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Explore Self-Striping Yarns

February 8th, 2011

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Unlike the mood rings of our childhoods, color changing yarns don’t actually change color according to a change in their environment.  These are yarns that have multiple colors spun together in unique ways for different effects.  “Self-striping” and “painterly” colors gradually change color as you knit or crochet to create stripes of color.  The color changes can be subtle or bold, but they are fun to play with either way.  Of course, different stitches and patterns are going to make the colorways work up differently.  For example, you can see the difference between garter stitch (left) and double crochet (right) in the scarves below, both of which are made using Amazing in Vineyard. Click here to see all the colorways of Amazing. You can also click on the images below to see each of the patterns.

Some of our other fabulous yarns with self striping or painterly colors include Sock-Ease, which has bursts of contrasting colors, Homespun, which subtly transitions from one color to the another, and Tweed Stripes, a traditionally spun yarn with color unique color blends.  I love the way that color changing yarns can turn a simple project into a stunning one.  Two of my favorite patterns (Sunny Diagonal Blankie and Rose Lichen Cardigan, below) cleverly use self-striping colors of Baby Wool to highlight unique construction.

What’s your favorite thing to make with self-striping yarns?

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  • pugnotes

    I LOVE your striping yarns!
    They inspire me to create new things. :)
    I just made a wallhanging from 3 of your Amazing Yarn spectrums!

    • Lindsey

      That looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  • fireyicevamp

    I’m making the knit-along hoodie with Treed Stripes “Tundra”; it looks fantastic so far!

  • Docaye

    It would be really helpful to me, as I try to decide which colorway would be good for the item I am making, if we could see swatches of how the colors change. I realize they are going to be different with each project, but sometimes the colors are not even visible in the small examples of the yarns. Thanks so much!

    • Lindsey

      Hi Docaye,
      While we don’t have “knit-downs” of every yarn, you can click on the link in the post to see how all the Amazing colorways work up. When I’m not sure how a color will work up, I like to flip through the patterns for that yarn and see if there are any examples. Hope that helps.

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  • Csbstar

    do you have to match up self striping yarn?  say for instance you are working on the colorplay hoodie and have to attach yarn to work on the back.  Thank you

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