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Enter Our Loom Knitting Book & Yarn Giveaway

March 28th, 2013

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We’re wrapping up National Craft Month (and Crochet Month) with one more giveaway!

Today, we’ve teamed up with our friends at St. Martin’s to bring you a great giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a copy of Loom Knitting for Babies & Toddlers by Isela Phelps PLUS 3 balls of our lovely Martha Stewart Crafts™ Extra Soft Wool Blend yarn! It’s a great way to start thinking ahead to baby projects.

Loom Knitting for Babies & Toddlers Giveaway

Enter Lion Brand's Loom Knitting Book & Yarn Giveaway

« Click here to enter. »

FIVE LUCKY WINNERS will each get the prize. But as an added bonus, you can check out an exclusive pattern from the book by clicking here right now!

Good luck!

Please note: Comments left on this blog post do NOT count as entries. Please click on the link above to enter.

Update (April 12): Congratulations to our winners: Gloria Webber, Joanne Wilson, Evan Bell, Grace Cumley, and Bev Gilpin!

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  • Tracy

    Would absolutely LOVE to win!

    • Zontee

      Good luck, Tracy! If you haven’t already, be sure to click the link above to fill out the form and enter the contest.

  • Leslie Blair Gallagher

    Would love to win this contest..

  • Ardosa Carboni

    Love it!

  • Susanne Leone

    This by far would be the best items to win !!! Fingers Crossed here !

  • Kathy Smith Kellenbenz

    I would love to win this, I love the colors and I know just what I would make

  • Nikki Brown


  • Guest

    I can’t seem to find the link :(

    • Linda Jones

      Click where the big blue sentence <> directly under the photo. it should take you to the entry page. Good Luck,

  • Farryn

    I have been waitting all month for a chance at an amazing loom knit give away! Looming has become a rewarding hobby of mine and I cant get enough! Isela Phelp’s books are amazing tools for loomers of every skills level. Would totally
    LOVE to win this!

  • Tracy

    Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

  • MaryBeth

    very cute!! I love the free pattern – a little out of my skill range (newbie) but cute nonetheless.

  • paakrat

    Don’t know what loom knitting is????

    • Zontee

      Hi paakrat, loom knitting is a way to knit using a tool with individual pegs on it to hold each stitch instead of having all of the stitches on needles. It can be a good method of knitting for those who find it difficult to knit with needles. For more information, you can see this earlier blog post from our blog that has a lot of good information about it:

  • Shelly Sundheim

    Love this yarn! I’m making a baby blanket with it! Would love more yarn to make some accessories to match!

  • kirs10sac

    Just finished a toddler sweater and hat with this yarn, Wonderful to work with and beautiful results!

  • greening

    This yarn is beautiful! I made a toy and a sweater with it. It really is soft, as are the colors.

  • Kimberly Stone

    I love this yarn!

  • Elaine

    i love this yarn is so very soft, this is the only yarn i will use to make my diabetic slipper’s for those that have diabetes

  • Elaine

    i would love to win this yarn to crochet things for my grandkids.Every thing i work on my granddaughter thinks should be hers,love to see her face light up when I do give her something.

  • carol

    How come after I signed up for the giveaway and I press enter it goes to a survey page?

    • Wanda

      I wondered the same thing? It said “Thank you for taking the survey”, or similar wording. But, I didn’t take a survey.

      • Zontee

        Hi Carol and Wanda, we simply use a survey-style software to collect the contest entries and that’s the default language when you finish the form. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve updated it.

  • Mai Chang

    I love Martha Steward yarn and hope to win a free gift………..

  • Brenda Rivera

    I never tried the craft yarn, but I will as soon as I get over to the store. I love loom knitting!

  • Margie Spruell

    i have never tried loom knitting. i have hand knitted baby blankets. but i have used martha stewart yarn before

  • Maxine Miller

    I would love to loom knit my great granddaughter some sweaters for spring. The colors are beautiful. Thank you for the give away and Happy Easter to you.

  • Caz4

    It’s not actually a survey – the Survey Monkey is a great way of getting answers to a set of predetermined questions from large groups – the ‘surveyor’ gets a coded response letting them know the stats they were collecting. At work, we used Survey Monkey to ask meeting participants pre meeting if they’d be attending or not. That way, the chairperson knew before the meeting if a quorum would be attained etc… Hope that helped. Caz4

    • Carolyn Stephens

      If you want to run a contest on Facebook, Fan Page Toolkit has the tools you need. Tech whiz Marsha Collier told me about it.

  • Virginia

    I would love to win this, we are expecting a new grandchild in October.

  • Carol Sweigert

    The knitting loom sounds like it would be a big help for me!! I just can’t seem to get the hang of knitting with those long needles. I do well at crocheting, but I need help with knitting!!

  • sewsueme54

    I love to crochet, but there is always something that requires knitting…I would love to learn how to knit…..

  • MommaA

    I am a self-taught knitter, thank you You Tube! My kids gave me the Martha Stewart loom set but it is hard to find patterns, would love to start using it more, would like to make hats for the preemies at our local hospital since my daughter was in Neo natal ICU when she was born I know how special something like a pretty little hat is for a special baby and it’s absolutely necessary to keep their body heat in.

  • Florence Eller


    I do a lot of knitting and crocheting and would love to win this prize.

  • Debbie Hofman

    Would love to win this I am very interested in starting loom knitting and this would be a great start

  • Robin elsner

    I would love to win I loom knitting all the time, I have made leg warmers and bottle holders