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How to Style a Triangle Shawl: Video and Patterns

March 21st, 2013

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I’m sure many of you have been shedding your heavy winter jackets preparing for warmer weather ahead.  Now is the perfect time to get started on projects that will be ready for when you need just a little extra warmth for your neck and shoulders, but not a jacket.  It’s the perfect time for a … shawl project!

The triangle shawl is a very popular pattern style and can be a staple piece to have because of its versatility.  Below, you’ll find some basic shawl patterns to get you started, along with a video displaying 7 different ways you can wear your shawl.  My favorite is the handkerchief style; check out the video and see for yourself.


Knit Indian Summer Shawl
Knit Indian Summer Shawl
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Crochet New Years Shawl
Crochet New Years Shawl
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Shawl Stick: Scroll in Cherry
Shawl Stick: Scroll in Cherry
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Do you tend to start your shawl projects at the beginning of spring, or do you work on them all year long? Share your preferences with us!

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