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10 Projects to Learn New Skills, Pt. 2: Stitches & Construction

November 13th, 2012

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Often, when I am looking for a new pattern for a project, I like to pick something that features a technique that I haven’t tried before. This way, I learn something with each new project. Usually, I pick something on the small side (a hat, scarf, mitts, etc.). But I know more than a few knitters and crocheters who like to “go all in” when they take on a new challenge, picking out large, more complex designs to keep their yarncrafting interesting.

Whether you like a small project or a large one for a new challenge, I hope you learn something with these projects.

Last week, I shared 10 patterns that featured more advanced colorwork skills. In this week’s post, I’ve rounded up patterns for 5 different stitch patterns and construction methods. These are just some of the interesting techniques out there, but I hope you’ll try (at least) one out and add it to your repertoire. It’s by trying new skills that we continue to grow as yarncrafters.

Mitered Crochet

By decreasing in each row to create the “corner turn” of the triangle or square, mitered crochet creates a cool geometric look with just basic skills. Whether you switch colors for a cool striping effect or use a color-change yarn like Amazing to mimic stripes, it looks fantastic. (It will even look cool in solid colors!)

Image of Mitered Crochet Baby Blanket Image of Colorful Mitered Afghan
Mitered Crochet Baby Blanket Crochet Colorful Mitered Afghan