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Happy New Year from Lion Brand!

January 1st, 2014

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All of us at Lion Brand want to wish you a Happy New Year!

While most resolutions revolve around good health, life, and a better you, we wonder what your yarncrafting resolutions will be for 2014? Are you looking to learn a stitch or try a new pattern or will you finally organize your yarn stash?

Happy New Year from Lion Brand
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  • Jenny

    To knit more sweaters!

  • Deebee

    To find a cure for startitis

  • Sarah

    To learn more about color work in knitting. And to crochet my first sweater: The Top Down Cardigan, which I really love.

  • lari

    My sister and I are going to enter the state fair with an afghan and a sweater.

    • Petrina

      That’s great! We wish you both good luck!

  • hooker1020

    Be more on target in competing my projects. 25 scheduled so far for 2014 and NOT to add more projects until some are completed

    • zilveti

      Fantastic resolution! I would like to be like you. 😉

  • Ruth anne

    My plan for the new year is to crochet scarves and helmet liners for troops in Afghanistan.

    • Debi

      I think that is awesome! I do some crochet charity work and it is so rewarding it just makes me want to do more. Way to go!!!

  • lizziebettybeth

    I want to learn fair isle knitting. Finish a prayer shawl and make a gypsycream bear. Foremost I need to start Christmas projects earlier.

    • June Christian

      OMG I hear you. I was finishing my last Christmas project only two hours before guests arrived!

    • Tinhen

      I started knitting a pair of socks for a gift for next Christmas two days ago! There’s never enough time! And if you do start early, you’ll just think of more things you could make, and run out of time anyway.

  • Kagmaga

    To work my way through the wonderful yarns I have accumulated before buying any more!!!!

    • Julie Hulten

      Currently working through a huge bag of yarn accumulated over the years …leftovers from other projects and projects never begun = scarves for donation! Baby it’s COLD out there!

    • PWKeepsakes

      My resolution too! My family is rebelling over the huge stash all over the house and I need to get it under control before they start a bonfire! Here’s to many, many completed projects! No more UFOs (unfinished objects)!!!

  • Terry

    I have never sold the things I created at a craft show. This year’s resolution is to make enough items to sell at our local Christmas craft show this coming December. I have all year. Hope I make it!

  • Rhonda Baird

    I’ve always made doll clothes because I can get it done quickly. I’m a little ADD…My goal is to challenge myself and make clothes for humans. I’ve started with some scarves and hats, but I would like to make a blanket, some socks and attempt a sweater…

    • Terr

      I make clothes for dolls but never for me, because I keep changing sizes but the dolls in my collection at least stay the same size!
      Happy NewYear!

  • Myriam

    To wind my polyester ribbon yarn without loosing my cool, and to remember to use rubber bands to secure the ball from time to time, as I patiently go.

  • Mary Aubuchon

    I am not going to buy any more yarn until I have finished at least 5 projects. And that doesn’t mean a single sock. Have to make a whole pair to count. Oh, but the yarn I got with Christmas money doesn’t count.

  • Tracy Nickels

    I want to try making dolls of yarn or critters. I do cloth dolls and give as gifts for holiday decorating.
    It will be a challenge and a new thing to do.

  • Sherry J Weaver

    I want to knit everyday. My life gets so hectic that I don’t knit for weeks. Even if I knit for a few minutes it will be a wonderful day :)
    Sherry Weaver

  • MaryW

    Knit for myself & my husband; learn to crochet!

  • Annette

    To spend more time with all my lovely fibers!

  • Dawn

    Our Linus Project chapter has closed BUT I found a pay it forward place that makes shawls for organ recipients called Threads of Compassion. I also make prayer shawls for my cancer victims. I use your Homespun yarn cause of it’s softness and warmth. :-)

  • knitting mom

    learn and knit lots of amigurumi

  • Name

    My 2014 yarn craft resolutions are as follows: 1. finish up all of my outstanding projects; 2. organize my stash; 3. craft seasonal decorations.

  • Terr

    This year I WILL finally make a floral afghan for myself. It took me till October of 2023 to finally find the pattern on the internet of an afghan that I made years ago as a gift and enjoyed making. Now, after making different afghans for several other people, I’m finally making this floral one again, but this time, its for me. That is, unless my nephew has another daughter… then it will be hers. …Sigh….

  • Jackie

    Like so many others, I have collected so many skeins of yarn and saved too many half completed projects due to the need to make a special gift or fulfill a special request. This year I will finish all of my works in progress, create new projects using the yarns in my collection and make scrap projects from all of the left overs…that is unless there is a special gift or request to interrupt my plans. The scrap projects when completed always look so colorful and fun.

  • Laurel

    to finish more projects than I start!

  • GramLee

    To knit and crochet as much as possible in between classes for my two new grandbabies!

  • Nancy M-L

    Buy all the yarn ON SALE now, then start my winter and Christmas projects early, like NOW!

  • Kate

    To use up more yarn than I purchase!

    • Janet

      That sounds like me. I always buy yarn when I see it because “I may not be able to find it when I need it” Then it just sits there wondering when I will “need it” LOL

  • Rick

    To knit the perfect men’s scarf for myself, no matter how long it takes!

  • beverly

    Organize all yarn in my craft room….start crocheting and knitting for Christmas Shows and for charity…and buy more LB yarn on the shop list…thanks again for great yarns….and fab patterns…

  • jessie

    I want to learn how to cable knit….I keep saying ill take a class but I plan on doing it for sure this year

    • Petrina

      We offer a Craftsy class on cable knitting, if you’d like to check that out.

  • Dena

    Knit/crochet more, Pin less, lol!!

  • Kit

    I am making my first sweater, a raglan sleeve pullover in eggplant Wool Ease. I started the gauge swatch today.

  • Kit

    My resolution is to make a knitted sweater, but I hope to make more than one. The sweater patterns look so interesting to make and so cozy to wear. But since I am just starting my first one today, and haven’t finished the gauge swatch yet, my resolution is just to finish the first sweater. I have knit lots of scarves, several hats, one sock (maybe it is really a small Christmas stocking?), and one vest, so I think I am ready to tackle a sweater now.

  • Rebecca Davis

    To finish projects instead of starting something new in the middle of a project

  • Eva

    To finish the projects I have bought yarn for, but at the same time giving myself permission to not do projects I no longer like, and donate that yarn to others for their crafting. To give myself permission to make things for myself. It seems everything I make is given to others.

  • Monica

    Too finish a blanket for myself , I always give everything away :) maybe a sweater

  • 1933

    I plan on filling up a container with different crocheted patterns to give away. I love learning new stitchs and giving ithe product away!

  • Mary

    I want to learn how to knit the European method (after 50 years of knitting the American method) and learn to knit with beads. Happy new year.

  • lickle picker

    My resolution is to complete 1 project a day (can you say washcloth???), to learn a more efficient style of knitting (40 years of laboriously picking up the yarn and wrapping it around for each purl (as shown in the pamphlet from which I learned) is going to be hard to change), to knit the Sylvi and the Silver Belle, to organize THE room (someone is bound to call for an intervention if I don’t…they just don’t understand…LOL!), to find other knitters in the area that would like to get together on a regular basis to knit, crochet, sew, or some other craft…there’s fun in sharing!

  • alpensteadbernese

    Exploring and sourcing 100% natural fibers to knit and crochet with. Join me in saying “NO! ” to synthetics, and “YES! ” to wool, angora, alpaca, and cotton, preferably grown and produced here in the USA. Do your part to keep America green and at work.

  • Elaine

    To not make afghans for everyone. To make sweaters or other things like really nice scarves and hats instead.

  • Janet

    I want to learn how the knit with double pointed needles. I have tried a few times on my own but I loose track of where I am and get totally confused, I am also planning on doing the 2014 craft fairs this fall. I need to get a lot items made.

  • Nancy

    I want to learn how to knit.

  • Paula

    I live in CA but I knit 45 afghans for my niece who teaches learning disabled children in TN, so I have to find a new charity closer to home (postage is out of control). I was very lucky I had excellent teachers as a young child so I can basically knit anything, Also I am a fool for 40% . and 50% discounts at my 2 favorite shops, but I really have to get my purchases under control.

  • Litle Bits 2013

    My resolution is to raise my level of difficulty…..tired of scarves and hats (have done a few little animals for grandchildren as well.)
    I want to raise level to ‘advanced intermediate’ or higher….to tackle a sweater or vest.
    I also want to ‘re-learn’ knitting, as I’ve been crocheting for a while (probably would be called ‘advanced beginner at this point.)
    With all the help available here at Lion Brand and other You Tube videos, etc…..I hope to tackle my first sweater this month.

  • Sandi

    Finish my unfinished project!

  • terry

    finish the 3 projects that I have started and use the yarn that I have before buying any mor. (Good Luck to Me?)

  • Lou Ann Beck

    Lou Ann – resolution: to finish a UFO in between each new project.

    • Collette Griffith

      That’s a good one! Think I’ll try to do that also! That way, you can satisfy both wants and needs!!!

  • Reba

    Last year, I designed and crocheted 20 outfits for teddy bears for needy children and this year, my resolution is to “dress” 40 bears.


    I learned it is better NOT to make any resolutions, because then I don’t feel GUILTY because I broke one that I had made….LOL

  • maggielin

    to finish projects and use up odd balls of yarn looking for baby cardigan to one year size to use up odd balls

  • Grandma Rain

    To work on more knitting projects to improve my abilities.