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Fast Holiday Crafts in 15 Minutes or Less

December 6th, 2011

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Quick crafts can help eliminate stress this holiday season. Not only is crafting fun, but it’s productive! The great textures of our Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash and Mambo yarns help make these projects fast and impressive. So if you’ve got 5, 10, or 15 minutes free, whip up some of these fabulous crafts — no knitting or crocheting required!

5 Minutes or Less
Gift wrap with Mambo
Skip the ribbon and bow! You can wrap 2 regular shirt boxes with a single skein of Mambo.

Gift tag with Glitter Eyelash
Use Glitter Eyelash to add a little bit of sparkle to your gift tags. Just punch a hole in a piece of cardstock and thread your yarn through the hole. For even more sparkle, punch holes in a pattern and weave your yarn through.

Wine glass charms with Glitter Eyelash
Keep your wine glasses straight at your holiday or New Year’s party! Simply braid together 3 strands of Glitter Eyelash. There are 14 shades of Glitter Eyelash to choose from, so you’ll have enough wine glass charms for all of your guests! You can even braid together multiple colors for larger gatherings.

Hearth decoration with Mambo
Add some whimsy to your hearth or mantle by pinning up your favorite shade of Mambo. Just one skein is large enough for most hearths.

10 Minutes or Less
Holiday bulbs in Glitter Eyelash
Sparkling holiday bulbs are perfect for any Christmas tree or mantle decoration! To make them, take your favorite shade of Glitter Eyelash and wrap it around a styrofoam ball (Tip: A styrofoam ball with a 2-3″ diameter is perfect for this project! Check the floral section of your craft store). Here’s what the process looks like:
Wrapping bulbs
When the ball is completely covered, cut your yarn and use a blunt needle to hide the tail. Next, cut a small piece of yarn (about 3-4″ in length) and thread it through your needle. Use the needle to bring the yarn through a section of the wrapped yarn. Tie a knot in the yarn so that your ornament can hang.

Sparkling trees in Glitter Eyelash
Sparkling trees are beautiful decorations for winter. To make this project, you’ll need a styrofoam cone (located in the floral section of your craft store), craft glue, and Glitter Eyelash. At the top of the cone, apply a small amount of glue. Begin wrapping the cone with yarn until you reach the base. Cut your yarn and apply glue to secure the end. Use a single color for a classic look, or get creative — make a star, tinsel, bulbs, and more!

Garland with Mambo or Glitter Eyelash
Use Mambo or Glitter Eyelash in the place of garland! Mambo is thick enough to use as garland without any finishing. To use Glitter Eyelash, consider braiding 3 or more strands (I used Aquamarine Crystal, Yellow Gold, and Florentine Gold). For an even thicker garland, make a long chain with 2 strands of Glitter Eyelash and a large crochet hook. I used a K-10.5 hook with a single strand each of Tourmaline and Garnet with great results. (Need help with the chain stitch? Click here for our tutorial!)

15 Minutes or Less
Holiday Wreaths in Glitter Eyelash
Make your décor shine with a sparkling wreath! Use a single color, or for a more modern take, stripe two colors together. For this project, you’ll need a foam wreath (located in the floral section of craft stores), craft glue, and 2 skeins of Glitter Eyelash. (Tip: Wrap your Glitter Eyelash yarn into a tight ball to make it easier to work with.) Wrap your yarn around the wreath form until it’s completely covered. Use glue to secure your yarn end. Finish the wreath off with a festive bow (mine’s in Mambo), bulbs, or whatever you desire!

Card Display in Glitter Eyelash
Display your holiday cards in style! All you need is a piece of foamcore, some Glitter Eyelash, scissors, and some tape. Begin at the upper left corner of the foamcore and tape your yarn on the back (white) to secure. Next, wrap around the front (red) in a diagonal fashion. Pull the yarn taut. Wrap the yarn to the back and secure with tape. Continue in this manner until you’ve reached the lower right corner. Cut your yarn and tape to secure.
Card Display in Glitter Eyelash How-To
Repeat this process, starting in the upper right corner and working to the lower left corner. You will have created a diamond pattern on the front. If you find that your display isn’t taunt enough, try craft gluing your yarn for more security.

And now your home (and gifts) will be looking fabulous with just a few minutes of work!

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  • Misslane0

    I also agree with what the majority of everyone is saying here regarding the Martha Stewart Yarns, especially Mambo. I have been a lion brand fan for a long time. Pretty like all their yarns. I especially LOVE Vanna’s Choice. That is excellent yarn. I was severely disappointed when I saw the Martha Stewart Yarns at my local Joann’s. I this “celebrity spokesperson” was a bad choice. Not only for what she had done in the past in regards to her insider trading, but also because she is not a very nice person.
    Lion Brand, I thought you were better than this…

  • Waglet

    I love the Mambo yarn.  Very cool looking, funky and retro.

    • Anne Marie

      I agree totally. I’ve made some of the necklaces from this yarn and I can’t make them fast enough. I hope people stop tearing Martha apart and dedicate this to the creative side of life. Merry Christmas to all those Bah Humbugs out there!!!

  • Angel

    If Martha Stewart’s name is attached to it in any way shape or form, I don’t buy it, period. I also thought Lion Brand was better than this. Stick with Vanna!!!

  • Andrea

    I’ve been a long-time fan of Martha and have read most of her books and magazines. I was pleased to see her yarn in the stores. As for Mambo, I found it interesting and unusual. It is a good to have new products introduced because they increase our creativity by exposing us to something different. Good for Lion Brand for breaking the mold and taking a risk.

  • Fat Happy Cat

    i liked the idea of wrapping your pipes with it. It gave me a good laugh bwith alot writing and reading tis should do. Lighting up. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR we hope.

  • Stylingcenter2

    Once more: I liked the idea of wrapping your pipes with it. It gave me a good laugh which a lot of those writing  and reading this should do. lighting up. MERRY CHRISTMAS And HAPPY NEW YEAR we hope

  • Ibdocsoon

    I agree that the Mambo is the ugliest ever. It looks like a mistake that someone’s trying to sell.  Also, I love Martha, but I don’t like the idea that Lionbrand is carrying her items. Lion has such a nice line of yarn. Why pander? You don’t need it. 

    Plus, most of the patterns on your website using her yarn look like crafts for a Brownie troop, not your audience.

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  • Kristen Bailey

    You all are so negative! I thought it looked neat! Also, who cares if she decided… hey, I am going to put my money somewhere else. You act like she killed a baby. Felon… lol who cares.

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