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Craft Your Own DIY Halloween Wreath

September 14th, 2012

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Craft Your Own DIY Halloween Wreath TutorialHalloween is right around the corner, but crafting for the holiday doesn’t have to be a fright! In just 15 minutes, you can make your very own sparkling wreath. All you need to gather is a styrofoam wreath (any size; mine is 6 inches wide), a styrofoam cone (mine is 2.5 inches tall), some glue, a crafting/Xacto knife (be careful!), a writing utensil, 1 ball of Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash in Onyx, and one package of Bonbons in Beach. Ready to craft? Let’s get started!

Craft Your Own DIY Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Step 1: Wrap the styrofoam wreath with your sparkling yarn until it’s fully covered. Glue yarn ends or use a needle to secure them.
Step 2: Carefully cut your styrofoam cone in half longways. If you’re crafting with a child, do this step in advance. Now you’ll have two cone pieces with flat backs, which makes them much easier to secure to the wreath. Don’t worry if they aren’t the same size.
Step 3: Using your writing utensil, mark your cone into thirds. This is your template for the candy corn. Again, don’t worry about being exact.
Step 4: Wrap each third with the appropriate shade of Bonbons; you’ll want to use yellow for the bottom, orange for the middle, and white for the top. Glue yarn ends to secure.
Step 5: The bottom of your cone will be showing on the wreath, so it needs to be yellow! Add some glue all around the bottom of your cone, then lay out your yarn. Follow the curve around and around until you’ve covered the entire bottom. Leave this to dry for a while.
Step 6: When your candy corn are dry, attach them to your wreath using glue. You can also use pins or hot glue if you’d like — whatever you’ve got handy!
Step 7: Using some extra yarn, tie a short length to the back so that your wreath hangs easily.

And that’s all there is to making your own Halloween wreath! Wasn’t that a scream?

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