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Join Our Spring Knit-Along Featuring the… Tranquil Tank Top!

April 25th, 2013

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KAL badgeEach season we host a crochet- or knit-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up! Simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you knit your project, and feel free to share your comments and/or photos as you progress.

The votes are in!

We asked you to vote on what knit project you’d like to make, and you picked our Tranquil Green Tank Top! More than 6,000 of you voted, and we’re so excited to knit-along with you.

Click here to download the pattern for the Tranquil Tank Top.

To get this knit-along going, this week is about gathering your materials so that we can jump right in next week. This lovely tank top is made in our Vanna’s Choice yarn, a versatile, easy-care, acrylic worsted-weight yarn that comes in a huge assortment of stunning colors. If you’re more in the mood for a cotton blend, Cotton-Ease is a great substitute, and will be light and lovely as the temperatures get warmer. You can also opt for the eco-friendly choice and knit your top in Recycled Cotton, which is a blend of new and recycled materials.

As with any yarn substitution, you’ll also need to figure out how many skeins of the yarn of your choice the pattern will require. Here are the number of balls for our other recommended yarns:

 Yarn S/M  L  1X
 Vanna’s Choice  4 skeins 4 skeins  5 skeins
 Cotton-Ease  4 skeins 4 skeins  5 skeins
 Recycled Cotton  4 skeins 4 skeins  5 skeins

Click here for our FAQ on substituting yarns.

When choosing a size, sometimes it helps to find a top that you like the fit of and measure this garment to help you choose a size.

Starting next week, our KAL host Heather will be posting her progress through the tank top project, with updates coming every Thursday. You’ll know it’s a dedicated KAL blog post when you see our special badge in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Don’t forget to join our Ravelry group for this KAL as well!

In the meantime, please introduce yourself below–let us know who you are, where you’re from, and who you’re making this top for!

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  • Anne

    I guess I’ll be the first. My name is Anne (Anne1k on Ravelry) and I live in Palo Alto, CA. This will be my third KAL. I’ll be doing some yarn shopping today. Looking forward to the fun!

  • Susan Perry Brush

    My name is Susan and I joined the Ravelry Knit Along for this tank. This will be my second Knit-Along. About to whip out my debt card and make my purchase on the Cotton Ease.

  • Karen

    Happy that it’s the tranquil tank top which I voted for! I’m Karen and I live in Singapore. This is my first KAL and I hope I can keep up.

  • Jane

    I’m hoping to knit along, will make a change to share something instead of knitting in isolation! I am from Portsmouth, UK and it is my first knit along.

  • Jenna

    I am from New Jersey. This is my first KAL. I am very nervous and excited. I am making this for myself if it fits in the end.

  • Shoshy Roback

    Hi my name is Shoshy, (shoshyr on Ravelry) I live inI Coral Springs, Florida, USA and am in Tel Aviv Israel as we speak, going home tomorrow. This is my second knit along and I loved doing it!

  • Lisa

    Lisa from Central NY state. This is my first KAL and will be yarn shopping today!

  • Autumn

    Hi this is my first KAL, and I am going to knit this beauty for myself :)

  • Becky

    This is Becky from PA. I’ve done a couple of the other KAL and am looking forward to this one. Ordered my yarn today. Can’t wait to do a swatch. This will be my first project using a chart, so looking forward to learning a new skill :)

  • Kristin Kebalka

    Kristin from NH, and this is my first KAL. I just joined the KAL on Ravelry. I’m looking forward to making my first garment and hoping that in the end it fits me :)

  • Laura

    Laura from Oak Harbor. I think I will make this for myself to wear to a wedding this summer.

  • Cyndie Dyer

    the top is beautiful on the model but i don’t think my stomach would look good in that ribbing – maybe next project =( sigh

  • Debra Williams

    Ugh! that wasn’t my pick and there is no way I’d be caught dead wearing it. Sorry, won’t be taking part in this KAL.

  • MaryAnn Seeger

    some really nice finished ones on Ravelry….. wasn’t sure it was the top for me but after seeing what it looks like on others ….I like the idea of it over a shirt. Will head out for yarn later today.

  • Kristen Cenci

    Wondering what the difference is between this one and the blissful blue pattern, is it just color? Because I recently started blissful blue would love to use the KAL to work on and finish it

  • Debbie Woodruff

    Hi, this is Debbie from Stafford, VA. I am going to try this in the Recycled Cotton. Putting in my order this afternoon.

  • Elizabeth Wade McCullough

    Lowell, Mass. here. I’m knitting this one for myself!

  • MaryAnn Byrne

    Hi, This is Mary from Stafford, VA. Wish this came a little large. How large is the 1X?

    • Kristina

      MaryAnn, if you look at the pattern it says the finished size of the bust is 47″, 119.5 cm. It would barely fit my 46″ bust with the shoulders probably being too wide on my narrow shoulders. Wish I was a little more experienced in adjusting patterns.

  • Dianne Berger-Hill

    Hello, I am excited to begin this pattern. I live in Norfolk, VA and this is my first KAL. This one is for me and am doing it in a nice neutral heather grey Cotton-Ease. Wish me luck.

  • MMMBaker

    Hi, I’m Marilyn from North Augusta, SC. I’m going to try this, although i have about 4 WIP’s already.

  • Mary Ann Mijanovich

    Hi, Everyone! I am in Shelton WA and look forward to finishing this project with this KAL. I may have enough in my stash to make this one!

  • Gina S.

    Hi, I’m from Ontario, Canada and this is my first knit-along. Glad this was the one chosen – I would have made it anyway, but it helps to have some guidance, and also a deadline! I’m great at starting projects, not so good at finishing them though.
    Quick question – I usually don’t worry about gauge with larger projects, but when it comes to clothing it’s obviously much more important. I just wondered – what stitch pattern should be used to check gauge? It says “over chart patterns” but I don’t know if I should check in the 2k/2p rib, or stockinette stitch, or the lace part?
    I started a swatch in 2k/2p rib and, though I’ve only knit about eight rows so far and can’t check the height yet, the width should be accurate at this point – and it says 14 stitches should be 4 inches – mine’s closer to 2 inches! I know I knit a bit tight, but that seems like a huge difference. Though this gauge might be slightly different in st stitch or lace, I dunno??
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

    • Gina S.

      Okay, I’m not that far off – I was eyeballing it and when I measured it’s actually 3-1/2″, so much closer!! Whoops, a bit overly dramatic of me!
      Still curious which stitch is best to measure though, just to make sure. Thanks!

      • Zontee

        Hi Gina, it’s the laced stitch used in the charts, and yes, your gauge may vary, so I’d recommend doing your swatch in the specified stitch. Heather, our KAL host will talk more about getting gauge next week if you want to wait, but please feel free to proceed if you want too.

        • Gina S.

          Thank you!!

  • Christy Richards

    Hi, I’m Christy in Perth, Western Australia. This is my first KAL and I’m very excited! I do have a question. I’ve heard that I can get Lion Brand Yarn at Spotlight stores, yet I’ve been to several and still can’t seem to find it. Do you have a list of stores that carry it, so I can get my yarn?


    • Zontee

      Hi Christy, since stores may not always buy directly from us (they may
      buy through a distributor or, in the case of chains, stores may purchase
      together through a main office), we aren’t able to tell you which specific
      stores in your area carry a specific item. We recommend that you give them a call ahead of time. You can also order from this Australian website which carries Lion Brand products including Cotton-Ease and Martha Stewart Crafts Cotton Hemp, both of which would be great for this project (be sure to calculate the number of balls you’d need of the Cotton Hemp, since it comes in smaller balls):

      • Christy

        Thanks Zontee!!
        We’ve only been in Australia about 15 months (coming from Denver CO) and I must say for a country with more sheep than people, the yarn here leaves a LOT to be desired! Luckily I brought a huge stash so I’ll see what I find :)

        • youngun

          Hi Christy, online shopping is the best way to go for yarn purchases here I’m afraid, if you can’t find a great LYS. Lion Brand online is great – particularly when sales are available. There are many others you can access too. One of my favourites is which offers cones of yarn that are great value and they will ply up to the thickness you desire too. I look forward to seeing everyone’s finished projects.

  • Nana

    Hello from Atlanta, Georgia! I am Nana and I have never done a “knit along”, but it looks like an easy pattern to knit something that has some “fit” instead of scarves, etc…. looking forward to learning something new!

  • Jodie

    Hi! I’m Jodie from New Mexico. I have never done a KAL, and have never tried a garmet. I think I’m ready and this seems like a good supportive opportunity. My main concern is the fact that we are knitting from a chart. I am a left-handed knitter. How will this affect the outcome? Do I follow the chart differently? Help!

  • Pat Nevill

    Hi – I’m Pat from New Jersey – I’m thinking of trying this – it will be my first KAL, I’m left handed and it’s my first garment!!

  • Corri Rekart

    Hello all, I will be making this for my daughter, looking forward to it.

  • Anita Keeton

    Since I’ve been reading this is the first KAL for quite a few of you it’s given me the confidence to try it myself! We’ll see how it goes…really like the pattern!

  • Jackie H.

    I’m Jackie, I am from Jacksonville, TX, and I plan on making this top for my two daughters(one at a time, of course). This is my first knit-along, and I am looking forward to the guidance!

  • NightowlKnitter

    Hi, I’m Terrie from Maryland. I just finished another summer top KAL, so I feel I can join in with this one now. BUT I already know that an acrylic top in worsted weight is tooooooo hot for Maryland summers! I will be looking to substitute a thinner yarn, probably DK weight, in a cotton blend or maybe even a merino yarn. Of course that means I’m going to have to reinvent all the numbers, but that seems like the way I tend to do things! Now to find some nice yarn!

    • Sharon B

      Hi, I’m Sharon from Arizona and I agree with you on Vanna’s choice1 I do feel that one of the cotton yarns will work, thoough. this is my first time with a KAL. Looking forward to it.

      • Zontee

        In addition to the Cotton-Ease and Recycled Cotton mentioned above, I’d recommend Kitchen Cotton and Martha Stewart Crafts Cotton Hemp as 100% natural options that would be good for this project. You can see them on our site by clicking their names:

  • Dianne Schneider Kahlbau

    Hi – this is Dianne and i’m in north idaho – this is my first KAL and I will be making this one for me.

  • Annie Aponte

    Hi this will be my first project. Hope I can follow along and make this top for me.

    • Rose N.

      Welcome Annie to the group. Congratulations on choosing this as your first project. It will be fun to work on this together. hang in there.

  • Barb

    I have the blue version pattern, so may start with you all. I need to check my yarn stash. I know I have some Cotton Ease that I might use. I live in New Mexico.

  • Michigan Girl

    Hi, this is my first KAL. Now that I have committed, I am excited. I think I’ll use the cotton yarn, cooler for summer. (like we have a long summer here, ha!) I have many women/girls in my family so hopefully it will fit one of us. We shall see. I have stayed away from fitted items and it is time to get over it.

  • Yvonne

    Hi everyone! I am Yvonne and live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. While this is not the project I voted on (I really wanted to try the afghan) I am still looking forward to making this lovely top. I will probably use Cotton-Ease or another cotton blend that I have in my enormous stash. I’m currently working on a baby blanket that one of my co-workers commissioned me for and working on designing an afghan for my granddaughter’s graduation next June. Having this project to also work on will hopefully be somewhat more challenging for me and trying to get each section done within the week may help to keep me focused — just like going to school!

  • Steffie

    Hi! This is Stephanie from Jacksonville, Florida. My first knit-along and I am ready to get started!

  • jojomatt

    I am going to attempt this KAL. It will be my first. I am hoping I can keep up.

  • Danita

    Does anyone know how to convert a 1X to a 2X and 3X?

  • Martha D. Jones

    Hi. I am Martha from Maryland and this is my first KAL. I have never knit from a chart so this will be a huge challenge for me. I also tend to lose momentum half way through a project and end up with several tote bags sitting around with unfinished projects stuffed inside. I will have to push myself to keep up with the group but I really love the pattern and am determined to finish it.

  • Karen

    My name is Karen. I’m from the Akron Ohio area. This is my first knitalong so I’m going to get started buying the yarn…something for summer and for myself. Always making things for gifts and others so this one is for me.

  • Mamaguff

    I’m Deby from Glendale, AZ. I usually stick with afghan projects, but am going to attempt this in cotton ease or recycled cotton for myself

  • Mary S.

    Hi, I’m Mary from Wiltshire, England. I am interested in joining this tutorial, but am fairly awful at knitting. My cables are wobbly, and my jumpers never fit. The pattern says it is for Experienced Knitters, so I’m apprehensive.

  • Evelyn

    I,m Evelyn I live in Phoenix, I,m making the sweater for my daughter.

  • Jackie Nelson Dales

    Hi, I’m Jackie from the upper peninsula of Michigan. This is my first KAL. I hope I can keep up. I will probably use cotton ease. I’ve never done cables and want to learn.

  • Kay T

    Hi everyone! I am Kay from Vallejo, CA. This will be my first knit along and I will appreciate
    the guidance as I knit. My concern is the difficulty of the pattern and that this will fit me
    when I am done. Sounds like I have a lot of company here. I am looking forward to the
    experience and to learning something new.

  • Kim De Loney

    Hi, I’m Kim from Sunnyvale, California and this is my fir KAL. I am so excited!!!! I usually am knitting something for someone else, loved the patten when I saw it a few months ago and am so happy that it was chosen. I will be attempting this patten in the round cause I’m not fond of piece work, so i avoid it when I can. Don’t know if we’re supposed to cast on yet, but I’m gonna give a test swatch in the round to see my guage. Look forward to the experience….Yay

    • Christy

      Hi Kim
      I’m new to Australia from Denver and agree I’m not the best at sewing pieces together. I’d be interested in your pattern changes for doing this in the round!
      Good luck and thanks for any help :)


  • Bea

    Hi, I’m Bea, from Suffolk England. I have some DK cotton in my stash. Would that be suitable for this garment? it’s Araucania cotton from Chile.

    • Laurie J Montgomery-college

      I live in Boston and don’t have much access to DK yarn but I have tried to knit many Debbie Bliss patterns calling for DK and found the cotton yarn here in the US knits up very differently, knitting swatches will be very important.

    • Zontee

      Hi Bea, Vanna’s Choice (the originally specififed yarn) is an aran weight, so you may not be able to get gauge without making your fabric a little too see-through for a top. Please feel free to try making a gauge swatch and see how you like the resulting fabric. Hope that helps!

  • Mary

    Hi, I’m Mary from Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. I am going to attempt this project for myself. I am looking forward to joining this group, ‘my newfound family’
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Janice Eagan

    Hi, My name is Jan and I’m from Rhode Island. I have completed knit and crochet alongs before with great success. I am very excited to make this top with the group. Now the hard part is to figure out which yarn and color…

  • knitwit 55

    I am from Alabama and am excited about the pattern and the knit along. I have knit for several years, learning from my mother. I struggle at times with understanding patterns. I belong to a small group of knitters and they have helped me through the pattern language! I would like to do this in cotton since we are in such a warm climate. I usually end up giving my projects as gifts.