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Loom-Inspired Chair

March 22nd, 2011

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Last week, Zontee shared yarn-covered chairs.  The chair above isn’t just covered with yarn, but it’s actually made with yarn!  Asa Karner of Alvi Designs recently unveiled this awesome loom-inspired chair in Stockholm.  The futuristic design celebrates Sweden’s crafty-past with silk threaded through its oak base.

(via Inhabitat)

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  • Grace

    That is super cool! I would imagine it isn’t functional though… or is it? Really neat.

    • Anonymous

      The Inhabitat post actually has an image of a woman in the chair. I wonder if it’s comfortable!

  • Before The Sun Goes Down

    Hello! Knit Purl Girl sent me here and I have to say I’m loving this blog!

  • Rachel Mason

    Love this blog…finally commenting thanks to Knit Purl Girl :)

  • Knittingnana60

    Looks interesting, but can you really sit in it?

    • Lindsey

      If you click through to the Inhabitat post you can see someone sitting in it!