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We Want You! (To Pick Our Spring Knit-Along Project!)

April 10th, 2013

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The holidays are over and your hand-knitted gifts (yes, even the stragglers) are all done. If you’re like us, you can use some inspiration for a new knitting project. That’s why we’re kicking off our Spring 2013 Knit-Along! Help us choose the winning pattern and we’ll work on it together, step-by-step, throughout the spring.

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Vote by April 21, 11:59 pm Eastern. Remember, you must submit your vote through SurveyMonkey for it to count!

KAL spring 2013

Want a sneak peek at the patterns? Click these links for the patterns shown above, clockwise from top left: Slip Stitch Sampler Throw, Tranquil Green Tank Top, Fireside Patchwork Afghan and Ginger Sweater.

We’ll announce the winner here on Thursday, April 25th. We’re excited to have our friend Heather Lodinsky hosting. We can’t wait to see what the winning project will be!

New to knit-alongs? Check out our guide to knit/crochet-alongs for some helpful advice. Crocheters, we’ll be having another crochet-along in the coming months, so keep an eye out for an announcement.

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  • Rob

    Patchwork Afghan – would be good to have some help with this one…

  • Linden

    Fireside throw! It’s gorgeous!

  • Deb B

    Fireside Patchwork Afghan! I am downloading the pattern and hope to start it soon, even if it is not the knit-a-long!

    • Zontee

      Glad to hear it, Deb–Nicky Epstein is a very talented designer and it’s a great pattern.

  • sjlsew

    Ginger sweater!!

  • greening

    Once again, you offer a KAL with the only two choices for garments in a very limited size range. Both the Ginger Sweater and Tranquil Tank Top are pretty and stop at 1X, although many, even most of your women’s garment patterns go up to 2X or even 3X. Some plus-size knitters could and would make and wear these designs if sized up to at least 2X. Why leave us out? We buy more skeins of yarn than typically sized knitters. It’s just a diss. No, I don’t need to make a blanket to wear, and although I like both blanket patterns, I don’t appreciate being given only half the number of choices other KAL participants have, and I don’t want to make a blanket at this time of year. This reminds me of the year you gave us Pearl’s Cardigan and didn’t ask the famous designer to upsize it. I have bought a lot of Lion Brand yarn over the years; I’m beginning to wonder if you’d rather I didn’t.

    • Zontee

      Hi Greening, sorry you’re feeling frustrated. I’d like to address some of the questions and issues you bring up: For knit- and crochet-alongs where we have votes, we choose patterns that we feel have enough different design elements and skills that we think will create a rich and interesting project. However, since we’ve started doing knit-alongs, you’ll find that the vast majority have been patterns that include 2X and 3X sizes, such as these knit-alongs: Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover, Saturday Morning Hoodie, Inishturk Sweater, and last year’s Custom Raglan Cardi knit-alongs. Our crochet-alongs also usually include 2X and 3X sizes as well, such as the Moderne Jacket, Mesh Raglan Tee, and last year’s Glittery Shrug.

      Furthermore, we’ve heard over the years that there are a lot of people who would like to do afghans (as you can see from other comments on this blog post), so we do sometimes include afghans in the mix. Plus one of our most popular knit-alongs was of the Tree of Life Afghan and two of our most popular crochet-alongs were afghans (the Crochet Sampler Afghan and a guest designer crochet-along with Edie Eckman).

      As for our guest designer crochet-along with Kristin Omdahl, since it was a pattern that was given to us free by the book publisher as a contribution to the crochet-along, we don’t have the ability to affect the sizing. We appreciate all the time and energy Kristin (and other guest designers) put into leading these free events on our site, but we also recognize that being busy designers who teach classes and design for a living, they may not have the time to resize a pattern specifically for the event. Kristin did however explain that since it’s a top-down cardigan, it can be made for any size, and she did explain how to calculate changes to make it for your specific bust size in this post:

      As with many of our knit- and crochet-alongs, Kristin talked about customizing the project to your needs in her posts, so we hope in the future that you’ll follow along and see if a pattern can be adjusted for you (and you can always jump into the pattern if/whenever you choose), even if it’s not in the exact size you’re looking for.

      • greening

        I get the point. You want typical-size crafters all of the time, and you’ll include me some of the time. You’ll accept whatever a designer gives you without asking that they provide a more inclusive size range. The headline at the top of this page says “We Want You,” but it should say, “…Unless you wear a plus size over 1X.” FYI, the Spinrite family of comparably priced yarns (Bernat, Patons, etc.) sizes nearly all their patterns up to 4X. So I know who wants my business and who would rather not work with me. Just ordered Kitchen Cotton for the Fair Isle bag; kind of wishing I hadn’t…

        • be

          Zontee – I appreciate your explanation and attitude in your response.

  • Betty

    I like the slip stitch afghan

  • Naomi Alexander

    I am thrilled at the prospect of a knit along. Thank you for continuing to provide opportunities for me to improve and advance my skill, talent and creative endeavors.

    • Zontee

      Thanks for joining, Naomi!

  • Juliekins

    Slip stitch throw!!

    • Zontee

      Thanks for sharing, Juliekins–be sure that you vote via the link, if you haven’t already. Here’s a direct link:

  • Lori Huerta de Leon

    my vote is for the tranquil top

  • Cristina

    Tank top

  • Jenna

    Tank Top cause its spring!

  • Terri

    I like the Tranquil Tank Top

  • stephimd

    I have to agree with the tank top, because some day, it will be spring in Illinois!

  • Gloria

    I love the slip stitch sampler y hope it would be the winner.

  • Dana Downey

    I love the Tranquil Top and I’ve always wanted to knit a sweater. I’ve knit a raglan sweater for children and have done socks, cables and intarsia knitting sampler projects so hopefully the skills wouldn’t be too hard.

  • SEA

    Slip stitch sampler

  • Kelli

    Tank Top

  • Tamie

    The Green tank top!!

  • Shawna Villa

    Id like to do the slip stitch sampler throw!

  • Christine van der Merwe

    Afgan project looks wonderful

  • Okeekat2

    The afghan is the one for me! I’ve loved it since I first saw it. Just wish I could afford the kit!

  • gailalison10

    I vote for either one of the tops, with a preference toward the Tranquil green tank top. I haven’t knit anything, other than hats to wear, but I would like to start.

  • Marci

    I love the tranquil tank top. Its perfect for spring/summer

  • Paula Moore Harrington

    Definately tank top!

  • Joyce

    I vote for the Slip Stitch Sampler Throw:)

  • Sue

    I vote for the Fireside Patchwork Afghan

  • dennykp

    slip stitch sampler please

  • Michelle

    Tank top, for sure! I’m so ready for WARM weather and when it does, I’ll have something special to wear!!

  • Rachel Sooy

    Tank or Blanket are my favorites

  • Beblits

    Ginger sweater :)

  • Angelwriterspeaks

    sampler throw

  • Rhine

    Slip stitch afghan!

  • Beth White

    That slip stitch sampler is so striking. I love it! Hope you choose this one.

  • Andee

    the tank would look good over a lighter layer for the evening

  • Mary Green

    tranquil green tank top. I recall eyeing this a couple years ago and wanting to make it for our daughter. I have since then knit a child’s sweater and feel more confident. Am ready to take on this bigger project.

  • Ellen

    I love the sampler throw or the afghan

  • April

    Tank top

  • Jennifer

    Slip stitch sampler!

  • Stephanie Boyd

    Patchwork afghan would be amazing but I’d do the sampler as well

  • Mackena Kristine Lannes

    Tranquil Tank Top! Love it!!!

  • Jeanne Oman

    green tank top

  • ChattyKate

    Slip stitch sampler!

  • Daniela Cirillo

    Fireside Patchwork Afghan

  • Molly Campbell

    Slip stitch afghan!

  • kathy

    fireside patchwork afgan

  • Heather G.

    the tank top is too cute.

  • Carolyn Rios-Roots

    fireside sampler afghan please :)

  • Pat

    I go for the slip stitch afghan, I am going to make it regardless

  • CatKnit593

    Tranquil Green Tank Top

  • Mona Moscardini

    Would like to try the Fireside Patchwork Afghan