe even make up an item or two, then never get them out. This year I’d like to get the projects to people who need them!

  • Lynne

    I intend to crochet a sweater for myself. It will be the first sweater I’ve made. I also plan to make a circular afghan for my oldest granddaughter. It will be the first afghan I’ve ever made. After that I will make a zip front sweater for my fiance. It’s tunisian crochet which I’ve never tried. So this year will be about making items I’ve never tried before.

  • Ruthey1954

    I plan to find a pattern for knitting a sweater “in the round” and making one. I had a pattern for an Icelandic sweater many years ago that was knitted from the bottom up. I would like to try one that is from the top down in the round. Does anyone know of a pattern like that?

    • Aessenmacher

      You need to check your library for a book by Cathy Carron called Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down. Its the best!

    • Aessenmacher

      You need to check your library for a book by Cathy Carron called Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down. Its the best!

    • Aessenmacher

      You need to check your library for a book by Cathy Carron called Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down. Its the best!

    • Aessenmacher

      You need to check your library for a book by Cathy Carron called Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down. Its the best!

    • Tammy R

      Another top-down sweater book is Knitting From The Top by Barbara Walker, a living knitting legend who was friends with the equally famous Elizabeth Zimmerman. EZ is also well known for her excellent books and teachings, but she preferred the in-the-round bottom-up method. All of the books from both of these highly intelligent ladies are well worth studying. I own almost all of them and treasure them!

  • Aessenmacher

    I’ve been knitting in the round to avoid seaming for a couple of year. Time to move past that milestone this year. In 2010 I finished 60 projects, and learned to cable. Seaming in 2011 here I come!

  • Aessenmacher

    I’ve been knitting in the round to avoid seaming for a couple of year. Time to move past that milestone this year. In 2010 I finished 60 projects, and learned to cable. Seaming in 2011 here I come!

  • Aessenmacher

    I’ve been knitting in the round to avoid seaming for a couple of year. Time to move past that milestone this year. In 2010 I finished 60 projects, and learned to cable. Seaming in 2011 here I come!

  • Aessenmacher

    I’ve been knitting in the round to avoid seaming for a couple of year. Time to move past that milestone this year. In 2010 I finished 60 projects, and learned to cable. Seaming in 2011 here I come!

  • Margaret

    One of my resolutions was to not carry my WIP knit sweater into a fourth year, so
    I ripped it out and in a few days I will be done with my crocheted sweater that I love! My other resolution is to use up my yarn that has accumulated through the years of learning to knit and crochet (so it’s not necessarily yarn I like now) so that I can buy just yarn I like. And I want to keep my WIP list at 5 projects or less.

    • Sarah

      I donated my “beginner yarn.” It was happily received and well-used. I have heard that nursing homes are often open to crafty donations.

  • LisaS417

    I am learning how to crochet in 2011- I got a head start yesterday by watching the videos on this website and then went to youtube for more instruction and started a practice circle center for a granny square afghan! I’m excited to get my yarn tomorrow and start working on the afghan!

  • julielf

    Stash management! My daughter teases that the next time she wants yarn, she’ll just come to my house, since I have the contents of a small yarn store here! Any helpful hints on good storage techniques would be appreciated!

    • Patty

      My first hint is to sort by weight or type, sock, DK, worsted, cotton (I have lots for washcloths). Then maybe by color or brand. Try something that makes sense to you and you’ll stick with it. Good luck, it is a work in progress and I’m still working and tweaking my stash!

  • Audrey

    I hope to work on using double pointed needles. I just can’t seem to get this right!!!!!

  • Luv2Knit

    Sounds like a lot of us have the same goal. Mine isn’t any different really…I have a load of unfinished projects that really need attention. I am goint to “TRY” to abstain from the craft store for the better part of the year until I tackle them. LOL, that would probably be more on the line of “Miracle” rather than “Goal”!

  • Millie Green

    I learned to knit finally in 2010, using looms. In 2011, I want to greatly increase my speed and also learn knitting (proficiently) with needles. I also want to make at least 1 or 2 new loom patterns. For project goals, I want to knit a tank style sleeveless sweater (or, hopefully, rather, at least 3) by spring and complete several pairs of socks this year. But first i need to finish the bathroom rug and honeycomb scarf that have been on looms for too long!

  • Traci

    I just learned to knit about 2 years ago. I was busy making several different things. But I just got started making chemo caps. I made one for a friend of mine who is battling breast cancer. I have decided for 2011, I will make at least one chemo cap after each project I make for myself or family and friends. I love how quickly they knit up.

    • WAyarngal

      Traci, Bless you for your chemo cap efforts. When we have to wear one every day for months, it is nice to have more than one. I even wear one on in the house frequently as bald heads get chilly!