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Make Your Own Jane Austen-Inspired Cropped Jacket from Austentatious Crochet

November 27th, 2011

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Yarncrafting inspiration can come from many places. For some, it comes from a particular silhouette or the style of a particular period. For others, it’s color or texture. Recently, we’ve been seeing all kinds of amazing designs inspired by the world of Jane Austen, and our friends at Running Press Book Publishers have shared with us one of their newest books, Austentatious Crochet, which is filled with romantic designs that any Austen-fan will love. They’ve also provided us with a FREE pattern from the book to share with you!

Click the image below to download your very own copy of the pattern for Anne’s Spencer, a cropped jacket that’s sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. (It’s definitely now on my to-crochet list!)

Pattern excerpted with permission from Austentatious Crochet © 2011 by Melissa Horozeski, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Book group.  Photos © 2011 by Chris Hynes.

Looking for more period-inspired yarncrafting? Our friend Michelle Edwards designed a beautiful knit shawl inspired by the Prohibition years. Learn more and get her directions by clicking here.

Do you love the world of Jane Austen? Has it inspired you to take on any period knitting/crochet projects? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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  • Brandi Schoch

    lovely jacket i wouldn’t crop it thought as i’m already chunky and shortwaisted.

  • Honey604

    Is there a knitting variant of this pattern??? 

    • Zontee

      Hi Honey604, we don’t have a similar knit pattern available on, but try searching for “knit cropped jacket” on for some similar options that might work for you. Hope that helps!

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  • cityrose

    I don’t crochet or knit but would love to pay someone to make me the lilac one on the cover. Do you know of anyone who would do this and how much would something like it cost?

    • Zontee

      Hi cityrose, the cost is going to vary a lot depending on whether it’s a store providing the service, an individual who does this as a business, or a friend who might be willing to give you a good rate.

      Generally, it will depend on how many hours the business/individual thinks it will take, plus the cost of materials, and in this case, possibly the book, since it is not a free pattern.

      I’d recommend checking with your local yarn store and seeing if they either offer this service or know of people who custom-crochet items. You can also check on Etsy, as some crocheters offer this type of service in their stores. If you’re in the NYC-area, you can also stop by our flagship store, where they do offer this service and ask them to get a quote for you. Hope that helps!

    • GlitterDog

      I occasionally do custom work and Zontee is right – the cost will vary greatly by who you find and how specific you want to be. The book is about $11 and yarn will cost you anything from $4 to $12 a skein, depending on what you like. If you use someone online be sure to be as specific as possible about the color/type of yarn you’re paying for! Nothing worse than paying top dollar and getting something cheap in return. I work through Etsy now and there are many of us available to help!