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Celebrate Our 135th Anniversary with Us!

May 5th, 2013

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Can you believe that Lion Brand has been a staple in the yarn industry since 1878? This year, we’re celebrating our 135th anniversary, and we want to invite you, our customers, to a behind-the-scenes look at our operation. Lion Brand yarns have been on the market for 135 years, and today, we’re proud to say that six generations of the Blumenthal family have been involved in the company, from the corporate office to the baby faces on skein labels. Take a look at this short video to get to know the Blumenthals and their passion for yarn as well as education, inspiration and innovation.

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What special memories have you had involving Lion Brand throughout the years?

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  • Sarah A. Mccoy

    Congratulations to a wonderful family with awesome yarns to make our lives more pleasant and therapeutic. I am so happy for you all to be able to work together as a family and carry on with the early traditions your forefathers started back in 1878. I salute you all
    Sarah A. McCoy

  • Meryl Wendy Aaron-Stewart

    that was just fascinating!! i know you’ll be around forever!! best yarn around.

  • Stacey Barker

    My favorite Lion Brand Yarn is Vanna’s Choice and Vanna’s baby yarn I’m a newbie to crochet and I’m hooked. My first afghan was about three months ago. I made it with green blue yellow and white colors which are my favorite it’s not perfect but when I look at it I love it and the memory I have of it is knowing I will get better at crocheting with everything that I make. practice practice practice

  • Vickie

    I loved getting the new catalogs with the female and male lions on the front.I miss them.I love cats.And I love Lion Brand Yarns.

  • Lavinia

    During the last six years, I have tried to get my brain to get those little neurons to start working more and more for me. It took me 2 months to make my first of three baby blankets. I taught myself how to knit and read the directions. I love to knit with Lions Brand yarn. I have been learning to knit sweaters, baby items, and now a poncho. I am so very happy. It takes my mind away from the pain my body is in because I become so focused on knitting and what the directions are stating for me to do next. Yes, I have had many items that weren’t up to par but nobody could tell where the mistakes were. I have had to take a sweater a part and start all over again because my knitting became tighter and it needs a much larger needle to knit correctly.

    My daughter told me the clinic that she works at needs baby blankets and other items. So I now I have something I have wanted since forced to retire …. a job to do. That is fun and interesting. I can work for charity. Giving the items with a lot of love. Thank You for keeping the company in business so that I have some great yarn to work with.

    Sincerely Yours


  • Mary J Cousin

    Hello my name is Mary I’m from Sydney Australia i wish to The Congratulate you all the Blumenthal families passed present and future generations for the continuation of the Lion Brand Yarn Company yes i have knitted some of your free patterns and i find them easy and perfect to follow and i am hoping to be able to learn to Crochet so i may be able to make some of your beautiful Afghans clothing etc,i shall also continue supporting you for many many more years to come thank you.

  • Denise McNeil

    Wow, I had no idea Lion Brand has been around so long. Congratulations!

  • Eliot Howell

    Congratulations on a long and distinguished history. Best wishes for future success.

    I love your products, website and your focus on enhancing your customers’ experience.

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