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Announcing Our Summer 2012 Crochet-Along: the Glittery Shrug!

May 17th, 2012

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Each season we host a crochet- or knit-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up! Simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you crochet your project, and feel free to share your comments and/or photos as you progress.

The Votes Are In!

Thousands of you voted, and this season, we’ll be making the Glittery Shrug in Vanna’s Glamour. This crochet-along will be hosted by Vanessa, one of our fantastic associates at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio (our retail store & education center in New York City).

If you’re wondering how you can integrate your shimmery shrug into your wardrobe, I’ve highlighted 3 ways you can wear it–with items straight from my closet: (1) for a party or fancy night out, pair your shrug with a classic LBC (that’s little black dress!) and some matching shimmery heels; (2) for work–keep it classic with a simple blouse, a pencil skirt, a chunky necklace and simple pumps; (3) for easy, breezy weekends, I recommend just throwing it over jeans and a tank; I’ve added a beaded bracelet (since it’s got mid-length sleeves) and some fun sandals to finish off the look!

Crochet-Along Next Steps

This week, we ask you to gather your materials and download the pattern (click here for the pattern). In addition to Vanna’s Glamour, you may consider substituting with yarns like Sock-EaseLB 1878, or Jamie for non-glitter options in various palettes and fibers. While these yarns are slightly different weights, they can be worked to the same gauge as the pattern.

Small Medium Large 1X 2X
Vanna’s Glamour 7 balls 7 balls 8 balls 8 balls 9 balls
Sock-Ease 3 – 4 balls 4 balls 4 balls 4 balls 4 – 5 balls
LB 1878 1 cone for any size (over 2000 yards in a cone!)
Jamie 10 balls 11 balls 12 balls 12 balls 13 balls
Approx. Yardage 1350 yards 1400 yards 1550 yards 1600 yards 1750 yards

Click here for our FAQ on substituting yarns.

Next Thursday, Vanessa’s first post will cover gauge swatching in both single crochet and also the mesh pattern. Her post will also show some samples of gauge swatches in the above yarns, in case you’re still on the fence–so come back on next Thursday for a new blog post here on the Lion Brand Notebook!

In the meantime, please leave a comment and introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, who you’re making this shrug for, what outfit you might wear with it, and what you hope to learn!

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  • Jen :)

    :( So bummed…wanted to ‘crochet along’ with the Temair Throw. Maybe next time!

  • USEyourRightToVOTE

    bummed here too….i was hoping for the tunisian
    good luck to those who will be doing the shrug

  • Pandameisje

    Yeah, happy we are doing the Shrug!!! This will be my first Shrug/sweater kind of crochet project, so I am very curious how it will end up…
    I will join the ravelry group on this one, I’m Pandameisje there

    • Katie

       Me too. I’m bodarysgirl.

  • Rae

    YAY! The shrug won! This will be my first attempt at a shrug/sweater as well. So glad I’ll have help through it if I get stuck. 

  • Jeanne Steinhilber

    This will be my first crochet along… excited to get started, just hope I can keep up.

  • Rae

    I’d be interested to see the shrug in a variegated yarn like the Jamie Yarn-Summer Stripes. I’m not sure yet what color I will choose. Thanks in advance, Lion Brand, for posting different swatch samples from the yarn listed. That will be helpful!

    • Blint1

      I’m not sure what color or type of yard either.  Would vanna’s regular yarn work as well as the sparkly glamor yarn.  I’m not in need of much sparkle.

      • Zontee

        Hi there–since Vanna’s Glamour is a category 2 (sport) weight yarn, it’s much thinner than Vanna’s Choice, and therefore aren’t interchangeable. We’ve listed a few options above of non-sparkle yarns–check them out and see if you find something you like. 

  • Grace Jones

    I’m excited! I am looking forward to reading more about mesh crochet

  • Rhale21

    I’m retiring this year from 26 years of teaching and social work.  I’m beginning a new career for the end of my work life.  I happened to have already started this pattern in black.  I got confused and put it away but I’ve gone onto other things.  I’ll pull it out and start over so I can crochet along. 

    • Sallerina

      I, too had started this pattern already!  It is waiting on the back of my couch about 3 months for me to pick it up again.  I’ll be following along closely. But, I’ll probably start over with Vanna’s Glamour & see what happened!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing the shrug as a crochet-along.

      • michelle

        so glad to know I am not the only one who stores WIP’s on the back of the couch!!!  :-)

    • Pjkelsy

      Hi – I am retirimg in the Fall – just curious what will be your next new career??? I’m not sure what mine will be… 

  • Carolee

    Yippie, now have to choose yarn, thinking right now that LB 1878 might be most cost effective and I do like two of the colors. I am altho still working on the KAL cardi ( very slow kniter) much faster crocheter.

  • Janisv4

    I love this shrug, but looking at the directions for bpdc and fpdc, looks like i’ll have to skip it this time, as I’m just a single crochet and double crochet kind of person.  But it’s beautiful and i envy you all for making it.  Hope to see pics of finished products, have fun

    • Rae

      Maybe there is a Youtube video that will show you how to do it. I’ve come to realize that the directions make a stitch sound more confusing than it really is. I hope I can figure out the bpdc and fpdc…I’ve never done those before either.

      • michelle

        I definitely recommend you find a video instruction for those stitches. You will clonk your forehead with the heel of your hand when you see how easy they are!

    • Marilee

      there are some good instructions and tutorials on line for doing those stitches … what better time to learn than when participating in a CAL where many people will be able to help you? It’s good to grow and learn. I just finished a tote bag which used the fpdc and bpdc… which are really just double crochets… but putting your hook into a somewhat “different” place than usual. 

    • Blint1

      I was worried about the directions also, but hope with doing it with all these seasoned veterans, I could learn how to do these different stitches.  I’m going to give it a try.  don’t let me be the only rookie asking for help!  😉

      • Lindy

        Great!  Good Luck!

    • Shfijo-photo

      oh don’t give up  – bpdc and fpdc is a double crochet – you just hook at a different place. I find youtube instructional videos super helpful!

    • Zontee

      Hi there, the other commenters are definitely right–our crochet-alongs are all about stretching your skills and helping you to take those next steps, so don’t be afraid to try! 

      Front and back post stitches actually use all the same motions as regular double crochets with the exception of putting your hook in the front of a different hole, so you’re already 90% there. Check out some videos on YouTube to get familiar with these stitches, and we hope you’ll join in!

    • jlovelady

      Oh the back post double crochet and front post double crochet are easy easy to do!  You shouldn’t give up just yet!

    • Karenaz4

      All you do is double crochet behind the post of the stitch (bpdc) or in front of the post of the stitch(fpdc).  It is easy.  You can do it!!

    • Lynn Smith


    • Lindy

      Oh Janis please join in!   I too thought I was just a sc and dc kind of person but promised my son an afghan he picked out which (of course) had fpdc’s and fptc’s (what the heck are those I thought AFTER I had promised him…..)   Well – with a little trial and error (and I didn’t have YOUTUBE at my fingertips at the time – YOUTUBE is fantastic for help!!!!) I managed to figure them out – also there are terrific ‘visual knitting’ books you can get at B&N or check out of your library which will walk you thru’ any new stitches.   So again, please consider joining!!

    • pjake

      As someone who has croched for 50 years now I think this opportunity to learn a new stitch by seasoned crocheters is just too good for you younger people to pass up.  We didn’t have this back in “the day”.  No computers, if you did’nt go to a class, and you couldn’t find one, you struggled.  At least give it a try and when you complete your very first garment and wear it and get those compliments you will be “hooked” on crocheting garments for yourself and all of your family and friends.  I did the afghans when I was young, but you can have just so many of those and women can never have too many items of clothing.  So learn these stitches because today’s patterns are far more sophisticated and call for more elite type of stitches.  It’s great fun! 

    • Rhyones3

      If you can double crochet you can do bpdc and fpdc.  Come along for the ride and learn how.  We will all be here for you.

    • Vanessa Michelle

      Hi Janis!

      I will be going over the bpdc and fpdc stitches in a couple weeks in a future blog post! They’re easier than they sound, and there are ways to simplify the edging that these stitches are used for. This pattern can definitely be for people who are fairly new to crocheting with the right changes. If you would still like to follow along with the crochet along, by the end you just may feel confident enough to start a shrug yourself!

      Lion Brand Yarn Studio

      • Janisv4

        thanks to everyone for all your encouragement.  I’ll give it a try and now I’ll feel more confident knowing I’ll have your help.  Janis

    • Sueanddon1

      I would suggest going to your local yarn shop and ask them to show you how to do these stitches – they should be more than happy to help you and they’re not nearly as hard as they sound.  After all, a happy customer is a returning customer! ! ! ! !

  • Bethany

    I am really excited to do this shrug (I have had this pattern bookmarked for awhile and needed this push to get going)! I’m feeling a little crazy, though, as I don’t really understand the measurements. I understand the back length, but how do I use a circumference to choose my size?

    • Zontee

      Good question! All Lion Brand patterns are sized according to the Craft Yarn Council (the industry group) standards, so you can check your bust measurements on their chart and figure out which size makes sense for you: 

      • Bethany

        Thanks so much! That really helps, and I know I’ll need it for other patterns on the site eventually too :). 

  • Delores

    This will be my first crochet along. I am really excited to do the shrug. Pattern printed, know to decide which yarn to use and what color.

  • Marilee

    I have the yarn already, so am excited for this  CAL. 

  • Hcgogan

    I’m in. I already had some of the yarn I bought while it was on sale with the intent of making something for my daughter. I was so pleased to see the shrug had won. We live in North Carolina, but she’ll be starting college in August in New York City. So, I’m getting busy with needles and hooks to help her transition to the colder weather. I figure a scarf, a shawlette and this shrug will give her what she needs for autumn evenings. Then I’ll move on to shawls, ponchos and sweaters. The color I have is the navy/royal blue. The color changes as the light hits it and I love that about it.

  • Kelly_a_herring

    I am so excited about this CAL!!! I’m making this shrug for me. Finally taking time to make a few things for myself instead of always making things for others. I can’t wait to go buy yarn!

  • jojomatt

    I haven’t done a CAL along before. I have downloaded patterns and followed what others did but this will be my first time. Looking forward to the challenge.

  • Shortyssutures

    Zontee, this is a super cute shrug! Thanks so much for the alternate yarn recommendations. I have some yarn in my stash that I think would have wonderful drape (100% Alpaca) for this type of garment. I’m really good at starting projects (but not finishing them) so I’m hoping that I will actually complete this one. Can’t wait to hear more about it as other crocheters participate. ~Kelly

    • Zontee

      Glad you’re joining in, Kelly!

  • Lorraina

    I’ve already started it in LB.Topaz and it’s wonderful yarn, smooth and nice to work with. It’s for me but i’ve 2 wee problems and both are good ones; i’ve lost 30 lbs since beginning and hoping to lose 20 more. My shrug could end up too big but can’t change the pattern size now as i’m about half way. Just found out i’m going to be a great-grandma in Sept and now i’m all baby-googly eyed. As the happy young couple don’t want to find out beforehand if it’s a boy or girl this means i’ll be crocheting both blue and pink layette sets. Great problems – what to work on first! This is the first crochet i’ve done in 20+ yrs. Happy days are here!

    • Lynn Smith

      i love baby crochet the most, may i suggest cocoons{buntings} there are many new, modern patterns out now. And a cap to match. since the baby will be born in September when it’ll starts getting cooler.

    • Zontee

      Hi Lorraina, don’t worry if the shrug is a little big–most shrugs look great that way too! One option is to leave off the button and buttonhole and then buy a shawl pin to use as a fastener; this gives you the option of pulling the fabric to overlap in the front and then fasten it. That will give you some flexibility, size-wise. Hope that helps!

      • pjake

        That’s a great idea and it is more fashionable now, everyone was wearing them last fall/winter.   

  • Jennifer Sherman

    I am having trouble making up my mind about color.  There are so many choices.  I am looking at swatches and my wardrobe and trying to decide.  Can’t wait to see what everyone else is choosing for colors.

    • Jennifer Sherman

      I made up my mind.  I went with the suggested color.  I ordered it this morning.  It compliments everything.  I was really tempted to get the ruby red yarn, but maybe that will be a later project.  By the way, I am thesunflowergal on Ravelry.

  • Elenaeml

    just order the materials….hope they come in time.   I think this shrug is super cute.   Although I am using the Vanna yarn I did like having alternative choices in yarn.   Hopefully crocheting-along will help me finish-along too.   Like some others I am good at starting but not so good at completion.

  • Klemelson

    This will be my first crochet along. I’m glad it is the shrug

  • Bmwflower

    Hi ~ I’ve printed off the pattern and there’s a printing problem – on page 4 – the bottom inch or so of printing is double printed.  Can this be fixed?

    • Bmwflower

      Never mind ~ I downloaded it, then printed – much better print copy.

  • Nancy Heckman Wagner

    I haven’t done a CAL before, but it sounds really interesting. Do we need to sign-up somewhere to get the notifications? 

    • Zontee

      Hi Nancy, you can simply come back each week to (the blog’s main page) for new posts (new crochet-along posts go up on Thursdays, but on other days, you can click the “crochet-along” category on the right-hand bar to see all crochet-along-related posts from the newest to the oldest). 

      If you prefer to get email notifications of every blog post (this includes non-crochet-along blog posts), you can sign up here:

      Hope that helps!

  • Nancy2160

     I love this shrug! I’m going to do this crochet along……my first! Even though I have other projects that need finishing I’m really loving this project! Already sent the pattern to my kindle, now for my yarn choice….yay!

  • Patricia

    Can you use a pure cotton thread for this and if so how much of it will I need.  I use only pure fibers for clothing.  Might consider the wool on the cone but prefer cotton for the summer

    • Zontee

      Hi Patricia, yes, you should be able to use a cotton yarn that can be worked to the same gauge as the original Vanna’s Glamour yarn. Please see the chart in the blog post for approximate yardage for each size. Hope that helps!

  • jlovelady

    So, I don’t have any of the yarn listed and I don’t have the money to go buy more yarn.  What shall I do???  I have tons and tons of yarn in tubs, but I don’t have anything that what they are calling for….boooo.

    • Zontee

      Hi there, if you have enough yardage of another yarn that is a similar gauge to the Vanna’s Glamour, you should be able to substitute it. For more information about substitution, please see our FAQ: 

      Hope that helps!

  • Candi Rhynalds Smith

    My new daughter-in-law asked me last summer if I could make her a shrug for the reception after marrying my son. I was sad but had to be truthful and tell her that I wasn’t that comfortable making one and not sure she would like it but at some point later when I am a better crocheter I would make her one. How fabulous that the shrug won and now I can learn along with others. Looking forward to starting.

  • Sillybiochemist

    How do I know what size range I am in? Thanks!

    • Zontee

      Hi there, we use the standard sizing set out by the Craft Yarn Council (an industry group), so you can check this chart of their sizing and compare it to your bust size to figure out which size you should make: 

      Hope that helps! Also, don’t forget to browse previous comments, as sometimes questions you have may have already been answered. Welcome to the Crochet-Along!

  • ITHE

    Alright! Will give this a go. Looks pretty and will be wearing this with my Miss Me Jeans and tanks. Please be patient with me if I ask silly questions. This will be my first “big” project.

  • SewUnicorn

    I’ve been following this blog for years, but this is the first time I’m planning to join in on the CAL.  This is also the first time I’m going to be making something intended as apparel – all of my prior projects have been scarves, blankets, towels…. stuff that I didn’t need to piece together and weren’t dependent on gauge.

    I haven’t figured out yarn yet. I know I have a bunch of category 2 yarns at home, not sure if I have any Cat1 weight. So I’ll probably have to go shopping.

  • Loni

    This my first crochet along! So excited! It looks like the sock ease will be more washer and dryer friendly. I am fairly new to this so please let me know if I am wrong.

    • Zontee

      Hi Loni, Vanna’s Glamour, Sock-Ease, and Jamie are all machine-washable and dryable. You can click on the names of the yarns in the chart to see their yarn pages with all of their care details. Hope that helps!

  • Diva Hadley

    I am going to attempt a CAL. I better finish my scarf project first so I can focus on this. This will be my first clothing article that isn’t an accessory. Very excited. 

  • trashy crochet

    really looking forward to making this, x

  • Lhxp73

    Looking forward to this crochet along. Going to make it for my 17yr old granddaughter

  • Lynne

    Really excited about this. I had already started making this but am self taught so I always have a lot of trouble doing new things. I learn from my mistakes. Now I’ll be able to follow along and learn as I go.

  • Denise Royal

    Really wanted to do the tunisian but I think I will try this one. 

  • Lorraina

    As i’m not a very experienced crocheter i felt i had to be safe and use the yarn called for; it was just the colour that was hard to chose. As i’m rather reserved i felt that some were too sparkly and bright for me so i picked Topaz which i thought would be good for a blond or anyone actually and could easily be dressed up or down as the 3 Ways to Style show (thanks for that btw!) The parts of my shrug that i’ve done so far have lots of stretch but i don’t know if that’s because of the yarn or because of it being the product of crochet. I am interested to know if cotton yarn will turn out stretchy as well.  

    • Zontee

      Hi Lorraina, certainly Vanna’s Glamour is a particularly stretchy and springy yarn, so it will have more stretch than a cotton will, but you can always make a swatch of cotton to see how it might react in the same stitch pattern. Hope that helps!

  • Jean Michael

    I did the crochet along last year and it was a sweater. I am so excited to do another. I just have to get out to get my yarn. I called around and our local stores carry it. I will only be limited in color by what they carry. It was awesome to be able to ask a ton of questions last year. I am sure I will have more this year as there are a couple new stitches.

  • Emily

    I really excited as this is my first LionBrandYarn hosted Crochet-Along, and I absolutely adore this shrug! I will be making it for myself. And if I like it, I’ll be making some more from sisters and mum and nanna! I;’m ’emaleebrooke’ on Ravelry!

    • Zontee

      Hi Emily, welcome! Don’t forget to join our group on Ravelry–linked at the bottom of this blog post. 

  • Kathy Anderson Guzzo

    I am Kathy Anderson and can’t wait to get started.  I am going out to get the yarn in the next couple days.  I live fulltime in a 40′ motorhome and always need great projects to keep me busy.  Thank you for doing this wonderful shrug!

  • GretchenP

    Hmm, trying to decide on this one. I’d like to try my first semi fitted garment with a group but…… I have recurrent tendinitis in both wrists and it gets painful if I do post stitches. Trying to decide if the amount of post stitches in the pattern is within my pain tolerance.

    • Vanessa Michelle

      Hi Gretchen!

      The post stitches are only used for edging, and if you would like to replace these stitches with something else, you can create your own customized border!  I would hate to see someone unable to do the pattern just because of this!  I’ll go over changing stitches in future posts.

      Lion Brand Yarn Studio

  • Gaduval1

    This shrug drew my vote, so I think I will need to participate in the CAL! I don’t want to purchase any more yarn right noe, but I have wevral cones of the 1878. So, I guess I’m good to go!

    • Vanessa Michelle

      You could get several shrugs out of those! 😀

      Lion Brand Yarn Studio

  • Katie

    My first crochet along… I am exciting, need to go get yarn, any suggestion on color that woul go with green?

    • Zontee

      Hi Katie, Vanna’s Glamour has a lot of wonderful metallic colors that will go well with various greens (Topaz, Copper, Moonstone, Grey Stone, Platinum, Onyx)–plus it can be nice to pick a neutral that will go with lots of things in your wardrobe. Visit the Vanna’s Glamour page for pictures of all the colors: 

      Or order a color card to get samples of the yarn to see in person (shipping is free on color cards): 

  • Vmmoseng

    Yay! I’m so excited cant wait to start!

  • Narelle @ Cook Clean Craft

    I love the look of this shrug/cardigan and am really looking forward to the CAL. Better head to the craft store to get some yarn tomorrow!

  • Brittany Whittenberg

    Hi-my name’s Brittany, and this will be my first crochet along! I’m so excited! :-) I’m using the Jamie yarn, in light pink. I bought the yarn online, so I don’t really know who I’ll give it to until I can actually see the yarn in person. 

    Is there anything on Ravelry for this event? Here’s my profile: 

    Can’t wait to start! :-) -Brit

    • Zontee

      Hi Brittany, there’s a link to the Ravelry Group for this Crochet-Along at the bottom of this blog post. We hope you’ll join!

  • Carine-dellys

    Bonjour, mon prénom est Carine. Je suis française et je suis abonnée à votre news-letter que j’adore.
    Je vais essayer de suivre semaine après semaine les posts pour la réalisation de ce magnifique gilet.
    Sinon, je ne manquerai pas de venir vous voir au magasin à New York, lorsque je viendrai l’année prochaine.

  • Una Beaumont

    Hi, my name is Una, I live in Scarborough UK. I have been so excited in the past couple of week about this project!  I just hope I’ll cope with the pattern as I am a beginner in crochet (originally knitter), but i’m also relying on my knitting club for advice….  :-)
    It feels absolutely mint to be part of this group to realise the same project!
    Thank you xxxxxx

  • Amhagen22

    I’m excited to give it a try. New to crochet so it might turn out as a place may :).

  • Karen

    This is my first CAL and I may need help with this.  I would like to make one for me (pink) and one for my niece.  It will be nice to have help if I don’t understand the pattern.