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Video: How to Do Front and Back Post Stitches

February 15th, 2014

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Maggie Weldon is a crochet expert who loves to share her expertise with those wanting to master the art of crochet.

Make beautifully textured colorwork projects with this simple stitch! Maggie Weldon illustrates how to do front and back post double crochets, half double crochets, and single crochets. Watch the video below to learn these easy techniques:

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  • AndyB

    I struggle with the Backpost stitch at the beginning of a row. Any help?

    • Teri

      It depends on what stitch you are using to begin the row with, for instance if you are using a single crochet, chain on turn, and then single crochet behind the stitch below it, instead of going between stitches the way we are normally use to doing it. I hope that helps you, and keep on trying never give up, you can do anything you want if you don’t give up. Good luck!

  • Judy

    Anywhere I can see a video on this st for left handers? Been into crochet for about forty yrs. but this and the magic circle/ring have me stumped.