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We Want You! (To Pick Our Spring Knit-Along Project!)

April 10th, 2013

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The holidays are over and your hand-knitted gifts (yes, even the stragglers) are all done. If you’re like us, you can use some inspiration for a new knitting project. That’s why we’re kicking off our Spring 2013 Knit-Along! Help us choose the winning pattern and we’ll work on it together, step-by-step, throughout the spring.

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Vote by April 21, 11:59 pm Eastern. Remember, you must submit your vote through SurveyMonkey for it to count!

KAL spring 2013

Want a sneak peek at the patterns? Click these links for the patterns shown above, clockwise from top left: Slip Stitch Sampler Throw, Tranquil Green Tank Top, Fireside Patchwork Afghan and Ginger Sweater.

We’ll announce the winner here on Thursday, April 25th. We’re excited to have our friend Heather Lodinsky hosting. We can’t wait to see what the winning project will be!

New to knit-alongs? Check out our guide to knit/crochet-alongs for some helpful advice. Crocheters, we’ll be having another crochet-along in the coming months, so keep an eye out for an announcement.

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  • Margie Spruell

    slip stitch sampler throw i bought some new yarn today at r local yarn shop . i would love to make this. i am so excited

  • lyndau

    I voted via the survey monkey link. I had only two choices because both sweaters only have four sizes. I’m disappointed by this as I really like the look of the Tranquil Green Tank Top.

  • Paula Randolph

    the afghan project sounds awesome!

  • The Crafty Carrot

    Not an afghan too many afghans aready. Something to wear like the tank would be the greatest!!

  • =Tamar

    The tank seems more suitable for spring. By the way, it’s “sneak peek” not sneak “peak.”

    • Ashley Tedesco

      Oh no! I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks for letting me know; it’s been corrected.

  • BeWeDe

    Tank top is appropriate for spring/summer. That’s my vote.

  • Shalifa

    Ginger Sweater is my first choice, Slip Stitch Sampler Throw, and Fireside Patchwork Afghan are tied for second in my book, Just not sure I could afford that much yarn right now. I woudl never make Tranquil Green Tank Top. sorry not modest enough for this 48 year old.

  • HicksNeunert Stephanie

    The slip stitch afghan or the tank top.

  • Elizabeth Ann

    Slip stitch sampler throw!

  • Elaine

    Tank top.

  • Kathy Mullins-Engelhardt

    I like the ginger sweater

  • Erin Dolan

    the afghan project

  • Bev Brookens

    Green tank op

  • Hetty de Boer

    Ginger sweater

  • Kathy

    love, love, love the ginger sweater or the green tank top. I would make each of them and wear them too. they are so pretty and great for the spring.

    • Ashley Tedesco

      Woohoo! Vote for your favorite, if you haven’t already, here:, but make them both anyway and let us know how they turn out! :)

  • ladymelinda

    love the green top!

  • Mary Kay Smith

    Definitely the slip stitch sampler throw!

  • momknits

    The slip stitch looks like something I could do. I’m not a great knitter but I try my best. I belong to a group that gathers yarns and then shares them with anyone who will make an item that we give to a charity.Great way to keep the yarn clutter to a minimum.

  • Wheezie

    slip stitch sampler throw sounds great. I really like the colors.

  • Jess

    I can’t decide between the green tank and the fireside afghan. I’ve never made an afghan before.

  • Christy


  • SBrent

    The Tank Top sounds wonderful and challenging at the same time.

  • Stay Calm Carry Yarn

    I have already made two of the six squares and my friends and family think I am ssooooooooooo talented! These are color combinations I normally wouldn’t think to put together, and the picture does not do the finished product justice. It really turns out to be a work of art!

    • Susan Birren Imperiale

      How does the back look? I sometimes really dislike the wrong side of knit afghans that I’ve tried!

  • Renee Reed

    slip stitch sampler sounds great to me.

  • Sueimpe

    I love the slip stitch sampler Afghan, and I’m actually needing one! I considered myself an intermediate knitter until I looked at this. It looks really hard! I’m a color change cheater only using painted or multi colored yarns on socks & stuff. I don’t know if I can tackle this without tears…

    • Felicity Lowinger

      This will be a great way to play with colour changes! If it comes about, I hope you will make it and really enjoy it!

  • Susan Birren Imperiale

    I love the slip stitch sampler Afghan, and I’m actually needing one! I considered myself an intermediate knitter until I looked at this. It looks really hard! I’m a color change cheater only using painted or multi colored yarns on socks & stuff. I don’t know if I can tackle this without tears…

  • Christy

    I love the green tank top!!!!! And I did vote. Sounds fun!

  • Beryl, Australia

    The slip stitch afghan would be my choice, great incentive to keep up and finish a large project.

  • Janice Eagan

    Green Tank Top! Would be great to wear this summer!!!!
    (Blankets are for fall, keeps your lap warm while you’re working on it. Let’s do something we can wear!)

  • Phyllis

    I think the tank top. Something to enjoy this time of year when it is made. Everything else to warm

  • amystery726

    sampler throw.

  • lorriq

    I love the slip stitch sampler throw! It gets my vote.

  • Carol Sebold

    The slip stitch afghan looks good!

  • Deb Lake

    The slip stitch afghan looks challenging… but I would go also for the tank top..

  • Jane Cisneros

    Tranquil Green Tank Top – it’s cute and I could go for some tranquility!

  • mari7322

    I would love to do the sampler afghan

  • wormlynn

    the tank top, deffinatly, i’ve never done a knit along, but if this one wins, I just might come a long!

  • Mary

    Sampler Afghan

  • Mary

    Sampler Afghan

  • Susieq

    I like the tranquil tank top. Never did a knit along I’m just an average knitter and would like to try something different. Have done too many afghans and blankets.

  • Julie Linderleaf

    Green knit tank top. It’s been in my favorite file for awhile now and I would love to wear my knitting besides scarves!

  • Stephanie Beckman

    No matter what I click on, I get a close up of the Ginger Sweater.

    • Ashley Tedesco

      Hi Stephanie, which links are you clicking? If you click the large image of all of the projects, it will take you to the voting page, which starts with the Ginger Sweater. The rest will be shown with details as you scroll down to cast your vote. If you’d like to see the patterns for each of the individual patterns, the links are highlighted in orange just beneath the graphic. I hope this is helpful! :)

  • Holly Meredith

    Ginger Sweater

  • lucy

    I vote for the slip stitch throw. It’s gorgeous.

  • Sharyn

    Definitely the tranquil tank – I’ve had my eye on that one for a while, but it looks like a step up in my skill levels, so it would be welcome to get advice on it as the project progresses. No throws or afghans this time of year – it’s been such a long winter anyway, the last thing I want to see right now, let alone knit, is a blanket of any kind!

  • Susan Bantz

    slip stitch afghan!

  • Sheryl

    I like the tranquil tank top.

  • Felicity Lowinger

    Love the slip stitch sampler throw

  • Felicity Lowinger

    Love the slip stitch sampler throw

  • Patti

    The Fireside Patchwork…. I would really like to learn how to knit cables