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Monogramming How-To for the Holidays

November 28th, 2012

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Editor’s Note: We’re excited to welcome Devin, the newest member of our team. With a background in fashion design and patterns published in magazines like Vogue Knitting, Devin will be sharing her own take on trends, techniques, and more. Read more about her here.
Monogramming How-To for the Holidays

As the holidays drew nearer, Kelloggs (my pet bunny) decided he wanted to ring in the season with style, so I made him this festive sweater! For this sweater I used Vanna’s Glamour® yarn in red and Jamie® yarn in white. Although not all pets are as keen to dress up, the technique I used to monogram his initial onto the sweater can be used on any knit project. The “K” is embroidered with a tapestry needle instead of using color-work. There are three reasons that you would use this technique:

  1. Embroidering will make your design stand out more, since it is more 3-dimensional
  2. You can create detail with back stitching that you can’t with color-work
  3. You can do it once the project is finished. This way you can spice up a project you have already finished or personalize a store-bought knit garment.

Hint: the yarn you use for your monogram doesn’t need to be the same type as  the yarn used for the rest of the project, but it MUST be the same weight.