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How to Crochet Circles Two Ways

January 2nd, 2013

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How to Crochet Circles Two Ways | Lion Brand NotebookCrocheting a circle is a skill that is the basis of making items from hats to amigurumi. There are two ways to make circles, each with advantages and disadvantages, but the basic formula is the same. Here’s what you need to know:

The spiral technique means that you go around and around and around. If you look at it in the left column below, you’ll see that this leaves a little step in each round as you work, but it also creates a smoother fabric, good for amigurumi.

For standalone circles, joined rounds (see the right column below) will look most circular, without that little step that you get working in spiral. When you work joined rounds,  it means that at the end of each round, you’ll join the first and last stitch with a slip stitch, chain for the height of your next round (ch 1 for sc, ch 2 for hdc, etc.) and then start the next round. While this creates a little jog in the fabric where the rounds were joined, it also allows you to use stitch patterns more easily once you’re working even, as in hats, since each round is separate from the next. In joined rounds, you can also use stitch patterns that are worked back and forth (see my blog post from last week).