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A Fast and Easy Yarn-Themed Ornament

December 1st, 2013

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Bonbons Ornament Idea | Lion Brand Notebook

With less than a month to go until Christmas, it’s fun to make quick and easy little projects to add a festive touch to your home. Friend of Lion Brand, Chris Zimmerman, of the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Festival sent us this photo of his great ornament idea from the last holiday season. Here’s what he had to say about it: 

We were invited to bring an ornament to trade instead of a gift to trade with other attendees at the party.  The ornament was suppose to be related to something that was important in your life or related to you life in some way. Of course since my partner and I do so many things with fiber arts we automatically thought of something with yarn. Being only a day or so before the event there was no time to actually knit something so our thoughts were running into dead ends. While walking through Joann Fabrics I spotted the last few packages of Bonbons that they had. A little imagination  and what I came up with are seen in the pictures.


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  • Linlal

    And he gave that away?!? That was a real gift!

  • Carolyn Majors

    so cute, I have to have at least one for my tree.

  • Emmy

    What an awesome idea..I usually give our grandchildren gift cards in a plain old card. This could be taken to next level by somehow attaching the cards to the knitting needles. They KNOW I love to crochet and they would then have a little “rememberance” of me for their own Christmas trees when they grow up. Did you find the needles at Joann’s also?

    • Robin Kline

      I’ve made mini-knitting needles by gluing a small wooden bead onto a wooden toothpick. (I’ve also been known to actually knit with toothpicks!).

      • Emmy

        That’s a great idea…they would be too small for the BonBons but maybe some wooden scewers would work…gonna have to look into that..thanks

  • greening

    Love these! There are holiday-themed Bonbons; I just haven’t been able to find them in local stores. Some very cute patterns, including a scarf, in Bonbons via the Lion Brand Pattern Finder.

    • thewellhunt

      I found some at Michael’s.

  • Mari

    I’ve seen the yarn ball’s but where did you find the knitting needles?

  • Dmc0320

    I found a package of 8 Celebrate (article #601 color #660) Bon Bons at AC Moore. Orange, red, hot pink, purple, lime green, Kelly green, light blue and royal blue in polyester with matching metallic thread through. I’m going to use thin shish kabob sticks purchased at a 99c store. Cut them down to 1/2s or 3/4s, file one end to a point, attach beads, a little glue to hold the ‘needles’ in place = adorable. Thanks for the craft idea Chris and Partner!

    • Dmc0320

      Oops I meant 1/2s or 1/3s depending on the length of the shish kabob stick.