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Finger-knit a Flower Headband with Audra Kurtz from Kurtz Corner

April 8th, 2014

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Audra Kurtz shows you how to finger-knit a flower headband in less than 10 minutes using Hometown USA in the color Neon Pinkyou can use any color you like, there are over 65 to choose from!

If you enjoyed Audra’s tutorial, check out her finger-knit love sign tutorial!

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  • Tash

    very cute tutorial project! Great job Audra! Will definitely try to make these in future.

  • Anne

    Anne, Great job, very easy to understand your instructions! Great to add to a Easter basket surprise!

    • Audra Kurtz

      What a great idea for an Easter basket! I wouldn’t have thought of that!

  • amanda

    Great video, easy to understand and duplicate. Thanks so much!

    • Audra Kurtz

      Glad you enjoyed it, Amanda!

  • KTDid

    Nice project cute and quick. Great how to video. Can you show how to add this or something like it to a hair tie, my little girls don’t like headbands?

    • Audra Kurtz

      The easiest way I think would be to attach it by weaving yarn through the flower and lopping it around the hair tie so that it is secure.

  • Gail Thompson

    Great idea – but I’ve a question, are you wrapping the headband with the wool?

    • Audra Kurtz

      Yes, I wrapped the headband with the yarn first!

  • Elisa Miller

    Great tutorial to do it with my nice, she is 6 years old and she will enjoy. Thank you so much, Elisa.

    • Audra Kurtz

      I hope she has fun with it! :)

  • Hollis

    XThanks for the easy to follow video on finger knitting. Clear directions, nice soothing voice. 2 thumbs up!

    • Audra Kurtz

      Thank you, Hollis! Wow, no one has ever said my voice is soothing, I really appreciate that!

  • Juanita

    That was great, thankyou so much Audra. Who would have thought to knit with your fingers.

    • Audra Kurtz

      You’re welcome, Juanita! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  • JB

    these are so cute , I am thinking of makeing a bunch of them for the kids having the cancer treatments..they could wear this instead of a hat in the summer time

    • Audra Kurtz

      That would be a very thoughtful gift, JB!

  • Shirley

    How cute! I just love this project. It’s perfect for my little granddaughters for an Easter gift. Thanks so much.

    • Audra Kurtz

      Great idea, Shirley!

  • Becky

    Great Job, may I know what is the headband width that you use?

    • Audra Kurtz

      I believe it was half and inch, Becky.

  • Dar

    Great little project, must try this for my granddaughter. Thanks

    • Audra Kurtz

      I’m sure they will love it, Dar!

  • Elaine Stanley

    Loved this video and want to make this for my 5 great-granddaughters

    • Audra Kurtz

      I hope they love them, Elaine!