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Get Your Cotton Yarn Ready! 6 Knit & Crochet Patterns for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

June 19th, 2013

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With the warm weather now upon us, many of you are probably looking for smaller, more portable projects to work on so that you can still craft, and stay cool.  In addition to choosing smaller projects, it’s important to choose the appropriate seasonal yarn – so today, I’ve rounded up a few washcloth, dishcloth and potholder patterns in various cotton yarns for you to get some some ideas for your summer crafting.

The best part about knitting or crocheting dish and wash cloths is that they’re perfect for practicing new stitches on a smaller scale project!

Momma chickadee potholder
Crochet Momma and
Baby Chickadee Potholder
in Cotton-Ease
Cross-Sttitched Cloths
Crochet Cross-Stitched Cloths in
Kitchen Cotton and Bonbons

Loom Woven Dishcloth Set in
Martha Stewart Crafts Cotton Hemp
Folly Washcloth
Knit Folly Washcloth
in Cotton-Ease
Spring Cleaning Scrubbies
Crochet Spring Cleaning Scrubbies
in Recycled Cotton
Knit Long Beach washcloth
Knit Long Beach Washcloth
in Cotton-Ease

What type of stitch pattern do you prefer when working on a washcloth or potholder? Share with us in the comments!

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  • LorriAnn62

    I found a pattern at

    that i always use to make potholders. After figuring out the stitch, the potholders are quick, easy and fun to make. They are extra thick and last a long time.

    • Brandyce

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Eva Mae Earley

    Love the cotton yarn!!! I think it is much better than the synthetics.

  • Lemongrass

    thanks for the pattern. When working on bathcloths I love using a textured stitch patterns on smaller than the recommmended sized needles. Mu go to needle for bathcloths is no.3 especially when using cotton ease. For potholders I like a closed stitche pattern and using two strands together. I am making bookmarks as gifts for children I interract with. A great way to test a stitch pattern. I will use this pattern to make a few bookmarks.

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