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Welcome to the Custom Raglan Cardi Knit-Along! Let’s Get Started!

February 23rd, 2012

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Each season we host a knit- or crochet-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up; simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you knit your sweater.

Hi, my name is Lauren, I work at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, the Lion Brand flagship store and education center, in New York City. In addition to working on the sales floor, I teach knitting classes, and for the next several weeks, I’m going to be your knit-along host!

For this knit-along, the project we’ll be working on together is the Simple Raglan Cardi. However, we won’t just be making the pattern as-is, as we’ve done for previous knit-alongs. Instead, I’m going to be giving you ideas on how you can use the basic pattern as a starting point for your own design! We’re going to customize this project just for you! This is particularly exciting for me, as I don’t think I’ve ever knit a sweater without making at least a couple of changes to the written pattern.

Custom Raglan Cardi Knit-Along BadgeThe first thing we’ll need to do is choose a size. You’ll notice that underneath where the pattern says “Size”, it says “Finished Chest.” This is the actual measurement of the garment, which is a much more accurate way to pick a size than just choosing based on the small, medium, large tags. After all, when shopping at clothing stores, I’m sure we’ve all been one size in one store and a completely different size in the next! If you’re not sure of your measurements, get a flexible tape measure and measure around the fullest part of the bust. You should also measure yourself wearing whatever you plan to where under your cardi as this can also affect the size that you will make.

I have a bust measurement of 34 inches, so I’ve chosen to make the size 35, as I want my sweater to be fitted but I also want to be able to draw breath. You don’t have to choose the size closest to your bust measurement. If you want an over-sized cardi, you can choose a size a few inches larger than your bust measurement, and if you want a very tight fitting sweater choose a couple of inches smaller.

But what if your size isn’t represented? Well, you can always add more stitches or take off some stitches based on the gauge of the pattern. If you’re not confident enough to do that, you could always try following the pattern as it is using a smaller yarn and needles for a smaller size and a thicker yarn and needles for a larger size. [Click here for a blog post that explains how this can be done.]

Next you’ll need to choose a yarn. The pattern suggests using Martha Stewart Crafts™ Cotton Hemp, which is a worsted weight yarn, so you’ll have plenty of choices if you wish to substitute. I want to use a soft, spring yarn, and most importantly, I want to be able to throw it in the wash with my other clothes, so I chose easy-care Cotton-Ease in the color Seaspray. Other good choices would be Vanna’s Choice, Wool-Ease, or you can add stripes to your design the easy way, by using Amazing!

Now we need to decide how much yarn to buy. If you are making no changes to the pattern, that’s easy enough to work out, since the pattern tells you how many balls in the Cotton Hemp are needed to make each size. Cotton Hemp contains 64 yards per ball, so just multiply 64 by the number of balls needed for your size and you have the number of yards needed.

Small Medium Large 1X 2X
Cotton-Ease 3 balls 3 balls 4 balls 4 balls 5 balls
Vanna’s Choice 3 balls 4 balls 4 balls 5 balls 6 balls
Wool-Ease 3 balls 3 balls 4 balls 4 balls 5 balls
Amazing 3 balls 4 balls 5 balls 6 balls 7 balls
Martha Stewart Crafts Cotton
Hemp (as in pattern)
7 balls 9 balls 10 balls 12 balls 15 balls
Approx. yardage 450 yards 575 yards 650 yards 775 yards 1000 yards

But what if you plan to make changes to the length, sleeve length or stitch pattern? Or all of the above, like me? I find the easiest way to make an estimate is to look at a few similar sweaters in the same weight of yarn in my size to see around how much yarn was used, then I throw in an extra ball just to be safe, because as everyone knows, you can never have too much yarn!

Now it’s swatching time! You will need to have some idea at this point of what stitch patterns you are going to use for your sweater. If you’re looking for inspiration try StitchFinder. Remember, whatever stitch pattern you use, you will need to be able to match the gauge in the pattern or your sweater will have different measurements. If you want to use an allover pattern for the body of your sweater, keep in mind that this raglan pattern is knit from the top down, and grows outwards in each row, which means you will have a different stitch count every couple of rows, so you may find it challenging to keep in pattern.

If you want to add a little interest to your design in a simpler way, you could try doing vertical panels of patterns down both fronts, so your stitch count in the panels will remain constant each time, even as the sweater grows. Since I’ve never seen a sweater pattern that couldn’t be improved by adding a few cables, I knit two swatches, one in the cable pattern that I plan to use and the other in stockinette stitch, which will be the main body pattern.

We know that we are aiming for a gauge of 17 stitches = 4 inches. So to knit my stockinette stitch swatch I actually cast on 23 stitches. This is because the larger the swatch the more accurate it will be and also because edge stitches can be a little loose, so I want to make sure I can start measuring at least 3 stitches in from the edge. Then I work in stockinette for about 4 inches and bind off my swatch.

Knit-Along Stockinette Swatch Knit-Along Cable Swatch

Afterwards, it is important to wash your swatch in the same manner you will wash the finished garment, as even with washable yarns, this can affect your gauge. If you’re using a machine washable yarn and it’s not laundry day, just fill up the sink with lukewarm water and swish your swatch around a bit to get it completely soaked, gently squeeze out the excess water, then lay it flat to dry. When its completely dry, you can now take an accurate measurement.

Since I have three edge stitches on each side I lay my ruler about half way up from my cast on edge, three stitches in from the side edge and count how many stitches across til I get to 4 inches. If you are getting less than 17 stitches across the 4 inches, you need to go down a needle size; if you are getting more, go up a size.

It’s important to check your row gauge in the same manner. However, if you don’t seem to be able to get both stitch and row gauge, use the needle size that gives you the correct stitch gauge, as it is easier to adjust the number of rows in your garment to get the correct length. I also do the same process for the cable panel I plan to use.

So everyone, get swatching! Next week, we’ll go over how a top-down raglan works, how to work the yoke, and the benefits of this type of construction, especially when it comes to adding your own design elements!

In the meantime, leave a comment and introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and how you’d like to adjust this pattern to fit your own style!

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  • Carolee

    This looks like fun. even tho it says intermediate I think I can do this. What great little sweater for this spring. At this time I am thinking veragated so probably wont add any special stiches, let the yarn shine.  I will need to lenghten the sleeve and body. Get yarn this weekend Carolee

    • Sandi S.

      I have done this cardi already it is fun to do and georgeous to wear

      • Carolee

        Need some help. In reading the pattern at the end of row five it says rep last 2 rows 25 times (for the size I am making) dose this mean 25 for knitted row AND 25 for purl row total of 50 or are the knit and purl counted as one row so truly  25 ? Thank you  

        • Zontee

           Hi there, yes, you’ll repeat 4 & 5, 4 & 5, 4 & 5, like this until you’ve done it 25 times (that’s a total of 50 rows you’ll have done).

          • beachkoz

            yes.  another self-check would be the number of stitches.  keep knitting those 2 rows back and forth until you have reached the number of stitches for the size you are working. 

  • Emily Katehis

    I’ve already made this cardi in Cotton Ease, I love wearing it over my summer dresses for work since we can’t have straps showing, it’s also perfect for being in the air conditioning.  I’d love to make it again so I can have two or more different colors to choose from.  I’ve seen it done with the bottom half in a lace pattern, I’d like to do that as well as add a big button that closes over the bust.

    • Carolee

       The bottom half in lace ! Awsome !

      • Ccccchayes

        I would love to see a picture of the sweater with lace at the bottom.  I happen to be making this sweater rght not using Vanna’s Choice in Seaspray Mist.  I have followed the pattern exactly, but I am making it a little longer.  I know I will love it!

        • Zontee

           Hi there, you can see some photos of a Lion Brand Yarn Studio’s student’s version with lace on the bottom by clicking here and scrolling down (it’s the 2nd sweater shown.

    • Jodie

      Isn’t it great to have a reliable pattern to go to.  I love the simplicity of this pattern and will keep the sleeve and body lengths but want to add a simple all over cable pattern.  I ,too, want to use Cotton Ease which I plan to buy this weekend.   I’ve been knitting for a long time but never joined a knit along.  I am looking forward to the shared experience. 

    • williams.sharon

      Did the lace begin at the underarms?

  • Dr. Lisa

    Can’t wait to get started.  Just finished a complicated aran knit vest and am looking forward to something easier.  I think I’ll get the Cotton Ease this weekend.

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  • williams.sharon

    How can you suggest that Amazing is a viable substitute for Vanna’s Choice??? I made this mistake on the last KAL -made my Wisteria sweater in Vanna’s Choice as the result of Lion Brand’s suggestion as I am allergic to wool. Vanna’s Choice makes a way stiffer a fabric than Amazing, and the garment just did not fall as nicely as the ones made in Amazing. This makes me skeptical about Lion Brand’s recomendations for yarn substitutions. Any suggestions???

    • Tmoi

      I used Vanna’s Choice for Knitty’s Starsky and it became much softer and drapier after I machine washed and dried it. (I used fabric softener, not sure if that makes any difference.) Course the sleeves grew about three inches and I’m going to have to cut them and graft the cuffs back on to the sleeves.  Have you machine wash and dried your sweater? Did it help? 

      • williams.sharon

        Hi Tmoi: Thanks for writing back! (no one from Lion Brand has been on here to take questions from the looks of things) I soaked and blocked the sweater before sewing it together but haven’t actually washed and dried it yet. Was afraid that if I did that I wouldn’t be able to rip it out to change the sleeves if needed. What do you think?

        • Teresa

          Yours is going to be harder to fix because mine has turned back cuffs and is an oversize cardi.  I’m just going to cut above the cuffs, ravel the sleeve back and kitchener the cuffs back on. I’ll have to do some fudging because I’ll be taking out some increases, but I think the oversize nature of the sweater will make it work. Any imperfections in my grafting will be hidden under the cuffs.  Yours will be harder if the sleeves grow because you don’t have the turned back cuffs.  Of course if you never wear it because its uncomfortable. . .  I guess I would start by  washing it by hand and drying flat to see if that softens it up any. If that didn’t work I’d try machine wash and dry flat.  I think the dryer that causees acylic to grow. I hope you come up with a solution.

          I think the sleeves on this cardi are worked from the top down, which should make sleeve fixes easy peasy, since you’ll be able to frog the sleeves back an rework them if you aren’t happy with the finished product.

          • Joyce

            I find acrylic only “grows” in the dryer if you take it out while it’s still warm.  Let it cool completely before touching it and it is usually OK.  Works
             with some yarns anyway.

      • Ginny

        I have been told that using a fabric softener breaks down the fiber of the yarn so have not used it since then.  I actually spoiled an afghan after washing with Downey.  Any information regarding to use or not to use?  Does the type of yarn matter etc.  Thanks for your helpl.  I haven’t started my cardi yet but am enjoying just reading the blog.

  • williams.sharon

    I looked through the StitchFinder and think this might be really nice done with the Knit Lace:Crystal Chandelier pattern -is that doable??? I wouldn’t put the rib on the bottom though. The other option might be Simple Eyelet Diamonds. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!

  • williams.sharon

    Me again: Given the comments on the weight of Cotton Ease (and I couldn’t find any info on the draping ability of the Martha Stewart Hemp) perhaps the Cotton Bamboo blend would make the nicest, lightweight drape for the lace pattern. Could you please advise on the number of balls that would be required?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sharon,
      yes, both lace patterns would be do-able, it might be a little challenging have an all over pattern though, as it will be interrupted by the increasing for the yoke. As long as you’re confident you’re up for the challenge though, I say go for it!
      Cotton Bamboo is a lovely drapey yarn. It has 245 yards per ball, but it depends which size you’re making as to how many you will need.

      • Knitstertoo

        I am an experienced knitter, but am interested in this KAL because it was advertised as using a customizable pattern. Will you be including information about how to make changes so that those of us who would like to use a lace pattern can do so?

        • williams.sharon

          Yes, I would like to know that too. I don’t have enough experience to do the lace without a pattern -have only done it with straight things in the past.

          • KALhostLauren

            It can be quite challenging keeping the lace in pattern as the number of stitches grows, so if you’re not so confident with this why not try doing some lace panels down both fronts or down the back? I think this would be a better idea if you’re not so experienced with lace.

          • williams.sharon

            That is what I will do. Right now I am thinking of using the Large Cable and Eyelet pattern, putting one row of the pattern down the front edges like you did with your cable, and then putting the lace all the way around when the armhole ends. Sounds pretty, now I will have to see if I can do it!!!

        • KALhostLauren

          Hi Knitstertoo,
          It’s possible to customize the sweater to pretty much any stitch pattern you like, but since there is so many variables and everyone wanting to do something different with their design, it might not be possible to cover everything involved in adding a particular lace pattern, but I’ll definitely be giving some general pointers about it in the next post!

        • williams.sharon

          Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan AT HALF PRICE!!!! Sorry Lion Brand, but they scooped you :-) I am taking that course at the same time as this and there is way more information given on fitting and styling choices. Only $29.99 now -such a great deal.

      • williams.sharon

        Just realized that the Cotton/bamboo is only available online so won’t come in time to start the KAL -bummer!! How will I know if another brand’s cotton/bamboo will work the same as Lion Brands??

  • GrannieK

    I’m not sure your info on stitch gauge is correct.  If you have more stitches than the gauge calls for you should go down a size or two in needle size and if you are under the number of stitches, you should go to a larger needle size.  I also don’t think that washing a swatch by hand and laying it flat to dry will give the same gauge as washing it and drying it in the dryer, which is the way I handle my knits.  Laying flat always gives me a stretched out sweater.

    • Anonymous

      Hi GrannieK,
      if you have more stitches over four inches than the gauge in the pattern, this means that your stitches are smaller then in the pattern, which means you would have to go up a size to make them larger. I know it’s a little confusing!!
      I usually lay my knit pieces flat to dry, but you should wash and dry your swatch however you plan to wash and dry the garment, as then you will get an accurate gauge according to your own way of doing things. Hope this helps!

  • Kathy

    Is there a “rule” about how many needle sizes you can go up or down without compromising the “holiness” of the sweater?  I need to go up 2 sizes of needles but it seems like the holes are so big that a shirt underneath would show through.  If you need to go up that many sizes is it better to choose a thicker yarn?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Kathy,
      You should use, whatever needle size gives you the correct gauge. However if you don’t like the look of the fabric that you’re making, then yes, I’d say try a different yarn.

  • beachkoz

    OK – I’m in.  This will be my first kintted project in a long time.  Ya’ll are gonna be there with me the entire way, right?  Afterall, this takes con$iderable inve$tment to end up with just another unfinished project in my closet. 

  • beachkoz

    Oh, I’m old, gray, approaching retirement, and loving every minute of it!  I would like my cardi with 3/4 sleeves and I love Emily Katehis’s idea of a big button in the middle.  I’m making mine in the hottest pink I can find!

  • Ana Burton

    Hello, I like to do it with you all. Will be fun!!! how many balls are needed by weight, not in yardage for a size mediun/large? In my country the yarn is sold by weight.
    Thanks a lot.
    Ana Burton (Argentina)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ana,
      If you go to and click on the button that says “Our Yarns”. it will give you a whole list of Lion Brand yarns and their weights and yardages. Be aware though that substituting a yarn by how much it weighs is not a terribly accurate way to measure yarn anymore, since there are so many different types of fibers, different ways of proccessing and spinning yarns etc. It’s always best to go by yardage wherever possible.

  • Lori

    Hi from Northern California~

    I will give this a try too! It looks like it doesn’t require too much yarn and it also looks like you could wear it with anything. I am going to try to make mine with a crocheted flower corsage near the shoulder. I might try a ribbon closure too.

    Happy knitting~

    • Anita

      Ooo, a ribbon closure sounds really beautiful.  May I copy your idea Lori?  I think I have enough Peaches and Cream in my stash to make this.  Not sure yet what stitch I’ll use, but I live in Houston, so cotton is a must. — Anita

  • Laure Stern

    this will be my first ever clothing project. am i ready to step up from scarves and pot holders. have to start some day! thanks for the support in this blog

  • Staceywk

    I’ve had lots of trouble knitting sweaters. Very excited for this!

    • Karyn S

      This sweater is a great first garment . . . you will defnitely get the fit you need with this construction technique.

  • Basket911

    I love this idea!  I’ll be there all the way – can’t wait to hear all the comments.  I will probably lengthen the sleeves and the body of the sweater on mine.  Plan to do it in a black sparkle yarn, if I can find it in cotton.

  • Ggclaudia

    I would like to join in for this KAL, but I can’t. I am finishing a lace shawl right now and have two more to knit before I do anything else. I am going to keep track of what is going on and the changes that are made to the pattern as you go. It will probably be July before I can make this cardi. Good luck ladies, I am sure you will turn out some beautiful garments.

  • Mariarametta

    This will be my first project with sleeves! I made the basic shrug as a step up from scarfs and hats. It’s great to have the help and support now that I’m ready to step it up. Think I will stay with the the stitch pattern suggested, but lenghten the sleeves ( that I will need help with) Don’t know anything about adjusting a pattern so I will need help with this. I will buy the yarn tonight!

    • Maria R.

      Also think I will want to lenght to be a little longer,

    • Salesa

      What pattern did you use for your basic shrug?  I can only find ones that look like sleeves or a blanket.

      • Mariarametta

        I used Basic Shrug Pattern L 10061. I substituted the yarn for another lion brand in a solid color. It was easy and came out nice!! Try it!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Maria,
      I will be covering lengthening and shaping the sleeves in a future blog post!

  • Joy C.

    I just made this pattern in Sugar ‘n Cream and liked how it turned out. I gave that one away to a friend. Now I would like to make one for myself, but I’d like the length to be a little longer with 3/4″ sleeves. Will you be discussing how to do the lengthening?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Joy,
      Yes I’m going to be discussing shaping and lengthening the sleeves and body in a future post.

    • beachkoz

      Joy . . . what size did you make with sugar n cream and how many balls did you need?

  • Kmabdo

    I’ve been wanting to try top- down construction. This will motivate me to do it! I hope I can squeeze it in with all my other WIP’s.

  • Mboyd50403

    My concern is that I have a great deal of difficulty fitting any kind of top to my body. A size 12-14 fits my shoulders perfectly, but will not even come close to buttoning. I usually end up buying a size 16-18 which is huge at the armholes and upper chest and shoulders. I’m not seeing this patrern as one where I will be able to alter it for this problem.

    Adding length and adding lace or pattern is easy, my problem, however, is not. If there is any chance that this will be addressed, I’m all in!

    • Karyn S

      I think you’ll find this constuction technique quite easy to alter.  One piece top down construction is easy to try on as you go.  I’m sure Lauren will have several things that you can do to get a great fit.  Don’t be discouraged.

  • beachkoz

    You sound so negative, but I guess you have your share of fitting troubles.  Try to be positive that this KAL is the answer.  I think you will find a positive attitude will be more much more successful.

    • Pheebers

      Actually, I don’t think she sounds negative at all! Being large-busted comes with a lot of challenges, and who wants to wear (and spend time and money on) something that doesn’t fit?

    • Knitstertoo

      I agree that Mboyd doesn’t sound negative, just in need of some help. I’m one of those very straight people and it’s often hard to select a pattern size because my bust/waist/hips never match the numbers given.

  • needlingmomof6

    I am really looking forward to my first top down project! And my first KAL. I am currently working on a CAL on another blog and it is my first one ever. I love it so far!

    I have a beautiful gray yarn with pink flecks in it on hand that seems to be begging to be made into this cardi. Got it at a discount store so it doesn’t have any real info on it, but it is easily a medium weight yarn, so I am going to go for it. I am thinking 3/4 sleeves. The idea of one large button also intrigues me – i’ll have to decide as we go along.

    • Carolee

        Grey with pink flecks very pretty !!!!

    • Carolee

      Is the CAL Bernat? me too, mystery is fun

      • needlingmomof6

        Yes, it is Bernat. I am hoping to get my clue 2 pieces finished before the new clue is released Wed.! Getting close….

  • knitmama

    my first knit along, im excited!

  • txcatgirl

    Going to Stitch Finder made me think about making the cardigan — I’m thinking Cotton-Ease because I’ve had such good previous experience with it and would like it for spring — as is but making some floral or maybe butterfly motifs to applique onto the surface. Not too many, just two or three on one of the fronts. Any ideas for which ones to make and how to group them? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      That’s a great idea, and I’ll actually be duscussing adding applique or embroidery to your design in a future bog post!

      • Michelle

        yeeessss!  you just got me onboard.   I am just now finishing up my wisteria sweater.  I printed all the instruction blogs and started when I could.  I am excited about this project because of being able to adjust the pattern, and now applique or embroidery.  Time to start thinking about how I want to adjust my cardi.  Thank You for these KAL.  I love them. 

        • txcatgirl

          Oh, good idea to combine applique and embroidery for flower stems or some other kind of embellishment. I am looking forward to that post and to any ideas others share. I bought Cotton-Ease in Stone over the weekend, a good neutral to show off flowers in different colors.

  • Maria R.

    Just realized I have 5 balls of Amazing that i will use. Do I still use the 2  suggested circular needles from the pattern? Seems as thought the Amazing yarn is much thinner than the cotton hemp or the wool-ease.P

    • Anonymous

      Use whatever size needle gives you the correct gauge.

      • Mariarametta

        So do I start with the needles  suggested? Then knit a swatch to gauge it? Sorry im fairly new to knitting

        • Anonymous

          Yes as a general guide, start with the needle size suggested in the pattern and then go up or down from there.

  • Cgall6

    I am currently making this for my college age daughter in black tweed. It is coming out great and a lot of fun. Up to the back. Plan on using a stick closure instead of buttons.

  • Colorado DogWalker

    This looks like fun… and what a great mother’s day gift it would make!  I’m going to try it as-is using some lovely green yarn that has refused to allow itself to be knit into two other projects.  How could it possibly object to this?  Can’t wait to see the variations and colors everyone comes up with. 

    • Carolee

      I have a dog and live in Colorado !

  • Adriana

    i’m from France and I’m really happy to follow this KAL, because I actually want to start a top down cardigan. I want to knit it in wool and mohair (I already have it in my stash) and I want it long sleeve and with little ease.

  • Dsanewyork

    I’m thinking Amazing with stripes and maybe feather and fan lace around the bottom

  • Rosenorville

    Just read this and I think I will join you and others in giving this a try. I have never knitted a sweater ,but I am going to try and do this. I will use cotton ease because I have crochet with this amazing stuff before and it handles beautifully and is easy to care for. Wish me luck and I will be in touch.

  • Janice Eagan Designs

    Excited! I’m recovering from surgery and will have sitting time to spend on this. I’m going with the small size in Cotton Ease Cherry. I’ve never used circular needles so I’m looking forward to learning something new.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Janice,
      I’m glad you’re excited about the Knit-Along! I love circular needles and rarely use straight ones anymore! In this case, since we’re not actually knitting in the round, you can just imagine that they’re straight needles that just happen to be connected.

  • Janice

    Buying my yarn this weekend. I am excited about joining this knit-along!!

  • Bev Devine

    How can I obtain pattern for this cute little cardigan please. Bev

  • Mitti

    its a nice simple pattern but would be more helpful specially for the beginers if there is a video of the pattern whike being knittedw, wjuz like other knitting website, they have video link to the free patterns for the new learner of knitting. i like lion brand yarns and patterns, and ould lwike to wsee thwat twhewy wwwill wstart dwoing the video and free pattern knitting to be able to help those who want to learn and wimprove in knitting.

  • Urpesis

    My problem is small neck, narrow shoulders, no bust to speak of and a biggish belly compared to the rest.  Fitting is a bear with any top.  I need to knit the small and then from the bust down increase it for the belly without it looking strange.  Not sure how to do it.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Urpesis,
      I’ll be discussing how to alter the body of the sweater for a better fit in a future post!

      • Mboyd50403

        Thank you for telling us that there will be opportunities for fit issues as this is an enormous problem for me!
        When you struggle with odd body shape, it’s not negativity, it’s simple facts. Very excited to see how to alter fit!

  • Urpesis

    Where can I find Cotton-ease?

    • TheaM

      has cotton ease yarn by Lion Brand

    • Maria

      Check in a Michael’s, A.C. Moore, or Joanne’s Craft Store

      • Michelle

        I have learned that if you have an AARP card, you can get a discount on what every you buy by showing it at Michaels on a Tuesday.  Might check your area and see if they do the same.

        • Maria R.

          Thanks, But I dont have an AARP Card…..not ready yet   LOL

          • Michelle

            sorry, I didn’t mean to offend.  I just thought I would put that info out there for anyone reading the posts!  I just got my card and it has been fun finding all the discounts I can get now.  :-)   I got my yarn that way.  It was a fun feeling.

  • TheaM

    would love to join this kal – I’ve made many sweaters in worsted weight yarns in the neck down method – most of them knit, but a few crocheted too – great way to work a sweater – thinking I’ll try it in cotton/bamboo this time.

  • TheaM
  • Valerie

    There are so many great yarns to choose from; I can’t decide where to start. I love the idea of the little cardi that can go anywhere. I think the lace on the bottom will add a nice touch and I like the big button closing. And I have so many WIPs; I’m not sure if I will be able to join in or not.

  • Mariarametta

    Can someone tell me why we can  Amazing yarn which is so much thinner than the Vanna’s Choice , Cotton Ease and the others. I am fairly new to knitting and would like to learn how to substitute. THanks

    • Anonymous

      If you look on the ball band of both Vanna’s Choice and Amazing, they both have the same suggested gauge: 16 stitches over four inches. Amazing also has a little bit of fuzz to it, which adds to the thickness, even though it appears thinner than some other yarns.

  • Morgan

    I would love to join this if I have the time and money! Definitely going to try a lace pattern if I can. Maybe just on the front panels, leaving a stitch or two in stockinette next to the raglan increasing. Does anyone know how long this KAL is going to go on for?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Morgan,
      I’ll be posting for about the next six weeks, but the blog posts will stay up forever so everyone can work at their own pace and continue to help each other for as long as it takes to finish your sweater.

      • Morgan

        Alright, thank you! It’ll probably take me longer than that to finish… Haha! I’m always excited to get started, but after the beginning excitement subsides I slow down. But I do love knitting! Thank you so much! :)

  • Jaklauss

    I have a bright Turquoise Cotton (Greek) that I bought on vacation in Bozeman, MT to do a top down short sleeve pullover…this looks like more fun.  I downloaded the pattern and have the yarn wound…I even knitted a swatch but plan on knitting another one with the needle size suggested (larger needle-7)  I took a class from Lily Chin and she suggested that you put 7 holes across the swatch if you use a size 7 needle  or 6 holes for a size 6 needle, etc.[use yo and k2tog to make holes]  I plan on doing that. 

    • Anita

      Brilliant idea about the holes.  

    • williams.sharon

      Great tip about the holes -that way the swatch is forever marked!!!

    • Rae Haller

       I love this idea of the # of holes made in the swatch to match the # of the size of the needles used.  I had someone tell me to tie knots in the tail of the yarn swatch to match the # of the size needles used.  Both of these are super ideas for knowing what size needle was used to make the swatch.

  • Lori C.

    Hi All,
    I’m a beginner. Can’t wait to try this. Need help though. The gauge is 17 stitches = a 4″ row. Did I miss information on how many rows there should be in the 4″ swatch? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Much Joy!
    Lori C.
    Southern California

    • KALhostLauren

      Hi Lori,
      This particular pattern doesn’t specify a row gauge, so aim to match the stitch gauge. But do measure your personal row gauge, just for reference, it will come in handy later on.

  • Rehab Emam

    I am Rehab from Egypt, just started knitting couple months ago, always crocheted but now want to get deeper in knitting, I am new in top to down cardis but will be fun to try it, I always have problem in guages as  always I get bigger measurements in my pieces , tried big needles and smaller ones but still I get over measurements !!

    • Elizabeth Nelson

      Hi Rehab! I am an American living in Maadi. Where do you buy your yarn? I know of one yarn shop, Tricot M near the Corniche, and there is a mostly needlepoint/embroidery store in the Maadi Grand Mall that does have some yarn. Any suggestions?

  • Williamson30608

    I am an experienced crocheter, but lately have used a Knook to “knit” quite a few pieces.  I am going to try to use it to make this cardi.  Hope this is not blasphemy – it’s just that, although I admire you knitters and your beautiful creations, I’ve never mastered two needles.

    • Kaliope Muse

      Loin Brand has a great top down crochet pattern similar to this one that I was thinking about making, but I might knit this one first. Dont let the two needles get you, one needle just holds the stitches up near the “hook”. Have fun with your cardi.

  • jmscheid

    I am going to gie it a try, hope I can do it.

  • Leone

    Hi –  I knitted this jacket last year – put 3/4 sleeves in it  –  easy as pie – just extend the length of sleeve
    before  decreasing.    Really handy when weather is changeable

    • williams.sharon

      Leone: What yarn did you use to make it?

  • Donna

    Hey!  I’m in!  Been knitting for a while, but never a knit-along like this.  Sounds like fun!!!  d

  • Sewjesse

    I am going to make this in R E D red! That way I can wear it in the winter, fall and spring……cute over a yellow dress I think….would like 3/4 sleeves but I kinda like the body as is!

    • Jesmcla

      Changed my mind..upon further examination I think the neckline would look cleaner as an icord or something like that. Can I do the knit in icord instead of the ribbing?

      • williams.sharon

        Please explain what icord is? Never heard of it. Don’t like the ribbing on this cardi so looking for something else…

      • KALhostLauren

        Hi Sewjesse,
        Yes of course you can do an applied I-cord instead of the ribbing. It’s your sweater so have fun with it! remember that the I cord won’t have the same pull-in effect as ribbing does though.