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Announcing Our Fall 2013 Crochet-Along Project: the Colorfully Modern Cardigan

August 14th, 2013

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Several times a year we host a crochet- or knit-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up! Simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you crochet your project, and feel free to share your comments and/or photos as you progress. Want to learn more? Click here for our guide.

The Votes Are In!

Over 20,000 (wow!) of you voted for our next online project, and the winning pattern for our crochet-along is the Colorfully Modern Cardigan!


Feel free to pick up this badge to use on your blog, Ravelry, etc to show that you’re participating! (Right-click on PCs or Ctrl+click on Macs to save it to your desktop and upload it to your site)

Crochet-Along Next Steps

1. This week, download the pattern (click here for the pattern) and read it through so you have a sense of how the project is going to take shape. We’ll be walking you through a different element each week, so don’t worry if you see anything you’re not familiar with!

2. Gather your materials.  Since this pattern features our brand new yarn, Unique, we are offering kits in each size for 25% off as a special treat!

Click here to view & order the kits at 25% off.

Want to substitute yarns? Learn more about substitution with this FAQ.

Several of you mentioned wanting to make the project in a solid color–we recommend Vanna’s Choice for this effect, and we believe that it will take approximately 11 (12 to 14, 12 to 14, 14 to 16 balls) of yarn for the various sizes. Since this design was created in stripes, it’s a little trickier to estimate how much yarn will be used in the solids, which is why there’s a little bit of a range.

3. Introduce yourself below! Tell us who you are, where you’re from, who you’re making this cardigan for, and what you hope to learn!

Plus, if you’re on Ravelry, click here to view and join our companion Ravelry group for the crochet-along.

Join us next week to talk about gauge and starting the project. 

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  • Carol

    I love this pattern. I would like to know which color is shown in the picture. I’m thinking it is the Harvest color.

    • Zontee

      Hi Carol, the jacket is striped–the sample shown in the photo uses the exact colors shown in the pattern in the stripe pattern described. See the “Stripe Sequence” section for clarification. Hope that helps!

      • Carol

        Thank you for pointing that out it makes sense now. This is the first time I’ve done a crochet along. Looks like fun.

  • Calamity McTavish

    I am interested in the 2X size as well. I voted as I did because my DH thought that this design was, “my style” and so here we go! would love the pattern changes for the larger sizes. LOVE the look of this sweater. I haven’t been smaller for over 30 years. 3 children for me and never got back to the size 14 but am quite a bit closer.

  • Lana

    Will there be videos?

    • Zontee

      Hi Lana, no, there won’t be videos, but there will be photos of any steps that Lauren (who is leading our CAL) feels will need clarification. And, as always, you can ask questions and the whole group can chime in to help!

  • SkyeStitch

    Greetings from TX everyone! I’m Michele (824chele on Ravelry.) Mom taught me to crochet in junior high, mostly big granny squares for pillow covers & a never-fully-assembled afghan. Dabbled again briefly just before my youngest was born: a crib blanket (baby & blanket are both teens now!) Got “hooked” in earnest this past Christmas; several afghans, ponchos, slippers, scarves, hats & mittens later, I just finished my first fitted/pieced clothing item, the “Classic Sleeveless Top” in Vanna’s Glamour (hey, a front & a back count as two pieces, right?)
    The cardigan will be for either me or Aunt Jean, whoever it ends up fitting best (we’re both petite, so I’m a little concerned about the sizing; thanks for the tips.) This is my first CAL, which is a good thing — I’m sure I’ll appreciate the support, since it’s also my first project with actual sleeves

  • Brenda

    I am really excited to try this! I have crocheted for over 40years primarily afghans of various sorts; tried shrugs and kids things with mixed results. I am making this for me–would definitely be interested in the 2x or even maybe 3x pattern (not sure yet which size will be better, depending how it works up).

  • Anya

    Is there a way to sub different colors of Unique in the kit? I love all the crazy colors but want to make it more purple/magenta/blue and less of the peach/brown/orange it has going on.

    • Zontee

      Hi Anya, the kits come as-is, BUT you can still save 15% off your materials if you want to switch out your colors. Just go to the pattern page ( and change the colors under the swatches of yarn. Scroll down and where the materials list is, you’ll see that it will have updated to your new color selections. Click “Add all items to cart” and the items will be added with an automatic 15% discount. Enjoy!

      • Anya

        Thanks Zontee! I think I’ll stay with the original color, since that is what caught my eye in the first place (duh)! Plus they are such great fall colors!
        Another question, do you know what size the model is, and what size cardigan she is wearing? I can’t decide on doing the S or the M… I like the fit she has (don’t want it to be too big and boxy, or too tight with not enough coverage in front).

        • Zontee

          I don’t know off-hand, unfortunately, but this is definitely a design meant to have positive ease (at least 2 inches larger bust measurement than your actual bust), so that’s a good place to start off selecting your size. Lauren (our CAL host) will give more details in her first post this coming Wednesday. Hope that helps!

  • Pam

    the neck looks wide with shoulders drooping of the model. any way to tighten this up? and make it long sleeved? thanks

    • Giovanangela

      This is my concern also since most necklines are too wide for me and I also would like longer sleeves. I will probably try to make the shoulders a size smaller than my pattern size if I can figure it out or maybe add extra rows of sc along the neck line. Maybe that could also be a way to lengthen the sleeves. Of course, if I run out of yarn I will have to purchase more later. Hope this idea is helpful.

      • Pam

        Thx. I’ll be trying that too

  • Sara

    Excited that this won.

  • Sylphie Mitchell

    I’m sylphie, from Northern Kentucky. I will be making this cardigan for my daughter for Christmas.i like the looks of the Unique yarn, but I’m fond of Homespun, so I will make it in one of the two. I just haven’t decided yet. I would also like to see the pattern translated into a 3X for later use for myself.

  • Stacy Righini

    Hi! My name is Stacy. Me and my daughter will be doing this together. I live in Colorado, and she lives in Kansas. I think I will be making this cardigan for one of my daughters (whichever one it fits when it is all said and done… LOL!) My daughter mentioned doing a color variation to get some blacks and pinks in there – but we’ll see. I am going to buy my yarn today.

  • Abby

    I agree with those who would like to make the cardigan with long sleeves. It looks like it’s going to be warm! I’m wondering how much extra yarn I should get if I want to make long sleeves?

  • Tabrizia Righini

    Hello, I’m Tabrizia ^Stacy’s daughter. I’m living in Kansas with my husband and precious little man. I want to make this cardigan for myself with some color variations appropriate for my style. My mom actually talked me into trying this (working with a pattern). I never learned to work with patterns for my knitting or crocheting and I am excited to learn how to use patterns to fit specific sizes.

  • Retta

    My first crochet along! I am very excited. I have trouble picturing projects in different colors or in a solid color, etc. so I am sticking with the recommended yarns, even though they are not my usual colors. I envy those of you who can substitute and envision differences in your heads!! Maybe you could give give lessons to people like me!

  • Africanaussie

    count me in, although I live in Australia so am going to have to find suitable yarn. I love the silky look of the yarn used. I don’t understand why the amounts of the different balls are different if the pattern is worked evenly with two rows of each color. Also the two fronts do not seem to have the same strips matching each other at the front.

    • Zontee

      Hi there, just want to address your questions: (1) You can email to find local retailers (or sites like who carry our products in Australia. If they don’t carry Lion Brand Unique yet, I’d also recommend Lion Brand Homespun, which is also very silky and comes in some great self-striping colors. It’s more textured, but a similar weight, and there are several people participating in the CAL who are already using it on, if you’d like to see examples. (2) The Unique yarn is 100 meters a ball, while Vanna’s Choice is 156 meters a ball, which is why you need more balls of Unique than Vanna’s Choice. (3) Since you’re using 3 colors in self-striping yarn, where each ball of yarn is in its color patterning will vary when you make each piece of the sweater. This gives the piece its overall kaleidoscope look. If you prefer more predictable stripes, I’d recommend making the enter piece with 5 solid colors. Hope that helps!

      • Africanaussie

        thanks so much for replying to all my questions – I did a sample piece yesterday and really like the pattern. Now I can take some of that yarn shopping with me to find what I like in the shops.

      • Africanaussie

        thank you so much for your reply. I was hoping to get the yarn on sale so will look around when I go shopping next week. We live 60kms away from the nearest yarn store :)

  • MariaS

    I am excited to try this sweater – for myself! I will also use a solid yarn and make the sleeves long!
    Crochet on!!

  • Jan

    Hi! I am Jan and have been crocheting for about 8 years and LOVE it! I started with dishcloths and hats and along the way learned to read patterns on my own. I have tried sweaters in the past but can’t seem to get the arms and shoulders just right. I am hoping this CAL will help with this techinique.

  • Umo

    I am currently teaching a group of homeless men and women the fine art of Knitting/Crochet (I’m not an expert by any means). One of them requested a crochet cardigan pattern last week and I think this will be just perfect for her, if she can get enough yarn for it.

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  • Amy Wissel

    I am left handed and have crocheted many blankets, throws and caps but have never crocheted an article of clothing. I am confused on how to do the front panels. When I try to just follow the pattern the front panels have to be flipped to the wrong side to finish the sweater. Not sure if I am making myself clear, but if anyone has an insight on how to make the pattern left handed I would be thrilled to do this crochet a long. Thanks.

  • Barbara

    Hi everyone. I live in Cornelius, NC which is tiny little town about 20 miles north of Charlotte. We’re known for being surrounded by Lake Norman and I love the lake so much. I have fibromyalgia–crocheting is relaxing and I fulfills my need to be creative. This cardigan will be for daughter. This is my first crochet-along and my first cardigan. I hope I’ll be more confident in making clothing after making after this project is finished. Good luck everyone!

  • Donna H

    Question – I noticed that the pattern is allowing hips needing more room than the bust. My body is pretty much straight up and down and made as is would look like a mini-tent on me. I have looked at the pattern and it looks like I can just start with the final stitch count as my cast on and forget the decrease in the decrease rows. Does this sound feasible? I never crocheted something like this before.

  • Traveling Sandra

    It’s nice to make something with a virtual group since I don’t stay in one place : ) I am making this for myself and will use the suggested yarn as I love the colors. I would like it in long sleeve as well. I wonder if the yarn listed would be enough?

  • Trudy

    Hi everyone, love reading all the comments about the sweater. I’ve really been excited to start but I have to figure the yarn colors I want. The shawl shown in unique yarn colors moonshadows and oceania is the look I’m after I would have to a some solids. So what do you think I don’t want it to colorful but am I on the right track?

  • Lyn Zalk

    Twigwoman and hoping my yarn and pattern arrives sooner than later ~ anxious to attempt this one…….

  • JudyAA

    My “kit” arrived yesterday!
    I’m actually scared to open the box and get started! Hope to start tomorrow. I actually like the length of the sleeves – I always end up pushing up my sweater sleeves anyway.

  • Shary Tompkins

    I just ordered my kit of materials. Here’s hoping my crochet skills are up for an “intermediate” project!

  • Fayth

    Fayth in Mn: You know Kathy! Us here in Minnesota are hardy Gals those 4,8,9,10 just don’t work for us. Thank guys for REAL WOMEN sizes! Love Ya

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  • JudyAA

    Finally started, took two hours to get a gauge match. The colors in my kit seem much, much darker than the photo above. I found it difficult to get the post stitch started with the darkest part of Oceania and Pomegranate (some fruit lol). Once I got going though, my rusty beginner-intermediate skills came back to me and things went smoothly. I’m glad this is slightly above my skills – I’m going to need a lot of help though!

  • men clothing

    A women’s cardigan can be worn to the office to keep the chill away when you pair it with dress slacks or a skirt. Jeans are a bit too casual for most office settings, but dress slacks and a sweater go well together. You can layer your clothing by wearing a shell under the sweater so you can remove the sweater if you become too warm.

  • Annie

    So glad you added larger sizes – just because I am larger than a model, doesn’t mean I want to wear boring black forever! Very excited to be starting this gorgeous sweater!

  • Carol

    Carol S Looking forward to making this Cardigan. This is the one I voted for and I am looking forward to learning more about crochet. Live in Colorado so it will keep me warm on chilly days.

    • Zontee

      Welcome, Carol! Just click on the “Crochet-Along” button under “Categories” on the right-hand side of the blog to see all of the crochet-along posts!