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9 Colorful, Summery Tote Bags to Knit & Crochet

July 15th, 2013

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During the summer, a fun and satisfying project can be a tote bag. Perfect for taking to the beach or on road trips, tote bags can also be a great opportunity to have fun with color. Below are 9 of my favorite tote bag patterns from!

Image of 4 Ball Market Bag Image of Loom Woven And Knit Bag Image of Rainbow Burst Tote
Crochet 4 Ball Market Bag Loom Woven and Knit Bag Crochet Rainbow Burst Tote

Image of Striped Handle Tote Image of Hexagon Market Bag Image of Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote
Crochet Striped Handle Tote Crochet Hexagon Market Bag Knit Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote
Image of Blended Tote Image of Striped Bubble Tote Image of Green Living Tote
Knit Blended Tote Crochet Striped Bubble Tote Knit Green Living Tote

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  • SherryAbear

    These are easy to do and look great