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5 Fun Summertime Projects From Crafty Bloggers!

June 4th, 2012

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With the changing of the seasons, it seems that a lot of people are making the transition to knitting or crocheting with fibers more suited for warm weather; cotton is definitely a popular appropriate spring/summer yarn.  Additionally, with the change of the seasons, there’s usually a change in the types of  projects you work on – maybe you create more dishcloths, or knit/crochet small, portable items to seam together into one large piece later.  I’ve been seeing some beautiful projects online made by crafters such as yourself that I’d love to share.  Take a look at the projects below and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next project!


Kitchen Cotton Yarn Bombed Chair

Kitchen Cotton Yarn Bombed Chair

Val, over at Val’s Corner was inspired by the bright colors of Kitchen Cotton to yarn bomb her sweet little chair for a fun summery look.  I love her color combinations, and the choice of leaving some of the white wood exposed was perfect; the contrast really allows the colors to pop!